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Title: JJ's Buy/Sell/Trade - New OT Items
Post by: jjreason on July 05, 2008, 09:53:19 AM
All Prices NEGOTIABLE, especially if you're looking at multiple items! Make an offer - I rarely if ever say no to a reasonable offer! The more you order, the more I knock off the total. Buyers please be advised that you'll be responsible for all shipping costs.

I have a half-decent feedback thread which you can review here ( if you like!

New Items - December 23, 2017

Legacy Dewback with unique Sandtrooper $40


30th Anniversary Collection (TAC)

COMPLETE set of collector coins INCLUDING numerous gold versions as well as mail-away exclusive coins $100 (or best offer)

Exclusive Figures (MOC) Prices Reduced

Jorg Sacul (Celebration II Exclusive) $50 (my cost)
Talking Darth Vader (Celebration III Exclusive) $40
Nadarr Vebb (still in mailer box) $15

INTERESTED IN TRADING FOR (or purchasing - hit me up please):

- Black Series 6" boxed: Yoda

- Black Series 6" boxed or loose: IG-88, Bossk

- vintage POTF figures (loose, near-mint & complete please): Luke Stormtrooper, R2 with pop up saber, Warok, Romba, Yak Face, Blue Snaggletooth

- clean, white Vintage X-Wing Fighter with working electronics, clean or battle damaged both fine

- clean & near-mint, loose vintage creatures (Wampa, Tauntaun, Dewback, Rancor)

- Vintage Death Star set with trash compactor & dianoga in reasonable condition

- Vintage cardboard AT-AT & Sandcrawler sets in reasonable condition

Title: Re: JJ's Buy/Sell/Trade - New OT Items
Post by: jjreason on December 23, 2017, 06:48:55 PM
New OT Items added - hard to find Deluxe Jabba figure from 2004 as well as 2 oversized Hoth Cannons from various battle packs or similar. Also added the Legacy Collection Dewback with Sandtrooper (let's hope I can find the Sandtrooper). Pics borrowed from Rebelscum.