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Scout Report / Re: Hasbro Black Series Stormtrooper Helmets
« on: October 11, 2016, 06:14:30 PM »
Sorry to hear CJ you had a bad experience.

Today I called walmart customer service and somehow they pulled through and my helmet is soon to be shipped, I think last CS agent I talked to didn't examine my order accordingly.

For anyone who wants this helmet I am sure they will have more up soon, at least what I was told..I may buy a second one to weather up if I can get it around $50-70.

Scout Report / Re: Hasbro Black Series Stormtrooper Helmets
« on: October 11, 2016, 12:26:42 AM »
So I order a Black Series Stormtrooper helmet off Saturday evening this past weekend and it was in stock stating it would ship on October 14 so, they charged my card then send me an additional e-mail a couple hours later stating they sold out and the item is on back order but, their policy states they only charge once the order is processed and prepped for shipping...such bulls**t, they still have my money for an additional 3-5 days..CS in Philippines offered 5% off my next order then bumped that up to 10% off..lame. Walmart has listed on the BS Stormtrooper helmet page that it will be in stock on the 14th which was the day my helmet was originally supposed to

Wampa Cave / Re: Force Friday Midnight Madness
« on: September 04, 2015, 08:45:08 AM »
Loads of 3.75 and black series figures at Walmart morningside, actual floor displays are out, no class 2 vehicles.

Wampa Cave / Re: Force Friday Midnight Madness
« on: September 04, 2015, 02:48:09 AM »
I was at the Vic park location 7th in line got a few figures but they let Corey Vidal and his friends in 5 min before everyone else and they picked it dry. The guy who was first in line who was there at 3pm got nothing. pretty ridiculous

Ha well, I know if we were in the Eighties and someone caught that social media mangina doing that, I am sure he would have been punched out, sure its Toys but, still..dudes have waited hours not to leave cheated and empty handed, not to mention TRU rapes your wallet a little more with their pricing.

Wampa Cave / Re: Force Friday Midnight Madness
« on: September 04, 2015, 02:03:04 AM »
Yea, I did notice most of the millennial hipster fruit bags walking around with most of the desired product, that's another reason this event blew ass..not to mention the cougar behind me in line just flat out making fun of star wars and geeks in general.

Wampa Cave / Re: Force Friday Midnight Madness
« on: September 04, 2015, 12:50:58 AM »
I was down at the Don Mills location, pretty much everything I was interested in gone but, lucky I got some stuff on hold at Walmart.

Holy fricken camera phones, every where I walked there was a camera phone in my face(even dudes filming up in the top level of the Good Life gym), I honestly miss the 80's and 90's where people were more friendly and not locked in to their stupid devices every second of the day, only strike against the 80's was smoking allowed in most public places.

Thing I did notice on the awesome Kylo Ren poster TRU handed out, if you look at it, Kylo is wearing Anakin Skywalker's boots from AOTC/ROTS..pretty cool if this is explained in the movie if the art is 100% canon to his look in the film.

Use this pic I attached as a reference for painting up Vader's mask and be sure to paint all the light gray areas shown in the pic and leave the dark areas from the pic unpainted, just take your time, even could use painters tape to mask off the lines between paint and the gloss black plastic..gunmetal paint should do the trick.

The assembly is quite easy for all three you preordered though, I would say the astromechs will be the most time consuming build of the lot.

I seriously can't see Hasbro topping this Threepio since their Vader and R2 just can't compare to how much more accurate the Bandai kits are to the characters.

The Vader and Astromech kits I think require painting(be it minor or extensive) to look their absolute best.I actually think the Vader mask once painted up in his iconic asymetical gun metal color look, really brings out just how well Bandai nailed the Vader sculpt.

I had not painted in quite some time and I know I messed up a few things on the astromechs as I assembled the pre-painted parts, I forgot to sand in some of the crevices where paint dried and when fitting these parts it created some paint scrape/smudges plus, I still have a few fine details to add on to the astromechs as well.

I would invest in some Tamiya side cutters for cutting the pieces off the sprue and make sure you cut flush to the piece so there is no flash left over.Bandai did a great job at minimizing the chances of sprue marks left on the kit with proper sprue placement on the whole tree.

The paints I used for Vader and the Droids
 Tamiya x10 gunmetal,xf16 flat aluminum,x13 metallic blue,xf2 flat white,xf7 flat red,xf1 flat black,xf12 gold leaf.

And buy one good brush for painting larger areas and one for fine details, take your time and you don't need glue for these..also, get paint thinner if you fear you may make a minor paint error, I never needed it but, it is an option.

Got this guy in just before last weekend and this is definitely my most favorite kit to date(so much so i bought two,another to weather up).

I love the sculpt and finish. I am almost 100% positive Bandai just scaled down their fantastic 1/6th scale perfect model Chogokin 12pm/Tamashii Nations C3PO figure(which i picked up recently).

The only painting i did to this guy was first, the wires on the back of the knees which can be swapped out with chrome covers for alternate looks and the restraining bolt on the additional swappable chest plate,painted the wires on the abdomen a mix of white, red,silver and gold and also painted the raised panels on the palms gold, same goes for the arm pistons and a nice dry brush of gold over 3PO's grill lining over his optics.

Definitely preordering the Biker Scout even though the Black Series set is great and i really hope Bandai gives us IG-88 and a Snowtrooper soon.

Scout Report / Re: Post Retail Finds of NEW PRODUCT Here!
« on: April 21, 2015, 08:44:09 PM »
Yea, i broke down and picked up 6' Black Series ROTJ Luke from RCSS on Don Mills on Sunday, they had Sandtrooper,Vader,Chewie and another Luke left after i picked mine up.

I also picked up Mission Series ANH Luke(stormtrooper) and Leia plus Hoth Luke and Han two pack and i am very impressed with these latest waves of 5poa style figures with better sculpting, basically these are the updated figures we should've got later on down the road after POTF from Kenner instead of those roided out figures.

The Toys - Snowtrooper Reviews! / Bandai Star Wars figure model kits
« on: April 16, 2015, 12:09:02 AM »
Not much of a written review, just showing off how beautiful these kits turned out(especially Vader), the sculpts blow away even some higher end collectibles and these are easily the winner in both scale,sculpt and over all value compared to anything we've got in the Black Series line so far in my opinion.

I assembled and painted Vader and the Droids, Stormtrooper needs no paint, just decals were applied.

Droid attachments are not displayed in the pics below as I have yet to paint them all.

Can't wait to assemble Threepio later this month when he gets released.

Looks outstanding, thanks for the review and photos.  :)`

No problemo.

As for how this scales next to Hot Toys Bespin Luke, if anything R2 could maybe need another quarter of an inch to be pretty much bang on but, these scale very good together and with all other SS figures with the exception of Sideshow Vader(both ANH and ESB/ROTJ) since they are scaled a bit too tall but, really most if not all of the Sideshow and Hot Toys figures scale well together, its Medicom that is usually scaled smaller, their droids are overpriced crap IMO.

Another first here with this Sideshow version of Artoo, aside from finally getting a properly scaled version is its inclusion of alternating lights incorporated into the dome and activates via touch sensitive panel on the right side of the dome and really brings this piece to life.

If I could say one thing this figure is missing, it would be a few sound clips from the OT, Medicom brought that to their revised version but, that figure is a waste of time and money if you want to display it with current and future 1/6th offerings that are not Medicom.

This guy should scale well with the beautiful Tamashii chogokin C3po figure which I think I am passing on and waiting for the Sideshow offering since it has a more weathered look to match this R2 figure more or less based on their first appearance in ANH, has poseable hands as well.

I got in the Sideshow 1/6th scale R2-D2 a few days back and i must say it is a very nice piece, best R2 high end figure to date.

I have no major issues with it, the dome seam line that people are talking about just doesn't stand out at all on my figure and this comes with a nice array of accessories to boot while surprisingly for it being a Sideshow figure, i feel they really got the scale right where Medicom failed, and the overall sculpt and detailing really gives this an authentic screen accurate look even if some of the weathering is not bang on to the OT.

My only nitpicks would be that i wish they painted the body white or eggshell white whatever it supposed to be then apply the right blues/silver and weathering,and some of the paint apps could be a bit more bold and clean, plastic(mainly on the body) feels similar to the type used on their clone trooper figures.

I am really dying now to have a Johnny 5 from Short Circuit in this scale now, wish Sideshow would take on that project.

I actually really dig these sets and don't find the plastic to be as gummy as others are claiming, being a tad pliable works for these guys.

My two have a great paint application and no warping at all, maybe slightly on one visor but, barely noticeable and easily corrected.

The Black Series (2013-2018) / Re: The Black Series (6" Figure Line)
« on: July 31, 2013, 03:49:41 PM »
Anyone know the cheapest online price shipped(guessing from 80-100$) for a case of 4 from wave 1 of this line?.

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