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April 23, 2017, 07:55:18 AM

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When I was a kid it was the 3 3/4 Kenner figures and vehicles. Now that I have my own kids, my three teenage sons are into Star Wars, but don't seem to have much interest in action figures like most of us older folks did back in the 70's and 80's. My eldest son is 18 and is big into collecting Lego but also bought the 6 inch Ahsoka. My 15 year old likes Star Wars but doesn't collect anything Star Wars related apart from the Battlefront game. My 13 year old is all about lightsabers and Star Wars tsum tsums. Is it just in my family or are kids just not that interested in action figures anymore? Figures seem to move pretty slow at the stores around here too, so it has me wondering if it's mainly adults keeping the action figure lines going.

20 Apr 2017 - The last 10 years??

So after pretty much taking the last 10 years off I've finally got back into collecting and enjoy it again.  Wife, kids, work, bla bla bla was all getting in the way.  Now my kids are getting older and getting into their own things so I finally got back into my thing.

What's been going on here over the last several years?
A couple of questions:
Who's got the best price out there today for the movie disc release?
Does the Best Buy steelbook have extra content over others?
With Hasbro producing the 6" line with Vintage Card backs - I wonder if Gentle Giant will still be able to produce their Jumbo Retro Figures with Vintage Card backs.   Hasbro seems to be wanting to milk the Vintage card backs for all they are worth.   But as the Hasbro figures get bigger they may see the Gentle Giant Jumbo figures as competition for their own lines.  I guess it depends on how much GG is willing to pay for the rights to use Kenner Vintage Card backs.
The Imperial AT-ACT Driver. found at target.

27 Mar 2017 - Star Wars Chocolate Eggs

On the weekend I stopped by the local Dollar Tree. As I was going through the Easter candy, I found Star Wars Chocolate eggs. And, like a Kinder surprise, it has something inside. There are either heads (Vader, ERG, Boba Fett, R2, 3P0 and Stormtrooper) or erasers. I bought a couple and opened to get:
2 eraser (yawn)
Boba Fett Helmet - which is in size to the 6 inch. Could easily be modified to be on the neck or hollowed out for a head
C-3P0 - totally fit for 6 inch. Nice quality. Perfect for a modification
R2 - It's a half-body like the ones that were in the Jedi Fighters from E3
ERG - It looks like it could be as a bit bigger helmet for a 3 3/4

Check them out. The chocolate isn't even half bad.
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