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Customs / Hemble's Customs - 2 x dios P3 12/04/08
« on: November 14, 2007, 06:12:43 AM »
Hi All

Well it's been a long time since I've posted here, I rejoined back into the Army and have been moving around alot and settled in with the wife and daughter at my new posting. So I'll be posting regular updates now hope you enjoy.


I've always loved the Star Wars movies especially ROTJ the forest scenes on Endor were great so with that in mind I decided to make a small diorama creating a scene in which the rebels are taking cover. Once all the figures and scenery was prepared I painted them using GW and Vallejo paints.
Rebel Troopers - The troopers are from the NEW SAGA collection, the trooper lying down is the white trooper he has a new head from a clone trooper. The trooper jumping over the log is the black trooper he has had a coat added to him from the VOTC Endor Han Solo, his left hand is from a OTC Dagobah Luke and the right hand is from a VOTC Endor Han.
Stormtrooper - The helmet is from a VOTC Stormtooper and the rest of the body is from the OTC Sandtrooper.
Shrubs & Bush's - the small shrubs are pieces of railway model shrubs I just pulled them apart and glued them in place and the bush's are plastic fish tank plants repainted and glued in place.
Base - The base I got from a $2 store and the upper base is plaster of paris mixed with fine sand and kitty litter and then painted.


I always wanted to do this sought of SW diorama but decided against it has I could never find the Escape Pod then I brought one of ebay and that was that. Once I got the Pod I started getting all the materials together, ie base foam etc and once I got them all I got to work. You can see a full description of how I made and painted the diorama here
Escape Pod - Is from hasbro
Sandtroopers - are from VOTC Imperial troopers x 3 and a Saga Sandtrooper all from Hasbro.
The Base - The base is from an old Telephone table and it has been built up using marine foam, sand, plaster of paris.


Customs / Luke Skywalker Splinter of the minds eye
« on: April 20, 2006, 05:21:41 AM »
Hi All

When I saw the front cover of Luke from the Star Wars comic series The Splinter of the Mind's eye I knew I had to make a figure of him with is X-wing suit wrapped around him and thought it would be a good challenge. Once the figure was completed I used Vallejo, Reaper miniature and Games Workshop paints on him.
                                                                                                The base is from the new Star Wars Saga line which comes with the figures I added marine Styrofoam to it and carved out a small incline I then added plaster of paris and woodglue to the base. Once dry I coated the base with woodglue and added sand and static grass to it.
   Once the sand and static grass dried I gave it a wash using Vallejo paints and let dry and then drybrushed it using Vallejo paints again, the small shrubs are from woodland scenics and the palm plants are plastic fish tank plants painted in the same method as mentioned above.
Head, Body, boots and Arms- OTC Dagobah Luke with added hair at the back for more length using GW greenstuff. The body was covered in greenstuff and sleeves were added to the arms and the arms reqiured a little greenstuff as I had to alter them slightly.
Legs- OTC X-Wing Pilot Wedge Figure with putty used on the knee and crotch area.
The Wrap around X-wing sleeves- they are made from greenstuff and once secured to the body I used a toothpick to add creases.
Holster and belt- This was made using left over pleatherwhich was glued together using superglue.
Blaster and Saber- These were pulled out of the bits box from another Luke figure.


Customs / Baron Soontir Fel
« on: April 13, 2006, 10:34:02 PM »
Hi All

I wanted to make a Tie Fighter pilot but wanted to do something different instead of the black suited Pilot so when I saw a comic called Star Wars Rogue Squadron with Baron Fel on the front cover I knew that this would be a great figure to make.
Once the figure was made I painted him using Vallejo and Reaper Miniature paints the base is and take-away lid re-inforced around the inside edges using putty and the Imperial Emblem was downloaded of the net and then resized and printed of and glued in place.
Body- Star Wars Saga ATAT Driver.

Imperial Arm emblems- Are from the net I just down sized them then cut them out and glued them on.
Gloves and feet- Star Wars OTC Tie Fighter Pilot.
Helmet and control Unit- Star Wars OTC Tie Fighter Pilot.
Head and holster- Are from an old Elite Force S.W.A.T figure.
Leg Harness- Star Wars OTC X-Wing Pilot Wedge Figure.
Straps and belt- The straps and belt are some left over pleather cut to size and glued in place.
Flight Vest- Is and old 12" figure T-shirt I had lying around I just cut it out to shape and glued it in place.


Customs / 12" Quinlan Vos
« on: April 08, 2006, 11:47:26 PM »
Hi All

Quinlan Vos is a commission piece for a member on one of the Aussie figure forums I go to it took me around 1-1/2 weeks to complete him, He has been painted using Reaper miniatures and Vallejo paints. The only reference that can be found of him besides in the comic books is a small part in Star Wars EP1 when you see him sitting down at the food shanti where Jar Jar tries to steal the dead animal. The recipe is below on parts I used.

1: Head and body from Dragon.
2: Hair is 50% sculpted using green stuff and 50% molded hair from a Andromeda figure.
3: Leather pants from Andromeda figure.
4: Boots from WW2 German figure.
5: Body Armour is from a modern day Dragon figure flak jacket altered using pieces of leather.
6: Shoulder pad is from a 12" clone trooper which as been altered and the emblem is made from greenstuff,
7: The robes and waist wrap are some old pieces of cloth winch have been dyed as are the hand wraps which also have been dyed.
8: The belt is leather and pleather with studs added and pouches from an old Obi-Kenobi belt the buckle is from the bits box and the saber hilt is and old metal buckle from an old WW2 harness.


Customs / Clone Trooper Diorama
« on: March 27, 2006, 12:28:45 AM »
Hi All

Had some left over Clones lying around so I thought I would do a FanFic dio LMK what you think.

This Diorama is just something I wanted to do as I had a few Troopers lying around the are from the Trooper evolution serious. I have repainted them again using Vallejo and Reaper Miniature paints, The base is from an old DVD container and has plaster of paris and wood glue added to it.

Once dry I glued model railway sand and static grass to the base and once dry painted the whole base usingthe above paints.
The bush's are plastic fish tank plants cut to size and the shrubs are from

Woodland scenics both were glued to the base and then painted again using the above mentioned paints.


Customs / FETTS Bounty
« on: March 16, 2006, 08:54:03 PM »
Hi All

New to the forums but some of you might know me from Jedidefender and Furrg well here is my first post LMK what you think.

Bobba Fett is from the New vintage style figures he has been repainted using Vallejo and GW paints the only adjustments I did was to the targeting system on his helmet I made the aerial section thinner using a piece of plasti-card.
Solo in Carbonite is from Wave 1 - Battle of Carkoon set I just filled in the gaps using grennstuff and put a plasti-card back on it and painted it using GW paints the printed base I got from this site and the lower section of the base is an old DVD container bottom I had lying around.


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