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Sports / EDMONTON SPORTS EVENT Mcfarlane Goodies
« on: November 07, 2003, 08:58:48 PM »
Hey guys,

Anybody going to this event?

This is one collector who would gladly appreciate some help with a couple of items.

Patrick Roy singles from NHL Series 5, variant red jersey. $25 each.

NFL special-edition two-packs featuring Rich Gannon and Derrick Brooks. $25 per set.

NFL special-edition two-packs featuring Ed McCaffrey and
Zach Thomas. $25 per set.

I have relatives in Edmonton but I'm positive they wouldn't know the first thing about mcfarlane toys let alone help me out.

I know it's a lot too ask but I would be really grateful and reward favours well.

Hopefully the scalpers don't get it all and post it on ebay.

Hopefully NHL6 will be here soon, hoping to find lots of variants.


"Death to the scalpers"

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