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Wow. Amazing.  This certainly generates a few thoughts.
They've been saying for a while that playsets are difficult. I consider this more of a playset than a vehicle. So it makes sense that they went the route of crowd funding. The cynical side of me worries that if this fails to get funded they'll throw their arms up and say "see there isn't even a market among collectors for this sort of thing." But even among die hards this thing is either not affordable or is too big, and so a lot of die hards will pass. I think they could have gone a little less ambitious and done a really nice playset that is 2 feet long and $250 and be more likely to get it funded. It's like learning how to swim by just jumping into the deep end. They could have tested the waters with something a little less ambitious. Hopefully if it fails they will try something else smaller.

But they've clearly put a lot of time and money into this thing already. So I wonder if 5000 is really the minimum required.

As for international ordering I heard the interview online where they seem to indicate if it is made available in some other way it will still be a vintage box. I'd expect they would try and keep the toy the same as well, at least initially. Maybe there will be a less deluxe version later. Who knows? But if it does get funded they will want to milk for a little while.

Either way it's pretty exciting. I'm on the fence about making the effort to get it and figuring out how to fit it into my collection. It will take some serious consideration. It's not a simple purchase, that's for sure.

The Toys - Snowtrooper Reviews! / Re: Force Link
« on: September 06, 2017, 11:14:51 AM »
This feels like the commtech chip all over again. I got my commtech reader for $3 on clearance. I'd say that's about what it was worth.

They really should be selling this thing for like 10 bucks. Not $40 with a figure. $30 for a gimmick is nuts. It should be a loss leader for them used to get kids hooked. I won't be getting one unless they hit clearance for like $5.

Wampa Cave / Re: New Lego Falcon
« on: September 05, 2017, 08:28:46 PM »
I'm tempted... would be soooo cool. And my daughter might even enjoy building it with me.

Announcements / Toy Shows / Contests / Re: Fan Expo 2017 Toronto
« on: September 05, 2017, 12:23:07 PM »
Well good and bad for me from FanExpo Hasbro store.

Good: My friend was able to get me Thrawn and at the sale price of 25% off.

Bad: Not only did they drop the price on everything on Sunday, they also dropped the limit. My friend was there at 12:30pm and they had already sold out of the GI Joe set. And they had sold all remain stock to one guy earlier in the day. So I was SOL for the Joe exclusive.

So some scalper scored a bunch of the Joe exclusive for $60 each including tax. I can't belive they would do that that early in the day. I get it if there's an hour left or something but that's a bit ridiculous.

Oh well. I was on the fence about getting Thrawn but it's a beautiful set so I'm very happy to have it at the sale price.

Announcements / Toy Shows / Contests / Re: Fan Expo 2017 Toronto
« on: September 02, 2017, 08:16:44 PM »
Did you happen to see the G.I. Joe Cobra Missile Command Headquarters and if so how much it cost?

A friend is going on Sunday and she offered to pick up a couple things for me. Am hoping the missile command HQ is still in stock.

Scout Report / Re: Post Retail Finds of NEW PRODUCT Here!
« on: September 01, 2017, 01:24:13 PM »
Ookk summed it up well. The one Walmart I hit this morning a couple staff  had no clue what I was talking about. But apparently I wasn't the first one to ask when I went in at 7:30 this morning.

A bunch of empty pegs with about three or four figures from the new film. They didn't even have a display box and when I asked.... nope nothing that they were aware of. They were friendly about it but definitely bewildered.

I had much better luck online getting basically everything I wanted from either TRU or Walmart.  Between the two I think you could get nearly everything though neither one had it all and what they did have was available at different times. I didn't see Hera and Thrawn on until Luke and Rey were sold out. And at one point hera and Thrawn were showing up for me on my phone but not on my laptop when I did the same search.

And doesn't seem to want to let me do pickup for an order. Some weird glitches along the way.

Anyway much like last time the brick and mortar stores were pretty much useless to me. But online worked out with some persistence.

Scout Report / Re: Post Retail Finds of NEW PRODUCT Here!
« on: August 23, 2017, 09:22:14 AM »
Found the kylo Ren force link starter set at Walmart in Brampton yesterday. Scanned it and it said see an associate so you probably can't buy them yet. They had about 20 of them hanging on 2 pegs with a whole bunch of empty pegs around it awaiting new product.

I didn't look too closely at as I have no interest in actually buying it but wanted to mention it was found.

Scout Report / Re: Star Wars Black Series Lando, Emperor Guard 6" Wave
« on: August 22, 2017, 09:32:15 AM »
BBTS provides good service. I've used them many times over the years. Particularly when the Can $ was on par. Now it can be very expensive. And depending on the item their prices aren't that great. And for some reason I always get hit by customs when I ordered from them. But service is always great with them.

Dorksidetoys might be another option. I preordered two ERGs and Lando just in case I dont find them at retail here. Still waiting on them since the estimated date to ship is sept or oct. Their shipping seems a little cheaper than BBTS and I've had good service with them in the past. And you can cancel your preorder with them as long as they haven't started the packing of your item. You just go into your account and cancel. No hassle.

Should also mention that these may still come out here. I'd look on forcefriday as it wouldn't surprise me if non-TLJ stuff is sitting in the back rooms waiting for that day. It's happened before.

Where do you see free shipping on It asks me 28$ for shipping the Maul two-pack?
When you go to it should bounce you to their "international site". It's very glitchy and slow but it works. Then in the check out process put FREESHIP into the coupon code box.

Try this link:

I noticed after the fact, if you want to order something really cheap, (probably less than $20) then they DON'T seem to charge the customs fees. I guess since it is less than the allowable limit for duty free. And there is no minimum order to get free shipping, so you're probably better off placing separate orders for all the really cheap items. For example the maul 2 pack is $7.48Can, free shipping and no taxes or duty if you order it on its own.

Scout Report / Re: Commander Gree
« on: August 20, 2017, 04:39:16 PM »
Sorry, based on your post, I'm not sure what you were asking them.

Based on their response it seems you were asking TRU Canada if they would carry Gree, since he is a TRU exclusive in the US. Is that the case? Because Gree has been found at TRU in Canada. Or are you pointing out to them how over-priced he is at Canadian TRUs?

I'm curious to see what your actual question was.

Free international shipping all weekend on Use code FREESHIP

They have a few deals on star wars stuff right now too:

Star Wars Rogue One Black Series Figure 3-Pack comes to about $38 Canadian. Plus tax and duty. Still pretty good. And the tax and duty is added to your cart so you can see your final total all in before you submit an order. No surprises on delivery.

The giant at-act is $134Can.

Also saw the maul sister 2 pack and the rogue one baze malbus two pack for $7.48Can each.

Website is painfully slow and you cant use gift cards. I had one i tried to use but their international site doesnt accept them.

Wampa Cave / Re: The BB-8 First Order playset
« on: August 16, 2017, 09:26:01 AM »
Well 179US translates to about 229Can which means it will likely be at least 249Can at TRU.

My first impression is I think it looks pretty cool. If this was OT based I might be interested. It could make for a nice way to display a bunch of figures. But being based on the new movie I have no desire to get it.

And at $250 I'm not sure anyone will be that interested.

Personally I wish they would do a series of smaller interlocking playsets. I would think that would be less risk than this. I'm surprised hasbro is putting a playset this expensive out especially given how negative they have been on them in recent years.

I wonder how other playset have done in other lines recently (ninja turtles for exampls).

There definitely needs to be change from film to film. Especially when there is a 30 year gap. But that royal guard design just looks lame.

One thing I thought Lucas did pretty well with the prequels (even though that was extrapolating back in time, while now it is forward) was make the prequel designs new enough while still feeling like it was a natural progression or evolution. The royal guard for episode 8 looks like they tried too hard or something.

As for the figures I only have a desire to get maybe Rey and Luke. But I may hold out for vintage collection versions. I think I'll pretty much be sitting this one out.

Man hot toys is just pumping the stuff out! Too much to collect Em all. But a select few are well worth it. Tarkin looks great. Also tempted by jedi Luke.  And the hoth leia looks stunning.

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