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Scout Report / Star Wars Command
« on: August 27, 2014, 02:16:48 AM »
Took a look around and didn't seem to see any Threads on this. Feel free to move or combine with existing if necessary mods.

With the TRU 40% off sale I was able to get all of the Command line with the exception of a couple Items that I haven't found yet or haven't arrived yet and I have to just speak praise for it. I know a lot of people wont like it but there's some real gems in there.

Scale is off on some things as far as vehicles are considered (AT-AT's being the same size as the AT-ST, Tie Fighter Pilots taller than Darth Vader), and others the scale seems great (X-Wings and the Tie Fighters and Falcon).

The figures are fantastically sculpted and there's a lot of details there just begging to be painted. If anyone wants any pictures of any of the pieces let me know and I'll get some as well as reviews if people are interested.

 Personally I hope this line keeps going and we get some more fantastic things like Y-Wings, A-Wings and Tie Interceptors. My one complaint about it is the Rebels are significantly harder to amass an army of compared to the empire.

Oh Ps. The Millennium Falcon set comes with Snowtroopers and if my math is correct based on the internet height of an AT-AT they are in "perfect" (give or take a fraction of an inch) scale with Hasbro's BAT-AT 

The High End: Replicas & Statues / Master Replicas Force FX Lightsabers
« on: January 20, 2013, 08:53:07 PM »
Hello Fellow Snowtroops.

I have a chance to pick up a ROTJ MR Force FX Lightsaber. I have a complete set of the Hasbro Ultimate FX sabers (The kiddie ones) which I do like. The Luke ROTJ saber is my favourite one.

any opinions on them? Is it worth while to pick up or should I just stick with the Ultimate FX sabers.

If anyone has both a Force FX and an Ultimate FX and can explain if one is better over the other, that would be fantastic.


Slizer 26

Off Topic / Avengers Dr. Pepper Cans
« on: June 22, 2012, 06:43:34 PM »
Hope this is the right place.

Has anyone managed to actually complete a set of these? Im looking just for Hawkeye, and have checked almost every store in my local area and nil. The only Others I am missing are Loki and Nick Fury, but theyre american exculsive.

So i'm just curious if anyone has completed a set of these is all.

Jedi Archives / Republic Attack Shuttle
« on: December 26, 2011, 09:31:53 PM »
Hopefully this is the best place to locate this.

Does anyone know if the canadian version has the english phrases. Also how much is it at Zellers if it has even shown up there, because i know its 99.99$ at toys r us.

Thanks  Slizer 26

Scout Report / New Role Play helmets (Grievious, Clone)
« on: August 27, 2011, 08:58:22 PM »
The new role play helmets consit of General Grievious, Clone Trooper and Darth Vader. Has anyone seen these? Both of the Wal-Marts around me have shelf tags marked at 24.99$ but no helmets in place yet. So I was curious if anyones seen them or know when theyre supposed to be out? Thanks very much

- Slizer 26

Wampa Cave / Unfreezing Frozen/Seized Joints
« on: December 15, 2010, 08:31:51 PM »
Just a quick question. I bought a few Clone Wars figures and their joints have been seezed in place. Does anyone know of any tricks to getting them to unfreeze.  Really makes my Mando useless when he cant move his shoulders, and ARF Trooper Boil not so good when his Ball Hinged wrists dont work.

Thanks Slizer 26

Previous Hasbro 3.75" Star Wars Lines (1995-2015) / POTF2 TaunTauns
« on: August 31, 2010, 03:35:14 PM »
Does anyone know if they have swivel or solid legs, and how do they look compared to modern figures?

Off Topic / Best Image Hosting site?
« on: August 31, 2010, 01:06:25 PM »
Does anyone know of a good image hosting site, that way i can use them for reviews, any help is appreciated. Also sorry to the mods if this is in the wrong section.

- Slizer 26

The first ever "Classic" review, and the second of six "Battle of Hoth" reviews is here. This time for BD51: Luke Skywalker (Snowspeeder Pilot).  At time of release he is an all new figure, with the exception of the lightsaber hilt and possibly the helmet.

Carded appearance, looks the same as all the legacy releases with the exception of the artists rendition of Luke Skywalker in the upper corner. There's not as much to say with this, as it doesn't hold some of the value like the Vintage cards do.

The meat of the purchase is of course Luke himself.  There is alot to say about this figure, alot of it good with some bad. So let's start with the good. He has Ball Jointed, Head, torso, ankles, knees, shoulders and elbows, with Swivel hips and gloves. His head sculpt, is an amazing likeness to Mark Hamill during Empire, at least in my opinion. HIs overall flight suit sculpt is impressive, every detail has been captured right down to the rank badge on the left side of his chest. The belt that is sculpted on to the suit has mulitiple pouches and clips on it, and a close to proper belt buckle. Even the detail on the boots is there, and now to the paint apps. The paint apps can sometimes make or break a figure,  and with Luke, they help make him so great. The correct two tones on the gloves, the silver accents on the belt, his visible hair and his skin tone. One thing that might not be correct is the colour of the flight suit. The coat is the correct colour where the pants should be a shade darker, but all modern snowspeeder pilots, with the exception of Zev Senesca have one coloured suits. Now here are the pitfalls of the figure, the main thing being the hands, they are awkwardly posed and will in turn put the grappling gun on a weird angle as with the saber. This could have been done for the upcoming AT-AT as when he is hanging from it, the saber looks to be correct for the scene. The helmet itself is nicely painted, but has a tendency to get stuck on his head and during removal, remove his head from the Ball joint. Now accessory wise this figure has a Saber hilt, and grappling gun complete with hook, not a magnet like in the movie. This seems a little confusing as to why it was done, but it is removable, and was most likely done for "play value". The other thing that is confusing is the lack of a lit lightsaber, but if you have the Medical Frigate Luke he has one that can be given to this one. I myself just use one of the multiple ROTS Anakin sabers that are lying around. 

The pack in for the Legacy Collection was the Build-a-Droid. Luke comes with HK-50s head and rifle , a good usefulness for these are with other BAD parts that have been collected over time, if there is no desire to get the rest of the wave.

Overall this is a spectacular figure with pros that outway the cons, and for those who missed it, he will be avaiable in the 2010 Saga Legends Wave 2 assortment. I'd reccomend getting him if you like Empire, Hoth or have the new Snowspeeder and desire a pilot to go with it.

-Slizer 26

The Toys - Snowtrooper Reviews! / TVC07 - Dak Ralter
« on: August 29, 2010, 07:05:37 PM »
My next six reviews will all focus around a central theme. The Battle of Hoth. This review will focus on a new figure never before made by Hasbro. TVC07: Dak Ralter, luke Skywalkers Gunner during The Battle of Hoth. Brand new in 2010 for "The Vintage Collection" this is the first time that Dak has ever been made.

Like any figure from this new Vintage Collection, he comes on the Vintage Throwback card. Being a first ever and not appearing back in the 80s his card is a brand new Hasbro design, featuring a picture of Dak just before the Battle of Hoth. In my opinion he looks spectacular carded and feels right in this new line.

Once Dak is loose from his card and bubble it can be seen that Dak isn't as "All New" as it is to be believed, he uses the Snowspeeder Pilot Sculpt from the Rebel Pilot evolutions sets from 2008. With a new head and differently painted helmet. With that being said he still looks good beside Luke Skywalker (Snowspeeder Pilot) even if the colours of the Flight Suits don't match. He features your standard articulation, with Ball hinged elbows, shoulders, knees, torso, ankles and head, with swivel hips and gloves.  Another complaint about the figure comes down to personal opinion. Dak's head doesn't resemble Dak as closely as other head sculpts do. I believe it comes from the facial expression, Dak normally isn't seen with that look on his face so it's not what is expected when thinking of Dak. Another complaint is the paint on the helmet, it is underpainted compared to other helmets released during the years, the main part where this can be seen is on the chinstrap. The transluscent lense yellow colour that was used to cast the whole helmet was not painted on the chinstrap and can be seen. Mostly while the helmet is on Dak's head. The Alliance Starbirds on his helemt are also painted incorrectly as on one point they curl and begin to spiral, while on the other side remain normal.  Another problem with the helmet is it's a bit oversized and does not like to sit correctly on his head and will remove his head off the joint while trying to remove it from his head.  Dak's accessories are also simple being that they are a pistol and the rebel rifle. Both fit well in Dak's hands and don't seem out of place. Well the rifle is a bit on a pilot, but the pistol not so much.

 Overall he is another great addition to help round out our Rebel Pilots, and something that goes great with Empire's 30th and the Hoth Focus that has started this year's Star Wars line.  Is he worth the 10$, in my opinion yes for his usefulness with the new Snowspeeder and AT-AT, but as I said it's my opinion, and I would recommend buying him, even with the Helmet flaws.

Snowtrooper Recruitment / Hello All
« on: August 26, 2010, 06:14:18 PM »
So im not exactly new to the forum I have been posting for a while, but never really did a full introduction.

I've been collecting star wars since i was young with some Hand me Down Vintage figures. Since then ive amased a modest size collection, and have alot of it on display. One thing i'd also like to try and do and have been starting to do, is a weekly or bi-daily review of current star wars products that ive recently gotten.

So hello to all, and i also have a question, how long does it take to aces the provincials?

- Slizer 26

Today's Review is not for a figure but instead a Vehicle and Figure combo. It's the Zellers/Target exclusive Imperial Tie Fighter. Currently being found at Zellers for 40$ as opposed to the Regular 80$ in my opinion it's a good deal. considering you would spend 30$ for a Small wing Tie fighter, as opposed to 40$ for a large wing Tie and packaged figure.
So after covering some base points, let's look at the packaging, it is of course what you'll be seeing when you go to buy one. It comes in your basic Red/White Legacy Collection box, complete with the 4 Clone banner at the top. A large portion of the centre of the box shows the Tie Fighter in action during the Battle of Yavin, being chased down the trench by Rebel ships as opposed to chasing them.  In the bottom corner there's a window displaying the included Tie Fighter Pilot. The box in my opinion is catchy and serves its purpose.

After opening the box up, you will find your 2 large wings, that are almost the size of the box, another box containing the  Cockpit "Pod", and the attached to the box Pilot holder. No instructions or stickers, and this is because all the detailing is on the Tie already, and the instructions are printed on the bottom of the box. Its opened now, assembling it is easy, take a wing and pop it into the slot on the Pod, like you do with any other Tie.
Its built, and everything is out of the box, so what do we have, a Pilot and a semi new Tie Fighter. For those who don't know the wings are 15 inches in length, making the tie stand at 15 inches sitting on its wings,  10 3/4 inches wide, with a total wing depth of just over 12 inches. That's quite the hefty starcraft, now I don't have a small wing Tie to compare to, but if you do, you can notice it's quite an improvement.  So now the real part, what's different from this one compared to other large wing Ties that have been out before? A new cockpit and different figure are about all. The figure is the Evolutions Imperial Pilot sculpt but more on that later. The new cockpit is highly detailed to the point of matching movie shots. only downside, red tinted windows, why they did this I don't know, maybe to simulate the red seen inside the cockpit during those movie shots. Another feature of this Cockpit is the extendable chin guns. It's an interesting feature that I don't seem to recall from any of the movies but I could be wrong on that one. The final part is the ejectable seat, seen in Empire comics if I remember correctly. The seat isn't spring loaded and does take some slight force to remove it. Same with the chin guns, they do take some force to loosen them up at first.  The paint is very similar to the ones seen in TAC and TLC, so a good uniformity is kept in that sense.

Now the figure, same as the evo scuplt, has your basic articulation, with the exception of Ball Joint ankles, he's got static ones. I feel it isn't a big loss as his main goal is to pilot a Tie Fighter. Not alot can be said for him, he does have a removable helmet, and looks good with Darth Vader or other imperial forces. 

Overall, is it worth it, at the current 40$, my verdict is yes. At its regular 80$ it's not worth it.  At that price you're best to just save the money. If you already have a Big Wing Tie, then its most likely not worth the 40$ unless you're really keen on the new cockpit. I'd recommend it to people without a Big Wing or Small Wing Tie, though its not really needed in my opinion if you already have one. It's a nice improvement and looks good with  figures and vehicles alike, though the biggest irk is the Red tinted glass. So I say pick it up, you might actually enjoy what you get, I know I did.

Alright, so I wanted to start regular reviews here on Snowtroopers, but was having trouble deciding which figure to start with. So after much ado, I decided a good place to start would be TVC-04 Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues).

So to start, theres the packaging. When you go into stores what do you see, well you see the same card that was seen on the VTSC release of Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues).  For carded collectors this doesn't add any newness with the cardback. It would've been nice to see him on the alternate cardback, but hey we can dream can't we.

Next up we get to the figure itself, which many collectors and kids find to be the point where the fun begins.  Luke is a brand new sculpt, with in my opinion an amazing likeness to Mark Hamill during Empire.  Apart from the Headsculpt, he features 14 points of articulation. Swivel Wrists, Ball-hinged hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, torso and head. With this new body sculpt also added are new weapon sculpts. He comes complete with a new blaster and lightsaber sculpt. The new lightsaber sculpts hilt can plug directly into a hole on his belt, and the blaster can fit in its holster.

Now that I've talked about what's new and what he's got, let's talk about what he can do and what he can't. I myself have been able to get him in various different poses all coming from Empire, and he looks great with his blaster or wielding his lightsaber.  Time for what he can't do, one of those things is sit down straight legged, they will always move to the side on an angle, thanks the the ball hinged hips, and his "diaper" waist as people call it. Another thing he struggles with occasionally is holding his saber in a two handed position.
So final thoughts. Overall its an accurate representation of Luke Skywalker in his Bespin Fatigues, from Empire, much better in my opinion than the VTSC one. He is super articulated which is a plus in my books, but in others makes him look like he's wearing the "Diaper" which detracts from the figure. He is on scale with other figures and isn't too short with others that were recently released (Here's looking at you 3PO).  I myself like the figure and feel it was well worth the 10$ I spent on it. So if you can find one, I'd encourage you to pick one up, He'll look great with the other figures and has lots of potential for customizers as well.

- Slizer 26

Scout Report / Post Retail Finds of NEW PRODUCT Here!
« on: June 25, 2010, 10:01:26 PM »
I've also found Kul Teska at my local Toys "R" Us. Same price unsure about the new card as well, ready for Vintage but the other stuff not so much.

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