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The Last Jedi (2017-???) / Who was worse - Kylo or DJ
« on: January 11, 2018, 03:46:22 PM »
Having seen it now for the second time and still loving it. :P to you who don't.

Here's the thing, I say that DJ was a much greater villain than Kylo. He tells the First Order how to track the shuttles. He's responsible for the deaths of hundreds. And he does it all for money.

My friend says that Kylo is worse because he kills so many at the end and has truly fallen to the dark side

What are your thoughts?

Also Is DJ in 9? Did he die when the Super Super Star Destroyer was hyperspaced?

Star Wars Movies & TV shows / Re: STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII - THE LAST JEDI
« on: December 17, 2017, 10:10:48 PM »
Well, I saw 2/3rds of it on the IMAX before the Audio locked, and since I could only see it Saturday, I had to run to catch it again.

When asked last night at a Christmas party, I answered - I was entertained for 2.5 hours. Because if I had said what I really felt, I might have ruined it for some.

I loved it. Yes it had some flaws and so gaping holes, but overall, I loved it.

The Luke story. Right from the beginning with the saber toss, you knew there was some major indifference in him. But as he and Rey draw on one another, the story grew on me. And the "Dark Empire" Force transmission was brilliant. The final battle with Kylo was brilliant and his passing was perfect. Yes I was sad but at the same time I actually felt OK with his dying. I am hoping a force ghost Luke will be in 9. NEED a final battle Luke figure.

The Resistance plot - from 400 to 25. The losses. The struggle. It just drew you back in to loving the underdog. If they don't make a Holdo in command chair, it will be a tragedy. I was asked why things were kept secret. Who knows what spies there are there? I agree that the mutiny was a bit contrived, but it made for some great optics (Leia blasting Poe and then the raised hands)

Finn - I am glad to have him back and I really hope there is no love triangle between him Rose and Rey. I really like the Rose/Finn dynamics. They are the same characters, the janitors in the series who become heroes. You want to cheer for them.

The humor - if you had a problem with the humour, you will have missed some perfect timings. From the saber toss killing the intensity of the transition scene to the Hux call, to the Porg hitting the window. It just played some little laughs that were needed. Ryan did a far better job adding humor that George tried to do with Jar Jar in 1.

Kylo - After 7 I was totally thinking "Dude's gotta die" Half way through when everyone is thinking he's changed I thinking "Dude's gotta die" At the end, I was hoping that Hux would have walked up behind him and shot him in the head. He became the villain, not a jerk in a mask.

The Force - from Rey to Luke to Leia (a throwback to the idea that his sister is just as powerful) to Kylo to Yoda. Did anyone catch the books on the Millennium Falcon. When Finn gets a blanket for Rose, they are at the back of the drawer.

The bombers - Yes, I get they have a bunch of bombs but there is no weight in space. Go faster. Yes I get it was for tension but come on.

Quick Characters - From Paige to Talia to Snoke to DJ to Phasma, so many new characters (or returning who were underused) that you want to see developed and they end up dying. (OK with DJ I really hope he was offed when the cruiser hypersliced Snoke's ship). The hick on Canto Bight really pissed me off. Let's put a country bumpkin in the movie. I love that there were a great amount of characters, but it was a bit overwhelming

The Ugly
Snoke - way too easy

The pacing - oh god did it drag at times. The fuel consumption issue. "They're smaller and quicker" Fricken send out waves of Ties. 2 ties and Kylo smoked off the leadership. They're cannon fodder. Just do it.

One question. At the end, when the kid grabs the broom. Did he summon it? It looked like it kinds jumped into his hand.

« on: November 24, 2017, 01:50:22 PM »
Now if only the shipping wasn't $32 for a $47 toy. Who gets the free shipping? Toronto? Vancouver?

Scout Report / Re: EB Games
« on: November 18, 2017, 11:13:03 PM »
Went to EB on Friday not realizing that Battlefront II was coming out. The lineup was all to pick up the game or the new Pokemon one. Couldn't tell which fans were worse.

Went to the toy area and they had just put out a fresh case of 6". Got the Praetorian guard for $26. Looked down and they had retagged a Guard 4 pack for $106. They had a Snoke but I already was blowing my budget.

Get in line and guys in front of me see my haul. "is that the new guard?" "Yep. Looks like they put stuff out for Battlefront."

The line shrinks by 3 guys who went to check the Star Wars section.

Scout Report / Re: Superstore
« on: October 31, 2017, 04:21:39 PM »
One store still had them listed at 29.94. The other had them at 19.99. Still insane, but that might be their prices. I remember black series was $18 at the start, then dropped to $15 and then to $9.

Scout Report / Re: Superstore
« on: October 23, 2017, 10:30:04 AM »
Found Old Ben this weekend at Superstore. I was quite stoked until I scanned it in at 29.99. I took it (and the Abomination Marvel Line) to the customers desk. The clerk checked the computer and it was registered at 29.99. I showed them the prices at Walmart and Toys R Us, so they checked the information from the main office. Yep. 29.99

The sad part, but I totally understand, is that they couldn't do a price match because there was no SKU for Ben on any of the Canadian sites.

Happy part, I got the Iron Skull and Scarlet Witch MOC for 19.99 each.

I'm wondering, does SCOP work if the item is on the shelf but not in the system?

Scout Report / Re: Lego 75192
« on: October 12, 2017, 03:21:20 PM »
I am down in Florida.  On Sunday I went to Disney World Downtown where they have a big Lego Store.  On display was the big MF.  I can tell you after seeing it in person that it is really impressive.   It is an expensive set - but if you are willing to part with that much money on a lego set - I do not think you will be disappointed .

You were in Florida and you didn't take orders for BYODroids. For shame >:(

Scout Report / Re: Superstore
« on: October 12, 2017, 03:19:48 PM »
Sadly, while this code exists, most places that I have dealt with have failed to follow it. Worst is Walmart. After my fight with them over return for lower price (it's 30 days, not 1 week)  and price compare with their own website (same SKU), I recently had a fight over this.

The price on the shelf for a new coffee maker was $40 less than the price it scanned at. I showed them where it was and first they tried to tell me it was a different model. Then it was something put at the wrong tag. Then it was an old sale. Then it was they would give me the product for the sale price as a "Customer Appeasement" which really sent my blood boiling.

20 minutes on the phone with Walmart customer service and I got a $10 gift card sent to me.

And then they put the Marvel Legends on clearance and I went through it again.

Superstore has been good. Got Mace Windu's Lightsaber for $5 for a miss matched tag. But they would not do it for Lego for some reason.

Live and learn.

Scout Report / Re: Superstore
« on: September 07, 2017, 05:25:56 PM »
What's the Falcon/Death Star Diorama?


I believe it is Hot Wheels.

Yes it's a scene with the Falcon shooting the core. It comes with a Falcon and a core that is already exploding. It's like the 1/2 Star Destroyer or the tiny trench run that they put out with Rogue One.

Scout Report / Superstore
« on: September 07, 2017, 03:09:11 PM »
The local Superstore is starting to get some TLJ stuff out. I was there at noon and they had:

Force Link: 29.97
Falcon/Death Star Diorama: 39.98
Figure cars: 5.98
Ship cars: 5.98

The lady that was in the department said they have more stuff in the back and will be putting it out. It seems some was delayed in being sent out and a priority was not made to get it on the shelves

Scout Report / Re: Post Retail Finds of NEW PRODUCT Here!
« on: September 01, 2017, 02:55:22 PM »
Went to the closest Walmart to me (30 minutes away) at lunch. They had a display with the 6 inch figure, the three inch figures and some lightsabers. I grabbed the Hera, Thrawn, Luke and Rey that I wanted and Paige, Rose and Luke. I was thinking that the rest of the stuff will be in the actual Star Wars section.

Boy was I wrong.

A couple Force link bracelets and a Cando Bight speeder. Nothing else.

In the Lego section there was...nothing. Not a single new Lego set.

So I asked the stock person in Toys where the rest of the TLJ stuff was. He just looked at me like I was asking him how to build a rocket. So I found the Associate for the section and the response I got was:

We'll get it all out eventually.

They would rather only put some stuff out at a time so they can sell it first. By the time the rest comes out, most of us will have got it at TRU or online.

Scout Report / Re: Star Wars Black Series Lando, Emperor Guard 6" Wave
« on: August 22, 2017, 05:04:00 PM »
Yeah, I used to use Legends as well.  All my local ones stopped getting Star Wars and would only order if I commit to buying a case so I don't bother.  I'm lucky to have a US source.  With the crazy prices here, it's sometimes better just to order online and you just pay a little more than trying to find it locally.  You might come out ahead too cause you don't waste your time and gas.

I used Legends once in a while for stuff, but at the time I was living in Saskatoon and had access to TRU, Walmart, Zellers, Superstore, Winners, and London Drugs. After I moved to my small Podunk town, I have access to Extra Foods and Bargain Shop. Now by the time I get to a Walmart (1/2 hour away) or to a TRU (1.5 hours away), everything is sold out or well picked over.

I've used some Canadian stores to have things shipped in, but Canada Post is so bloody expensive. (Cost more shipping from Ontario to Sask. than from California to Sask.)

Scout Report / Re: Star Wars Black Series Lando, Emperor Guard 6" Wave
« on: August 22, 2017, 10:13:30 AM »
any one deal with Big Bad Toy Store in states

About once every 6 months I will save up and order from them. Fast service, tonnes of packing, great response when there is a problem. Recently ordered a case of GOTG II 6 inch and they shipped it in a bigger box in case I was keeping a sealed case. I also bought the ERG from them and the box was nice and clean.

Shipping sucks as do the duties but when you factor in the cost of having to find the stuff you want or the outrageous price difference between Canada and US, sometimes you end up at zero loss or even a little savings.

Wampa Cave / Re: The BB-8 First Order playset
« on: August 16, 2017, 10:16:23 AM »
Personally I wish they would do a series of smaller interlocking playsets. I would think that would be less risk than this. I'm surprised hasbro is putting a playset this expensive out especially given how negative they have been on them in recent years.

I wonder how other playset have done in other lines recently (ninja turtles for exampls).

Considering that Walmart was clearing the Technodrome at $15 when it started at $69, the sewer playset of $129 was down to $25 and the Batman huge Batcave playset was for $50 and then $30, I would guess that big playsets are not the thing.

It's funny but on Facebook I was reading comments about the price. Most were saying they would wait until the first sale and pick it up. Others would wait until clearance.

Wampa Cave / Re: The BB-8 First Order playset
« on: August 15, 2017, 11:21:36 AM »
Someone posted yesterday on Facebook (Yakface, JTA, Rebelscum, can't remember who) the price was 179.99 US. So, will this be worth the price (I would assume 229.99)

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