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Non-Star Wars Toys / Looking for opinions
« on: February 27, 2012, 04:16:00 PM »
Perhaps this would have been better placed in the High End forums, but oh well.

While looking through the Assassin's Creed newsfeed on their Facebook page, I stumbled upon this. I'm a huge fan of the franchise and I'd jump on it immediately if it weren't for the price... I could easily find a way to justify the price to my wallet if I wanted, but as I've never actually bought any Sideshows before and know no one around these parts that have, I'm a little hesistant on it.

Basically, I'd love to have opinions on this branch of collecting before I put forth a deposit on this. And, am I wrong in assuming that Hot Toys are now also part of Sideshow?

Snowtrooper Recruitment / Don't want to be a 'llama'...
« on: January 31, 2012, 03:09:22 PM »
Hello everyone!

I'm going to be honest, I hate introductions because I never know what to say, so I'll keep this short.

I hail from Quebec, so I apologize in advance if sometimes there are expressions that need clarification (if not downright a blue print). Been collecting SW and a few other things for a while now. I don't particulary hate the prequels or even TCW (haven't even watched those), I just decided a few years ago that for wallet purposes I'd collect OT stuff only. Although I'm seriously starting to consider narrowing down even more on what I collect 'cause the wallet isn't very cooperative at times.

I had managed to avoid the craze for action figures until Hasbro's Vintage Collection hit the store last year, but now I'm finding a growing collection of them. I'm a Rogue Squadron fan (thus the name lol), so don't be surprised if I tend to care more about Starfighters and it's pilots than the whole Jedi/Sith thing. I do, however, love the lightsabers. I'm also 24, your typical average gamer and often stuck with the big question: To open or to not open.

Oh and I'm very much female... contrary to some's beliefs  :tongue0024:

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