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Snowtrooper Collections / New collection pics
« on: March 01, 2017, 02:36:39 PM »
Hey everyone!

I haven't uploaded any new collection pics in a while, I moved around a lot and have just recently been able to get my room set up.

So if you would like to have a look, here's a link to my Instagram:

I will be uploading a bunch more close up pics this weekend.

Let me know what you think!

Wampa Cave / Bent X-wing Cannons
« on: November 03, 2015, 10:25:28 AM »
Hey everyone,

Its been a long time since I have posted! But I thought I would share this with anyone who bought the new resistance X-wing and was disappointed by the bent and warped laser cannons.

I just saw a post on yakface that someone received a good replacement set and recommended you contact customer service here:

I just did through the online chat and they are going to let me know if the Canadian warehouse has these available.

If you want to get a replacement, make sure you have the product code and date code from the bottom of the ship.

I also checked if they would replace the nose cones (mine was bent). Unfortunately they only offered to replace the whole thing, which sounds like I will likely get another box with bent stuff.

Star Wars Movies & TV shows / Is Lucas alienating adult fans?
« on: April 24, 2010, 02:19:37 AM »
Hey everyone,

Just heard that Lucas is putting out a new animated series, instead of completing his promised live-action series instead. I understand that Star Wars is aimed at kids, and I do enjoy all the media from the clone wars, but I am also in my early twenties and would prefer to see a little more content aimed at the adult fan. I do not have any kids, but I have younger cousins who love Star Wars and the clone wars in particular, and I understand its importance to them and also am able to share in that importance as a fellow fan. I love the clone wars as well, but I'm not sure that another animated series is either a good idea monetarily or for the idea of fan loyalty. How long have we been promised an adult, live-action show. As I remember it was supposed to come out last year. Now the date has been pushed back to 2011. Again, I get my weekly dose of star wars from the clone wars, but it is intentionally juvenile and at points very poor quality (Not that the live-action series wouldn't have its issues), and I know that the prime audience is in kids, but what about all of us who have been loyal fans for thirty, twenty, ten or even five years.

Fan loyalty is very important to a franchise. Without the adult audience for Star Wars, it loses becomes something only children watch, not the inter generational enjoyment that it is today. It is supposed to connect the new fan and the old fan with a common love of Star Wars. There have been tons of examples of this alienation of the older fan from hasbro and other companies as well. Hasbro has practically killed every line except the basic and 3 3/4 vehicle lines in favour of expansion of the animated line. The majority of comic book series have ended, such as KoTOR and Legacy, replaced with the Clone wars Comic. Less EU books are being released, unless they have to do with clone wars. Less Star Wars games have been released unless based on lego or clone wars, although I am excited for The Old Republic and TFU2. The canon in the series has been seriously messed up. I mean common....pacifist mandalorians????? :crazy: :crazy: that is a massive contradiction to any Star Wars fan, even the non-EU fans, can you think of Boba Fetts kinsmen as pacifists? Anyway, what I am trying to say is that there should be space for both adult fans and young fans to be appeased.

Anyway, let me know what you think!

CC 1138


Hey btw, this was supposed to be written by Karen Traviss, but she got bummed out by the whole clone wars cannon thing. Thankfully they are getting someone else to write it, and not canceling it. Anyone interested in this book?

Wampa Cave / A Day in the Life of a Stormtrooper
« on: April 13, 2010, 10:14:54 AM »

funny pictures detailing the hard life of a stormtrooper! :party0053:

Wampa Cave / Galactic Empire State of Mind
« on: March 29, 2010, 08:15:46 PM »

I thought everyone might enjoy this  :P  there is some mild swearing for those with kids! enjoy!

Previous Hasbro 3.75" Star Wars Lines (1995-2015) / NEW AT-AT
« on: January 07, 2010, 10:41:40 AM »
Jedi Temple Archives has posted this:

 :o :o :o :o :o :o

I really hope thats real! ;D

- edited title to show that it's not UNCONFIRMED any longer. - jj

Video Games / Your personal Top 10 Star Wars Video games- Any Console
« on: December 31, 2009, 11:31:10 PM »
So I was just looking through my game library and reminiscing about all the great star wars games over the years.

So anyway, I decided to share my picks for my all time favourite 10 star wars games and why. Please do add your own ten bellow if you want!

Honorable mentions- Lego Star Wars, Starfighter and Jedi Starfighter, Bounty Hunter, Star Wars Trilogy Arcade.

10- Star Wars Yoda Stories (Gameboy and PC)- This was game many people overlooked, but was just an epic fun little game. It went on forever (well, from what I remember). You play as Luke Skywalker in his journey to become a jedi knight and follow yoda's teachings. Its a simple one, and was one of the first games I had. Just has a special place in my heart.

9- Star Wars Rogue Squadron Series (N64-Gamecube)- Fun and exciting Flight sim and fighter game, from the Rogue Squadron on N64 to the latest Gamecube Rogue Squadron Rebel strike, the fast paced and action packed fighter battles always was great and i still power up the old gamecube to play Rogue leader today!

8- Star Wars Shadows of the Empire (N64)- This game had one of the most interesting stories in star wars and gaming. Dash Rendar is one of the great EU characters and propelled star wars gaming further and further. This is such a big memory of my childhood, running home to pick up the N64 and play the hoth level over and over. Great game, and if you have a PC or N64 and haven't played it, then give it a try.

7- Star Wars The Force Unleashed (PS3)- We've all played TFU... and we love it. With an intriguing storyline and cool graphics, this is easily one of my favourites. It is endlessly entertaining to shock a squad of stormtroopers into submission and then throwing them into a chasm is what was great about the jedi knight series and it carried onto this series too.The only downfall is that the controls are awful, and I heard the Wii version looked bad. Anyway, still one of my favourites!

6-Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefront 2 (PS2....not the PSP versions...)- This game is so unique and exciting. Playing as the anyman in such epic battles as Hoth and Endor and Geonosis. This was a great multiplayer and such a step forward in third person multiplayer games. Unfortunately Pandemic studios is dead, but we can still be hopeful for a Battlefront 3!

5- Star Wars Jedi Knight Series (PC)- From Dark forces to Jedi Academy, Jedi knight has been the staple of my gaming experience. Kyle Katarn's adventures as well as the customizable options to make your own Jedi Knight, and in the time of NJO makes this such unique and fun game. In Jedi Outcast and Academy in particular the duels between your character and a Dark Jedi Reborn Master can be epic and very entertaining. Not to many shortcomings, except in replay ability. I would love to see a new Jedi Knight game though, maybe kyle or another jedi in Yuuzhan Vong war or legacy, but hey, Kyle Katarn could be looking for his stolen hat and I'd still play it.

4-Star Wars Empire at War and Forces of Corruption (PC)- This RTS is so well conceived and full of action that rival scenes from the movie. With both brutal ground assaults combining imperial mechanical might and manpower and rebel cunning and courage results in a fantastic game. Epic space battles pitting fleets of star destroyers against rebel ships and fighters make this game by far my favourite RTS. Its shortcoming lies in the lack of any new expansions such as clone wars related content (I would love to see a EaW style clone wars game).

3- Star Wars Republic Commando (PC)- As we are all collectors, I'm sure you have seen or own the Republic Commando Delta Squad set. Why this was one of my favourite sets, is because of the characters from this game. Along with great FPS action, your squad works so well with you, that you grow a strong attachment to them as well as rely on them more than any other squad based games. A fun storyline, and gitty reality of the Clone wars from the troopers perspective. The only downfall is the ending, leaving no closure about an important issue that I don't want to spoil for anyone. Anyway, If you love shooters, clones and star wars, this is for you!

2- Star Wars X-Wing/TIE Fighter series (PC)- This flight sim was one of the first star wars games and got me into gaming and flying! This was such a fun game to play, although a classic, it still is fun today! Flying your own X-wing/Y-wing/TIE Fighter/TIE Interceptor etc. into battle in a frantic starfighter battle is what I've always loved about star wars! A great set of games if you can find them!

1- Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (PC)-Its KoTOR...nuff said :P. This RPG offers you everything you could want from a star wars game: Jedi/Sith choice, lightsabers, awesome characters, and a twist to rival Empire Strikes Back. This is my measuring stick for all RPG based games(Next in line would be Fallout 3), and all games. This is fantastic game with amazing dialogue and story. I'm still playing it, nearly seven years later, and I still haven't seen all the content. Unfortunately, Its sequel, while still fun and compelling, was rushed out with missing content and an unfinished ending, resulting in the death of KoTOR :(...until next year of course (The Old Republic, isnt exactly a sequel as it is some closure). Im still hoping for a final sequel...but who knows. If you haven't played it, go....go play it. Seriously, I'm sure that it is pretty cheap at EB games (Xbox and PC) and its a must play, especially for a Star Wars Fan.

Well thats my list! We have a lot of great games on the way in 2010, like Force Unleashed 2, and The Old Republic. Hope everyone enjoys my list!

Happy New Year!!! :happy0025:

Scout Report / New Ahsoka Tano Fighter
« on: December 19, 2009, 10:03:49 PM »
I saw the new Ahsoka Tano starfighter at a TRU in GTA. I did not see the new snail tank, but im sure it was around. Still 34.99, dice. Anyone else see these?

Well I couldn't find a thread that had this so I thought I might as well.

I just finished it last night and it was great. Its a must for any fan of the Republic Commando novels by Karen Traviss, and any fan of the clone wars series. This book starts off where the last finished, just about two weeks after the end of the clone wars.  (Mild Spoiler alert, for those who have not yet read Order 66) Commando Sergeant Niner and Commando Darman are left on Coruscant and are now part of the 501st, Vaders Fist. The story follows them and Kal Skirata, Mandalorian training sergeant, and the rest of the clan in there struggle against the new empire. A very compelling read, filled with great twists and surprises from the series previous as well as linking to other novels from the clone wars.

Traviss, as always, delivers an action packed and unique perspective of the clone trooper. A great look at the reasons why many clones followed through with order 66 and a look at how the old clones accept the new clones (quick grown ones).

It does have its shortcomings, as at some points the storyline gets a little congested, adding far to many characters into the mix that it is hard to remember whos also doesn't help that half of those characters are clones. :P

Even on that point, Traviss does a great job clarifying specific characteristics of each of the clones and makes them very likable.

The series has often taken a negative view on jedi, being that it partially from the perspective of a Mandalorian (i don't think I need to explain that hatred). This is an interesting twist, and for those who will read it, you will truly see, how the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

I highly recommend this book for any fans, 8/10

Wampa Cave / Clone trooper count!
« on: December 08, 2009, 06:16:58 PM »
Well, as I avoid an assignment for a boring course im taking, I decided to count my army of clones. Yes that's how good at procrastination I am  :happy0025:

My final count is 207 troopers and pilots.

thats about 20 animated, 130 ROTS style clones, 25 AOTC clones and 15 pilots....give or take a few :P

Just curious, how is everyone elses clone army doing?

Wampa Cave / Star Wars in Concert tonight? whos going?
« on: November 26, 2009, 03:43:28 PM »
Got my tickets for the Star wars in concert tonight at the ACC. Any one else going?

The Toys - Snowtrooper Reviews! / New Original Trilogy Exclusive vehicles!
« on: November 07, 2009, 06:58:39 PM »
Ok, so to tide me over until i can find some new Legacy figures (hopefully my TRU get the ROTJ wave before the sale ends), I decided to get a few of the new OT vehicles that have been floating around TRU, Walmart, and Zellers. Besides the Wedge antilles X-wing (sorry, but i did cave in the end, hopefully they have a sale soon...kept my receipt), I have to say they are reasonably priced. Not good prices, but fairly reasonable. I picked up the Red Two X-wing, the TIE Interceptor and the New AT-ST and I decided to give a quick review of both the figures and Vehicle. Sorry, but I have no clue where my camera is, so no pictures for now (if I find it, I will upload a few shots). Oh and I have yet to see that new TIE Fighter from Zellers, but I may pass on that, because of the crappy red tinting, and the fact that I already have a big wing TIE. So for those who are trying to decide which of these great new vehicles to buy, I hope this will help out a bit! :P

First up- TIE Interceptor TRU Exclusive

They have FINALLY redone the TIE cockpit and in Hasbro's fashion, they have used it very quickly in two separate vehicles. I picked up the TIE Interceptor, just because I thought it looked cooler...and its smaller and relatively cheaper. So the wings are the same as the original release and its succeeding releases (like the 181st Squadron Interceptor and the POTJ interceptor) with the standard BLUE paintjob. The ejecting wings feature, as always is included...but this time works better than usual. The button doesn't move around as much as the old style and the wings snap in firmly, reducing (but not eliminating) the drooping of the wings. The pod is the best part. The outer shell is actually rounded and less jagged than previous releases. The Hatch opens to the rear, making it accurate to many sources. The Hatch also locks into place, finally. The little chin guns extend to about half an inch out. The detail is intricate and accurate, making this one of the most screen accurate vehicles I have seen in a long time. Now the true beauty is inside, quite literally, as the entire inside of the pod has been redone with intricate detail, rivaling the Dagger Squadron B-wings detail. The pilots seat is an ejection seat and has been fine tuned to include details such as ejection handles for the pilot, engines on the seat and air tanks for the pilot. The seat fights snugly inside making it VERY easy to snap the pilot into the seat belt clips (yes it even has seat belts), and slide him down in front of the control console. The control console is also awesome, following the details from comic books and the movies as a reference, the whole thing moves and allows for the pilot to grasp firmly on, with a bit of work. The pilot can sit naturally, as there is a location for his legs, using the full potential of the size of the vehicle, instead of the very high up seat in the old fighter. Little details here and there inside the cockpit complete it perfectly, with the walls containing the traditional red and black hexagon TIE fighter markings and very nice tinted windows.

The TIE interceptor Pilot is identical to that of the Evolutions Imperial pilots 2, blaster and all with a clone head and the Ace pilot stripes on the helmet. A great figure, that fits well with the vehicle. Only complaint about the figure is that it takes a while for his hands to be properly put on the controls after a while with his hands on the controls, it seems easier to put them on, like the plastic has formed around it properly.

This is a small vehicle, but a great one, with many features and great detail, as well as a good figure to boot. If you see it on sale, pick it up immediately. 10/10

Next- AT-ST Wal-mart exclusive

I picked this brand new vehicle up as soon as I saw it. This is the only vehicle that is entirely new, minus the figure, and is quite the improvement. The paint job is nice, with a bit of dirt here and there. I would have Loved to see the traditional scar across the Face style paint job (I.E. Chewys walker), but this will do! The legs are really nice and VERY articulate, able to be positioned in many poses and stand well, with a bit of work on your part. It does sometimes have trouble standing in an Idle pose, but that is fixed by just bending one foot forward to give it a bit more tension. The engine section is very nice and detailed as well. The head can rotate left and right, but not all the way around. The Cockpit has been made very screen accurate, finally looking identical to the ROTJ AT-ST. from handle bars and railings on the top, to the nice hatch, to the detailed weapons, it works perfectly. There is also a projectile replacement for the chin gun, but whatever...i hate projectile features :P. The normal Chin gun rotate left and right and up and down. The Concussion grenade launcher and blaster on the sides rotate 360. The top opens up, and in the middle has a little hatch for a spotter. The little eye ports open and stay up quite well and close firmly, a great addition. The cockpit is very detailed, down to the small controls and even computer screens, looks very good. It seats two pilots very comfortably. Some stickers line the walls for some added detail.

The AT-ST Driver is a straight repaint. the head is a standard red shirt style head with a removable helmet, but the paint app is good. My only issue is that as soon as the figure was out of the package, when I attempted to rotate his SNAPPED off. This has been a problem with some of hasbro's rush jobs. I promptly used super glue to put it back on. That is an issue that may arise from this figure, but it might just be my sample.

The vehicle is the only 100% new one on this list, and is worth the price tag, even with the poor figure. I recommend it, 9/10

Last one- Wedge Antilles X-Wing Fighter and a bunch of ladders from Zellers (Target exclusive)

This one has the least modifications. But has the best accessories, as in things that arent the vehicle. The X-wing is very similar to the previous Lukes X-wing and the Red leader X-wing with four significant changes. 1. The wings dont droop! I know that my Red leader X-wing has a horrible case of droopy wings, but this one has solid wings. 2.cockpit can hold normal sized figures! a draw back of the older X-wing, is its inability to hold 3 3/4 figures...more like able to hold 3 inch figures (about the size of the first red leader figure that came with the X-wing. This is done by slanting the chair into the X-wing, which works well enough. 3. The laser cannons stay on really well, and do not fall off very easily. 4. The lack of detail in the cockpit. Previous versions had actual detail on the control panel. this one doesnt even have a sticker. But there is a kill marking sticker, which should be transparent, but still looks nice.  That is a major downfall. Other than that, its a good vehicle.

The Wedge figure is a vintage luke pilot body with new head and helmet. The helmet is accurate and the face looks pretty close to a young version of Wedge. The R2 unit which is unnamed, is decent enough, just a generic red and silver unit. The ladders are solid plastic, one large yellow and one smaller red one, both which are surprisingly good quality and useful, great for dioramas.

Overall i would have to put this at the bottom of the newest vehicles, but still worth it if on sale. 7/10

There you have it, I hope this review helped you pick out some of the newest exclusive vehicles out there. If I do find my camera, I will definitely post some pics!



Scout Report / New Star wars science and Turbotanks at zellers
« on: October 23, 2009, 03:15:14 PM »
Just saw a bunch of those star wars science things and a bunch of turbo tanks at a GTA zellers. The star wars science range from telescopes, robot arms, aquariums, jedi mind trainer thing and binoculars. No x-wing there but also a bunch of new clone wars figures too.

Scout Report / Geonosis Packs at zellers in Canada
« on: September 11, 2009, 09:03:14 PM »
I have yet to actually see them...but Jedi Defender reports that a Zellers in Canada has the Geonosis two packs for $20 a piece! now i have to go out to find them!

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