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Feedback A-G / Darth Straus
« on: August 06, 2007, 01:57:37 AM »
I had the pleasure of being the first snowtrooper to deal with Darth Straus. The deal went smoothly and quickly. Would happily deal with him again. Excellent snowtrooper!  :)` :)`

Non-Star Wars Toys / GI Joe Blowout sale at
« on: June 20, 2007, 07:22:51 AM »
Hasbrotoyshop is blowing out all their GI Joe stuff. DTC Figures for $1.50 (cases of 8 for $12!!), the ROCC for $10 (was $45), comic packs for $3!!!! So for those who have a US address and a credit card, go crazy! I mean these prices are ridiculous! I ordered a few figures, which I never would have bought at full price. Was tempted to get vehicles but can't afford the space. Too bad I already have the comic packs (I paid full price too) :(.

Also, you can use coupon code SPTIER07 for $10 off $50, $20 off $100, etc.

Happy shopping.

Non-Star Wars Toys / GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figures!
« on: January 24, 2007, 07:48:52 PM »
Anyone else see this news. Some pretty cool looking figures so far, though it's hard to tell how they will be in person. Potentially very cool, but the Scarlett looks a bit flimsy. I love what they're attempting here though. Classic uniforms of 25 of the classic Joe characters. I'd like to get these if they fit my budget. Hopefully they'll be carded in the classic style, like they did with the VOTC for Star Wars. These might even be cooler than the comic packs of the last few years.

Here's a link, under the news at :

Checklist (from a thread at

Box Sets

G.I.Joe team box set 65356926757
__Snake Eyes (v1)

Cobra team box set 65356926247
__Cobra Commander (v1)
__Destro (v1)
__Storm Shadow (v1)
__Cobra Trooper (red logo)

Cobra Legions box set 65356926758
__Cobra Commander (v1, black)
__Storm Shadow (Valor vs Venom uniform)
__STINGER driver
__Cobra Air Trooper
__Cobra Trooper (red mask)
__Cobra Trooper (red mask, w/ backpack hole)

Cobra Night Force 5-pack (TRU exclusive)
__Cobra Officer x1 (v1 repaint, grey/black camo)
__Cobra Trooper x4 (v1 repaint, blue/black camo)

G.I. Joe Ninja Showdown 5-Pack (TRU exclusive)
__Snake Eyes (v1 repaint, w/ grey Timber)
__Red Ninja x1 (repaint)
__Red Ninja x3

G.I.Joe Greenshirts vs Firefly, 2008
__G.I.Joe greenshirt
__G.I.Joe greenshirt
__G.I.Joe greenshirt
__G.I.Joe greenshirt

Cobra Crimson Guard Team Builder, 2008
__Crimson Guard
__Crimson Guard
__Crimson Guard
__Crimson Guard
__Crimson Guard

Extreme Conditions Set - Cobra Desert Assault Squad (web exclusive)
__Major Bludd (repaint)
__Crimson Guard (repaint)
__Crimson Guard (repaint)
__Cobra Viper (repaint)
__Cobra Officer (repaint)
__Cobra Trooper (Flash body, repaint)
__Cobra Trooper (BBQ & Air Trooper body, repaint)

Extreme Conditions Set - Cobra Arctic Assault Squad (web exclusive)
__Scrap Iron (repaint)
__Cobra Viper (repaint)
__Cobra Viper (repaint)
__Cobra Tele-viper (Arctic repaint)
__Snow Serpent Officer (repaint)
__Snow Serpent (repaint)
__Snow Serpent (repaint)

Team 3-packs
Wave 1

Crimson Guard Command 3-pack (TRU exclusive)
__Cobra Commander (hooded, red repaint)
__Crimson Guard Officer (CG repaint)
__Crimson Guard

Cobra Infantry Command 3-pack (TRU exclusive)
__Cobra Commander (v1)
__Cobra Officer
__Cobra Trooper

GIJoe Leadership Team/Senior Ranking Officers 3-pack (TRU exclusive)
__Hawk (green field uniform)
__Duke (v1, repaint from wave 7)

Wave 2

Senior Ranking officers Air Command, estimated Fall 2008 release
__Wild Bill (v1, repaint)
__Ace (v1, repaint)

Senior Ranking officers Naval Command, estimated Fall 2008 release
__Torpedo (yellow)
__Deep Six (Ace body repaint)

Senior Ranking Officers Iron Grenadiers, estimated Fall 2008 release
__Iron Grenadier Officer
__Iron Grenadier

DVD Battle Packs

Weather Dominator DVD Battle Pack, estimated July 2008 release
__Lady Jaye (v1 cartoon repaint, w/ new head)
__Roadblock (v1 cartoon repaint)
__Destro (v1 cartoon repaint)
__Weather Dominator accessory

Mass Device DVD Battle Pack, estimated July 2008 release
__Snake Eyes (v1 cartoon repaint, w/ translucent red parts, w/ grey Timber)
__Stalker (v1 repaint, w/ jet pack)
__Baroness Scuba (cartoon repaint, w scuba gear)
__Cobra Trooper (v1 cartoon repaint)
__MASS Device accessory

Pyramid of Darkness DVD Battle Pack, estimated Fall 2008 release
__Snake Eyes (v2 cartoon repaint)
__Quick Kick
__Cobra Commander (hooded, cartoon repaint)
__Major Bludd (silver cartoon repaint)
__Pyramid of Darkness accessory

Arise, Serpentor, Arise DVD Battle Pack, estimated Fall 2008 release
__Serpentor (classic cartoon repaint)
__Skeleton Mummy
__B.A.T. (cartoon repaint)
__MASS Device accessory

Comic 2-packs

Wave 1

G.I.Joe comic #1: "Operation: Lady Doomsday" 653569284239
__Hawk (v1, 'diaper' crotch piece, black web gear)
__Scarlett (v1 repaint)

G.I.Joe comic #24: "The Commander Escapes" 653569284246
__Duke (v1 repaint)
__Cobra Commander (v1 repaint)

G.I.Joe comic #21: "Silent Interlude" 653569284222
__Snake Eyes (v1 repaint, 'diaper' crotch piece)
__Storm Shadow (v1 repaint, 'diaper' crotch piece)

Wave 2, released Feb/March 2008

G.I.Joe comic #30: "Darkness" 653569289388

G.I.Joe comic #14: "Destro Attacks" 653569293392
__Destro (v1 repaint w/ vac-metal head)

G.I.Joe comic #1: "Operation: Lady Doomsday" 653569284239
__Hawk (v1, updated articulation)
__Scarlett (v1 repaint)

G.I.Joe comic #21: "Silent Interlude" 653569284222
__Snake Eyes (v1 repaint, updated articulation)
__Storm Shadow (v1 repaint, updated articulation)

Wave 3, released April/May

G.I.Joe comic #115 “Counting Coup”
__Captain Ace
__Wild Weasel

G.I.Joe comic "Bad Day at the Circus"

G.I.Joe comic "One Day in Springfield"
__Crimson Guard (Fred, w/ removable helmet)
__Cobra Officer (Scarface)

G.I.Joe comic "Silence Between Borders"
__Snake Eyes (battle damage)
__Storm Shadow (cloak/compound bow)

Wave 4, released May/June 2008

G.I.Joe comic "Oblivion Express"
__Duke (greenshirt v1 repaint)
__Red Star

G.I.Joe comic "Security Shield"
__Shipwreck (white/black repaint w/ life vest)
__Copperhead (removable helmet)

G.I.Joe comic "Backstabbed"
__Firefly (darker repaint w/ vest)
__Storm Shadow (Devil’s Due uniform)

Wave 5, estimated Sept 2008 release

G.I.Joe comic "??"
__Nemesis Immortal

G.I.Joe comic "??"
__Cobra Commander (with cape)

G.I.Joe comic "??" 65356937621
__Destro (gold helmet)
__Iron Grenadier

G.I.Joe comic "??" 65356937621
__Destro (black helmet variant)
__Iron Grenadier

Wave 6, estimated Nov/Dec 2008 release

G.I.Joe comic "??" 65356931529
__Snake Eyes
__Hard Master

G.I.Joe comic "??" 65356931530
__Beach Head

G.I.Joe comic "??" 65356931531
__Scrap Iron
__Wild Bill

unconfirmed 2-packs, release TBD

G.I.Joe comic "??" 0065356937620
__Rock & Roll
__Deep Six

G.I.Joe comic "??" 0065356937622
__Gung Ho
__Cobra Commander

Single Figures

Wave 1
__Flint 65356925181
__Flint (w/ backpack hole) 65356925181
__Snake Eyes (v2, grey Timber) 65356925178
__Snake Eyes (v2, grey Timber, w/ backpack hole) 65356925178
__Snake Eyes (v2, grey Timber, w/ backpack hole) 65356925178
__Snake Eyes (v2, black Timber, updated articulation) 65356925178
__Storm Shadow (v2) 65356925177
__Cobra Commander (hooded, darker hood color, 1st release) 65356925180
__Cobra Commander (hooded, paint variation - solid gold buckle on leg holster) 65356925180
__Cobra Commander (hooded, paint variation - gold buckle outline on leg holster) 65356925180
__Cobra Officer 65356925179
__Cobra Officer (w/ backpack hole) 65356925179

Wave 2
__Beach Head ('diaper' crotch piece, 1st release) 65356925983
__Beach Head (updated articulation) 65356925983
__Lady Jaye 65356925981
__Serpentor 65356925979
__Buzzer 65356925982
__Cobra Trooper (silver logo, 'Viper pilot') 65356925980
__Cobra Trooper (silver logo, 'Viper pilot', w/ backpack hole) 65356925980

Wave 3
__Sgt Stalker (yellow camo, 1st release) 65356927466
__Sgt Stalker (green camo) 65356927466
__Sgt Stalker (green camo, w/ backpack hole) 65356927466
__Sgt Stalker (green camo, w/ backpack hole, updated articulation) 65356927466
__Shipwreck (shark tattoo, 1st release) 65356927465
__Shipwreck (anchor tattoo, anchor belt buckle) 65356927465
__Shipwreck (anchor tattoo, blank belt buckle) 65356927465
__Firefly ('diaper' crotch piece, 1st release) 65356927468
__Firefly (updated articulation) 65356927468
__Zartan (‘color change’ text printed on card, 1st release) 65356927464
__Zartan (color change printed on card, figure does not change color) 65356927464
__Zartan (‘color change’ text removed from card) 65356927464
__Zartan (‘color change’ sticker on card) 65356927464
__Red Ninja 65356927467

Wave 4 (box set figures re-released on single cards), released Dec 2008
__Duke (w/ backpack hole & backpack)
__Gung-Ho (no anchor on cap)
__Gung-Ho (anchor molded on cap, unpainted)
__Cobra Commander (v1)
__Destro (v1)
__Storm Shadow (v1)
__Cobra Air Trooper (from the Legions 5-pack)

Wave 5 / Wave 1-08, released Jan 2008
__Snow Job 65356928932
__Snake Eyes (black repaint v1 from box set, 'diaper' crotch piece, 1st release) 65356928935
__Snake Eyes (black repaint v1 from box set, updated articulation) 65356928935
__Sgt Flash 65356928934
__Crimson Guard 65356928931
__Destro (v2, Iron Grenadiers) 65356928936

Wave 6 / Wave 2-08, released March 2008
__Cobra Commander (armored) 653569292517
__Sgt Rock n Roll 653569292524
__Lt Torpedo 653569292531

Wave 7 / Wave 3-08, released April/May 2008
__Spirit 65356798527
__Wild Bill 65356929255
__Cobra Viper 65356798520 (25th Anniversary packaging)
__Cobra Viper 65356798520 ("As seen on cartoon" packaging)
__Cobra HISS Driver
__Snake Eyes (v3)
__Duke (v1 cartoon repaint, w/ jet pack and US flag)

Wave 8 / Wave 4-08, released May/June 2008
__Snake Eyes (v1, repaint w/ parka)
__Roadblock (v2, ‘City Assault’)
__Flint (v1, Tiger Force repaint)
__Cobra Commander (v1, cartoon repaint w/ MASS Device crystals)
__Baroness (blue cartoon repaint)
__Major Bludd
__Cobra Officer (Python Patrol repaint)

Wave 9 / Wave 5-08, released July 2008
__Hawk 65356932485
__Barbecue 65356932491
__Bazooka 65356932488
__B.A.T. 65356932501
__Snow Serpent
__Black Ninja (Ninja Ku)

Wave 10 / Wave 6-08, estimated Sept/Oct 2008 release
__Tiger Force Duke 0065356934116
__Mutt & Junkyard 0065356934117
__Para Vipers 0065356934118
__Cobra Bazooka Soldier 0065356934119
__Croc Master 0065356934120
__Wraith 0065356934121
__Wraith (clear variant)

Wave 11 / Wave 7-08, estimated Nov/Dec 2008 release
__Swamp Squad Zartan 0065356936409
__Specialist Trakker 0065356936410
__Sgt Airborne 0065356936411
__Cobra EEL 0065356936412
__Flint (in Cobra gear) 0065356936413
__Pilot Scarlett 0065356936414

Upcoming 2009 waves/confirmed figures, release TBD
__Duke Omega Force 65356937101
__Cobra Commander Omega Force 65356937102
__Cobra Trooper Omega Force 65356937103
__Blowtorch 65356937104
__Dreadnok Torch 65356937423
__Firefly 65356937424
__Dreadnok Ripper 65356937426
__Storm Shadow with Gear 65356937427
__Cobra Diver with Water Element 65356937428
__Cobra Trooper with Red Logo 65356937429
__Crimson Guard Python Patrol 65356937430
__Tripwire with Desert Element 65356937431
__Serpentor (classic uniform) 65356932499
__Storm Shadow 65356932494
__Short Fuze

__Doc (exclusive mail-away)
[ Use any 6 stickers from the comic packs + $4.95 check/money order ]
Details here:

SDCC 2007 Exclusive

__Pimp Daddy Destro (silver head)
__Pimp Daddy Destro (gold head)

SDCC 2008 Exclusive

__Cobra Commander with podium (black suit)
__Cobra Commander with podium (country club jacket)

Target-exclusive Vehicles, released April 2008

__HISS tank (version 1, blue repaint)
__Cobra driver

__Crank Case

__Night Spector (Sharc)
__Grand Slam

Vehicle sets, released July 2008

__Armadillo mini-tank
__Serpentor’s Air Chariot

__RAM motorcycle
__Cobra Flight Pod (Trubble Bubble)

estimated Oct 2008 release
__Cobra Viper
__Cobra Pilot

Vehicles, estimated July/Aug 2008 release

__HISS tank (v1, black repaint)
__HISS Driver/Rip It (v1, blue repaint)


__S.H.A.R.C. (estimated Sept 2008 release)
__Deep Six

__Firebat (estimated Sept 2008 release)

__Water Moccasin (release TBD)
__Copperhead (Python Patrol repaint)

__A.W.E. Striker (release TBD)

__Sky Hawk ((estimated Nov 2008 release))
__Lift Ticket

Target-exclusive Vehicles, estimated Aug 2008 release

__Conquest x-30

__Wild Weasel

Ultimate Battle Pack, Target Exclusive Fall 2008
__Cobra Flight Pod (blue)
__Crimson HISS
__Flint (repaint)
__Steeler (repaint)
__Destro (repaint)
__HISS Driver (repaint)
__Cobra Trooper (repaint)

Non-Star Wars Toys / Commemorative Edition SOUNDWAVE coming to Canada?
« on: November 01, 2006, 12:38:23 PM »
Any of you folks know if this figure is coming to Canada? Supposed to be a TRU exclusive.

Soundwave was the only full-size transformer I had as a kid, and I'd love to get this. All I have left from my original are the silver guns from lazerbeak!

Here's a link:

Anyways, if anyone knows, please post! :)


Wampa Cave / Action Figure Stands... are these ones good?
« on: April 04, 2006, 11:15:55 PM »
Hello all,

I was thinking of ordering some of these action figure stands.

Does anyone know if they are good. My only 2 concerns are the peg size (do they generally fit the figures the way they should?), and for the clear ones, do they go yellow over time?

If anyone who's got these can share any info they have, that would be great.

Thanks :happy0025:

Other Star Wars Toys & Collectibles / Endor from ESB? Is this "rare" ?
« on: February 07, 2006, 07:38:11 PM »
Hi all,

First, forgive me if this is in the wrong section, but I know this section gets a lot of views, and I'm dying to know.

I noticed on my Micromachines Endor Playset it says:

"Endor from The Empire Strikes Back"

See these images:

(I don't know how to put the image right in my post here).

Every single picture of this playset I can find online says "Endor from the Return of the Jedi". However, every single image I can find online is the American version, so I'm inclined to think that all Canadian packaged versions have this error. But I haven't seen a Canadian one since they were in stores.

So if anyone else has this can you check and let me know what yours says. I'm curious. Thanks :)

Wampa Cave / Episode III in digital... What theatres?
« on: May 06, 2005, 12:22:44 AM »
Does anyone know which theatres (if any) in the GTA (or anywhere else in Canada for folks in other areas) Episode III will be screening in digital? Idealy I'd like to see it as it's meant to be seen.

Any help would be great! Thanks. :)

Wampa Cave / Wired Magazine
« on: May 01, 2005, 11:21:44 PM »
George Lucas is on the current cover of Wired magazine. Not a lot of sith news but a great article on Lucas' roots in film making and gives an insight into where he may be going. I knew a lot of what was in there already but some intersting details I didn't know before. A very good read. And some Canadian connections were mentioned quite extensively (2187, National Film Board of Canada stuff)

Edited to add link:

Jodo:Kast has pointed out the article is online.

Wampa Cave / Star Wars Heritage Cards
« on: October 18, 2004, 10:11:49 PM »
Is anyone collecting these cards? And if so, has anyone seen these at any retail stores here in Canada? They are apparently showing up at walmarts in the states.

I'd like to see if I can get some retail packs, but am not sure where to get any. I'd like to try and get some of the stickers which are only available in retail packs.

The cards are really nice, I love the classic trilogy look to them. Anyone else going to get these? Just curious.

Wampa Cave / Some possible good news: OTC
« on: March 25, 2004, 12:16:52 PM »
Saw this at Rebelscum. This could be good news.

The falcon seems awfully expensive though. Oh well, at least they may be coming to Canada.

link didn't work. Anyways, go to Todays news has some Canadian info.

Wampa Cave / Niubniub and Legends
« on: September 03, 2003, 02:21:55 PM »
Well, I was in montreal on the weekend for a wedding, and managed to connvince my girlfriend to swing by Legends between the ceremony and the reception. We avoided all the idiot drivers and manged to not get into an accident (a small miracle) Anyway, I just had to post here because...

  :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o  WOW!!!!!!   :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

I've seen pictures of the dioramas that Niubniub has done, but man, they don't do them justice!! That Emporer's arrival diorama is a beauty to behold.

The store is very cool as well, good prices on figures and really just a wonderland of toys. Unfortunately I'm flat broke, and could not even buy one thing. :(

But to anyone who is in montreal, go check it out, you'll be glad you did.

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