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They ship to Canada but you don't pay in cash,  it's s rewards points program for buying disney blu rays, cds, dvds and theatre tickets. They are the legit 2 sided theatre posters though, so that's cool.

Disney Movie Rewards has The Last Jedi theatrical poster 2 up on their site for 750 points.

Scout Report / Re: Post Retail Finds of NEW PRODUCT Here!
« on: August 01, 2017, 11:32:43 PM »
$40 for a 6" Gree figure,  $50 for the Leia 12" doll, and previously $75 for the 6" Vader 40th figure (with cardboard display!) Whenever I get the feeling they're fleecing us,  I hold off and wait for the inevitable sale.

Wampa Cave / Re: I want an adult version!
« on: July 25, 2017, 01:00:33 PM »
When I saw this announced I said to myself man if they had these around when I was a kid... I see the $800 price tag and I know I never would have gotten one anyway!  They better chain them down at the store to prevent test drives though.

50 hours left in case anyone was sitting on the fence and didn't want to miss out.

Right on,  I'm glad you got one fishfan. Did you try for a snoke too?

Update 2 - Its back up again on

 Update - now out of stock at
If you wanted one, start checking the brick and mortar stores as they will be getting them as well if history repeats itself.

It's currently available at $32.99.

Update - I'm not seeing it anymore, might be sold out.

41 has the SDCC shared exclusive Snoke Funko Pop. $20 USD plus shipping,  limit 2.

It got funded! $10000 was the make it or break it amount and it's up to $15364 with 16 days to go. They'll be putting the extra money into bonus features on the dvd.

I've been a fan of Reynolds since those early cross sections and visual dictionaries. Flip through any of the ones with him as the author and compare it to one where he isn't and you'll see what I mean - the level of detail, intelligent writing and genuine love for the subject made a huge difference. I'm expecting those traits will shine through on this project as well.

There's a very cool kickstarter project that's just started.  It is located here:

This one should be worth backing because of who's behind it.  It chronicles the original journey to Tunisia to find the Tatooine filming locations.  Today, with Star Wars tourism a thing, an internet search can now yield everything down to GPS coordinates for film locations, but back in 1995 not even Lucasfilm knew exactly where to look for them, let alone find them.  An individual came along and put his archaeological skills to the test to see if anything remained from decades past.  He found them all. Shortly after that Lucasfilm contacted him and eventually hired him.

For anyone that's followed the DK Incredible Cross Sections books and Visual Dictionaries, you'll notice that especially the very first ones were incredibly detailed and well written.  That's because of their details-oriented author, David West Reynolds. He's the main guy behind this kickstarter and the rewards packages look like they maintain that impressive informative/visual appealing approach that made the cross sections and visual dictionary books so awesome.

There's even one package that includes a sample of Tatooine sand - check it out!

Scout Report / McQuarrie Concept 12" Electronic Vader $20!
« on: June 05, 2017, 01:33:37 PM »
Most of us are probably aware of it, but I don't want anyone to miss out just in case. The Hasbro 12" Electronic Duel Darth Vader is based on the Rebels version of Vader which is itself a direct copy of the Ralph McQuarrie concept painting Vader (see here for more info ).

Anyways, has them on clearance for $20 technically that is a 12" McQuarrie concept Electronic Vader figure for $20!  Can't beat that deal if you're a McQuarrie fan!

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