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Hello fellow troopers,

I've just received a huge lot of figures.
In that lot, I found a weird Leia Hoth variant with metallic green hair. I am 100% certain its totally legit as its the exact same shade as the bag on the Chewbacca w/metallic green bag + theres paint loss on her hair, meaning it was played with while she wore that hair color (had it been repainted, it would obviously have no paint loss...)
The Coo is Hong Kong, figure most likely comes from a  US Kenner card.

I am puzzled since there is no mention of it either on rebelscum or on toysrgus (the huge variation list they include on their website, which contains each possible variant ever located...)

Any thoughts ?

Vintage Kenner (1978-1985) / Lili Ledy Darth Vader
« on: September 30, 2006, 08:28:58 PM »
I have a Darth Vader here that I think is a Lili Ledy.

I havent seen any real close-up pics (I've searched trg + RS)
In fact the only one I've seen was MOC. So I am still unsure, although a few clues tell me its one

- It has a chubby saber tip
- The torso lite-brite is of a cheaper design.
- No COO

Is there any Lili Ledy expert around ?

I thought it would be interesting to discuss vintage figures and the shape they usually come in.
I have a question for everyone involved in vintage collecting:

What is, according to each of you out there, the vintage figure(s) that are the hardest to find in nr mint shape ?
I buy lots of figures and here's my top five, according to my experience:

1. Death Star Droid
2. AT AT driver
3. Luke Bespin
4. Luke X wing
5. Bossk

Thats my top 5 !!  Anyone else has other good examples ?

I cant believe that !
I once sold a Vinly Cape jawa on eBay for something like 300$. The cape was the real deal. It had the textured side and all. 300$ is a real good price. I was really happy, and the guy who bought it was, too.
Now, heres the deal: theres a guy on eBay, whom I will not name for confidentiality purposes, who sold a 110% probable repro vinyl cape Jawa on eBay last week for 285$ USD.
The seller is the kind that says that the accessories ''may be repro'' when he clearly knows they are.
So anyways, he sells a vinly cape jawa - auctions states ''weapon and cape may be repro'' - for 285$ !!!!!!!! 
he knows his way around, and knew they were repros... The poor buyer will clearly regret that one !
Anyhow... Thats just how frustrated I am right now with repro weapons/accessories. I mean I've always been, but thats the last straw ... I cant even begin to comprehend why eBay does'nt allow the sales of Magic: the Gathering proxies (I've tried, my auction didnt last long!) but authorizes the sale of repro weapons...
Please share your thoughts !
Oh, and by the way, if I am allowed to, I will GLADLY reveal the name of that great eBay seller.
Please share your thoughts, I'll be more than happy to discuss that a little further with repro fans like me :p

see ya guys

Vintage Kenner (1978-1985) / Squidhead Cape Colors!!
« on: March 29, 2006, 11:17:42 PM »
According to RS, the cape for Squidhead has been produced of course in brown as we all know, but striking color variations are also known to exist. They are not clear on what these ''striking'' variations are.
I for a fact know that ther is also an orange version for the cape.   Well... not really ''orange'', but rather light brown with an orangeish hue to it. I know my orange is legit , I've had 2 so far, 1st sold on eBay for a pretty good amount ;)

We all know also that the black variation is supposed to be a rumor only. It only appeared on the back of some ROTJ cardbacks but never actually hit the shelves with that black robe.

Any other color or hue that is worth mentioning?

Vintage Kenner (1978-1985) / Kea Moll
« on: March 27, 2006, 11:40:43 PM »
Hi all-
Recently purchased a lot of DROIDS figures. I know I'll sound like a rookie, but I need to know what guns she comes with. I always thought she came with a black stormie blaster. I got her today, looked at her small and frail hands and am wondering now how can she handle the blaster? :)
Basically, does she come with a blaster that came with an original 77 or is it a special color ? and I am still unsure what gun model she came with.  Did some research, on eBay and on google, cant find anything... All Kea's on the Bay are MOC and pictures dont allow me to figure what weapons she has packed with her...
oh, and also, what color is Tig Fromm's needle ? I figure its ok if I use a regular 2-1B accessory.... any thought ?

Vintage Kenner (1978-1985) / About vintage Lightsabers
« on: October 03, 2005, 10:20:53 PM »
Hey guys,
this is about the vintage Star Wars lightsabers for Luke, ben and Vader (yellow, blue, red)  this is a question concerning the regular one-piece versions only (not double telescoping)
I want to know if they ALL come with a small letter on their ''handle''.
I have 2 luke sabers, one with a small ''m'', another with an ''n''
I have a ben saber with an ''e''
I have a Vader saber with an ''h''.
I also have some of these, loose, with their tips, that dont have a letter on the handle.
Are these repros ? They look awesomely real to me. Same plastic, same colour, they pass the drop test, and the tip is not all straight and bigger than usual.
Just want to know if someone here as a clue-as to wether or not Kenner only produced their vintage sabers with a letter on the handle, so I can better detect any fakes B4 buying for example.
Any help would be greatly appreciated !!!!!!!!!!!!

btw, I'm only missing a saber with an ''a'' to make HE-MAN !!! :D

I really wish someone here can help me figure out what it is I have just found!!!  I recently purchased a ESB mini-figure vinyl case from a Flea Market in Bromont, Quebec. So far, so good. Now: thing is this case has black trays, and not the regular tan trays!  
I've pretty much went through all Star wars vintage toys websites and couldnt find any evidence of any such item ever surfacing. I wrote to Ron Salvatore from the Star Wars Archive and even him never saw on of these! He said it was an interesting find, and he would come back to me. He's probably doing some research about it as we're speaking.  

this is not a fake item guys. The trays are genuine vintage Star Wars items. They have the same design, the same number of pegs, everything! The only difference is that theyre black. They come in a Top Right Corner Yoda-style ESB case.  And, no, they were not repainted  black :p:p

Anyone seen one of these so far? Its probably another of our great canadian rarities. I'd greatly appreciate if someone had even the smallest info about that item.
Thanks guys.  :P

Snowtrooper Recruitment / Why the H*** haven't I visited SW forums before ?
« on: December 18, 2004, 10:42:47 PM »
Why I havent visited SW forums before is A COMPLETE MYSTERY.  8) I have been collecting SW toys since the early 80's and the passion just kept growing. I am now selling and trying to expand my knowledge as far as it can be stretched, that is to know ANYTHING  about SW vintage stuff (especially figure variations). as well as trying to hold in my hands, even if it is only for a few heartbreaking seconds, every figurine ever released !!
Just felt like saying hi to every canadian sw collector, dealer, fan and so on  :) Hello also to foreign visitors !!!
I am from Sherbrooke in Quebec. If there are any other Sherbrooke guys in here, I'd be happy to hear from you!!<

SW toys are the best:) I plan to open a toy store here in Sherbrooke within a few years. Will specialize in vintage star wars toys.

I just love figures, ships, and my goal is to be able to put my hand on each and every figure, ship, playset and creature ever released. I buy and sell quickly on ebay, and just to hold a figure I've never seen before in real in my hands is a very thrilling experience! Who knows, I may grab a Uzay or a Vlix one day !!! In the meantime, I'll keep dreaming.
See ya guys, you'll definitely see my name quite often from now on. I am already addicted !!

Vintage Kenner (1978-1985) / Very Weird looking Snowtrooper
« on: December 18, 2004, 10:00:26 PM »
Second message in one single night ! Wow! I may get addicted to the forum guys! My first time on a forum, whatever the subject. Now : I recently purchased a very weird-looking  vintage Hoth Stormtrooper. He doesnt have the regular facial features. He has a visor instead of two almond-shaped black eyes. I thought at first he was a YPS (Snowtrooper that came exclusively with the YPS German magazine - for those who speak French the magazine was also released in French under the Pif Gadget name). I thought so because I have seen the cover of the magazine (YPS Snowtrooper) and mine looks exactly like the guy thats pictured on the cover (visor instead of two eyes). BUT - Mine doesnt have the two round holes for the waist cape, but has the regular features a cape has. In any case, I just want to know if someone knows about YPS snowtroopers, or if there are any other known Hoth Stormtroopers like mine. I know I have a very rare variation. doesnt mention anything about a ''visor'' snowtrooper. Never seen any on ebay... Let the discussion begin !!!

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