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Okay, good news...they just opened up orders to Canada. I am putting my order in now:

Edit: Just so everyone is aware, PayPal is only available for orders in the US. Credit card is required for Canadian orders.

Just an update re:'s efforts:


" Note: Fear not if you live outside of the US. We are working on Hasbro to work out the detail of bringing the Sail Barge to the UK, Europe and other markets. Legal reasons didnít allow them to offer HASLAB outside of the US but your concerns were discussed with Steve Evans (a fellow Brit and design director of Star Wars for Hasbro), and others at Hasbro about the need to bring this to our shores. This WILL happen, and a statement will be issued in due course explaining all. Stay tuned!"

Hopefully we can see some info soon! But the good news is that someone on the inside of Hasbro's team is aware of the interest.

I'm almost sure I can get contacts in Saginaw, Michigan to order but they would 100 percent need the money up front. Non-negotiable. I would also be willing to go get them as these are good friends and I'm always up for a visit. I will ask today & get a firm answer.

That is awesome of you JJ. I hope that this is an option if Hasbro does not bend to the will of the international connection.

Like I said, I will probably be asking my Uncle in Minnesota or my Aunt in Texas if they would be willing to order for me while I send them money.

I am sure I am not alone in saying that this Sail Barge is a must have in my collection. They are doing pretty well with their backing so far. A day in and they are between 700-800 backers. I have a feeling this will be backed. The real question is will they make it available on online stores and retail everywhere if it does get the backing... I guess we will have to wait and see.

What State is your Uncle in CC? Is it worth the drive? a bit of a drive...I think it would be cheaper to ship.

Apparently there is a petition being planned on to allow international orders...I really hope that works...

I was going to try and ship it to my Uncle in the US and have it shipped here from there...but guess need an American billing address too. So there is no work around...
What if your Uncle purchased it for you and you forward him the money. Theoretically would this work? Or is there more to it?
I so need one.

That is definitely my back-up plan and I think there would not be a problem with it. Its just a large amount of money to ask someone to spend on your behalf (especially on a big toy lol)...but I think he would be cool with it, I just hate asking people for a financial commitment like that, even if I send them the money.

The biggest thing after that is shipping it here! It is apparently 4 Ft long and 14 lbs. And then customs...but if it is sent as a gift, it might be ignored. Who knows with border services...

Apparently there is a petition being planned on to allow international orders...I really hope that works...

I was going to try and ship it to my Uncle in the US and have it shipped here from there...but guess need an American billing address too. So there is no work around...

Scout Report / Re: amazon deals
« on: December 19, 2017, 01:01:54 PM »
For those waiting for the Force Link 2 packs, Rose and the BB-9E and BB-8 set is up for pre-order here:

Thanx again CC1138!
P.s.- I was viewing your collection photos again the other day, and was blown away. It's always awesome to see your collection. :love0030:

Thanks DarthDerek!

Hey everyone,

For those who want to get the Force Link Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus, the pack is for sale on Amazon for $20. Here is the link:

A bit tricky, as they are under the code names not character names. I could not find the Rose and Droids pack, but this is a good sign, because this is actually sold through Hasbro Canada. Hopefully we see that pack too.

Hope those who have been look for a Baze and Chirrut can pick them up! (DarthDerek?)  :winking0071: The figures look very similar to the original release, but Chirrut finally comes with his bowcaster and Baze has an extra large gun. Both also have that force link feature added too.

Scout Report / Re: EB Games
« on: November 16, 2017, 08:53:49 PM »
Has anyone heard anything from EBGames regarding whether the Battlefront Tie Pilot will be released in Canada or not?

Unfortunately, haven't heard a thing about this one...or the titanium helmet exclusive (TIE fighter and Luke X-wing). Both are available for order through and ship to Canada...but for a high price on the shipping... and you will likely get import fees too.

Scout Report / Re: Post Retail Finds of NEW PRODUCT Here!
« on: August 25, 2017, 03:34:57 PM »
Found the Force Link Starter kits at Walmart...$40 each :sign0065:

I didn't bother trying to scan them, but there were around 20 on the pegs, and that's all there was.

Just saw this morning, has the exclusive black series AT-ST and driver up for $79.99, if anyone is interested. I still don't get why they haven't gotten the exclusive shore trooper yet...

Hey Everyone

Just wanted to mention, if you ordered the R5-D4 from EB games online, do not expect great packaging...mine arrived today and the bubble had practically fallen off the card. It was shipped in a yellow mailer. The card was okay, and the figure was undamaged. Just a heads up if you are a carded collector.

So I just wanted to mention this in case anyone plans on pre-ordering the next wave of regular black series figures (ERG, Hera, Lando, Qui-Gon, and Tusken). I pre-ordered the set from and the recently let me know that the Hera Syndulla figure was removed by Hasbro from this wave. The offered a Krennic or K2 as a  a replacement or refund  I on the one figure. I'm not sure if that means cancelled or postponed (the later I hope).

Snowtrooper Collections / Re: New collection pics
« on: March 02, 2017, 10:03:49 PM »
It looks great. I love the way you displayed your vintage loose figures. What kind of pack is that and where can I buy a hundred?

I found a seller on ebay for those. I cannot remember exactly which seller. Search "Action figure blister Cases" and there are many options. Some packaging companies will have good deals on bulk guys too,

Here's one I think I used in the past:

If anyone was looking forward to that Jedha revolt pack:

Hasbro toy shop has them up. Just a warning...shipping is really, really high.

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