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Online Shopping - Who's Got the Hot Items??? / Updates
« on: January 29, 2017, 09:38:21 AM »
Post links to hard to find items here, in hopes the Troopers can get them before the scalpers!  :luke:

Expanded Universe - Legacy & the New EU / Rogue One - Visual Guide
« on: January 10, 2017, 11:54:48 PM »
Purchased this for the full $37 price at WalMart last night, against my own better judgement. That being said, I really enjoy these books - I've just always managed to get them for a much lower price leading up to this one.

Now for my opinion - buy this book. At the risk of sounding crazy, choose this over 2 Black Series figures or the novelization - this is the best thing from Rogue One I've seen besides the movie. Flipping through this thing will create an intense desire in any fan to go back & watch the movie with the pause button handy so you find all the cool characters shown in whichever small corners of the screen they must inhabit. I suddenly want about 100 figures from this movie, and it's sad to believe they'll only produce a few of them.

Expanded Universe - Legacy & the New EU / Rogue One - Novelization
« on: January 09, 2017, 01:41:52 PM »
Just finished this today. I would say this is likely the least amount of new/additional material I've ever experienced in a SW novelization, however what they DID include made the book a worthwhile read.

It was essentially a director's cut, if I can be so bold. You can tell, watching the movie, that there HAD to be more dialogue on spots that was left on the cutting room floor. I know there always is, but in certain R1 instances it was overly apparent they needed to trim time & the words suffered more than the explosions.

The book takes the time to include the extra lines & they really help in a good few spots - particularly in the second half of the book. The first half felt almost exactly like I was watching the movie again (not a bad thing, but there was very little - almost nothing - new).

And I will finish with a bit of a teaser - something pretty cool from the trailers that didn't make it into the film DID find its way into the book.  :D

Wampa Cave / OT ships - Which versions are your favourites????
« on: December 31, 2016, 06:12:49 AM »
So I moved last summer, and only recently have I managed to get my collection of ships home from the storage locker. I'm faced with going through & in some sad cases having to choose one version of a ship to keep. There have been some pretty good versions, but I honestly really haven't had to struggle too much, other than making the choice to let a few go to other homes. I know for a fact I've missed various versions of the ships as well - don't hesitate to holler about your favourite if it didn't make my list (I likely never owned it). Here's what I came up with - and I'd love to hear your opinions!

Millenium Falcon


My choice? OTC - and it's all a matter of size. The BMF is an alarming piece. The quality is incredible. There is literally NO comparison between any version of the vintage Falcon & the BMF. All that being said, to me the OTC Falcon is the "best vintage" Falcon money can buy. It's very sturdy & looks great.

Slave I

POTF2/Shadows of the Empire
Saga/OTC (repaint of Jango's from AOTC)
Newest smaller version

My choice to keep is the POTF2/Shadows version. It's basically a vintage Slave I with the nicer paint deco - playing with it even briefly brings me all the way back to my vintage version which is no longer with me. This will suffice, I love how it looks on display.



Once again, the Big ATAT is a marvel. If you have the means & the space, it is incomparable. For the vintage sized versions however, my choice to keep is the POTF2 version with the improved electronics. Hoth always wins for me, and the voice/sound clips included in this version are well done enough to add to the value of the item for me.

Y-Wing Fighter

POTF2 (yellow markings, red R2 unit)
OTC (grey/silver with red markings, red/grey R2 unit)
30th Anniversary (yellow markings, grey/yellow R5 unit)
Vintage Collection (red markings, droid actually fits into socket)

I had 2 to choose from - POTF2 & 30th Anniversary. My POTF2 version is missing one motor strut, so I chose the other one to keep. I don't see that they've done much to change the ship from its original iteration - so I guess this comes down to your preference of colour scheme or droid counterpart.

Twin Pod Cloud Car

Saga Legends

Well honestly I don't have a vintage Cloud Car, so this was an easy choice as well. Luckily the updated one from a few years ago is fantastic.

Rebel Armored Snowspeeder

POTF2 (larger, missile firing rear gun, does have electronics)
Rogue II's Snowspeeder (has working airbrake flaps, white with red details)
Luke's Battle Damaged Snowspeeder (broken window deco & extra carbon scoring, white with grey details)
Saga Legends (slightly reduced size, working flaps)

I'm keeping the Saga Legends version, simply because the very minor reduction in size seems to help enormously when comparing it to the vintage sized ATAT. Much like the newer Cloud Car, this slightly slimmed down version is solid.

Imperial TIE Fighter

Vintage with Battle Damage
POTF2 (grey, small wings)
Large Wing TIE (white)
Large Wing TIE (grey)

The only one I have left is a grey POTF2 version, so this was an easy choice. The large wing TIEs look fantastic, but very out of scale.

X-Wing Fighter

Vintage with Battle Damage
POTF2 (remake with electronics but no light)
POTF2 "Power FX" Luke's X-Wing (Larger scale, voice clips, figure molded into cockpit)
Saga Collection Larger Scale Luke's X-Wing with Dagobah swamp sludge
OTC (vintage size, no electronics)
Saga Collection (2002) Luke's X-Wing (Large scale, carbon scoring, survival gear behind seat)
Saga Collection (2002) Red Leader's X-Wing (Large scale, cardboard R5 unit, cleaner version)
Recent Large Scale TFA X-Wing with fewer moving parts
TFA Black X-Wing
TFA Poe's X-Wing

The X-Wing has almost been done to death. The last 2 in my collection were the larger scale versions (Dagobah & Red Leader). These found a new home some time ago. I think I might start looking for a nice vintage sized replacement - maybe even a vintage one if I can find a clean one with working electronics.

Luke's Landspeeder

POTF2 (vintage remake)
Saga Collection 2002 (new mold, longer & much improved deco)
Vintage Collection (US Target - new mold, but the deco has reverted to look like the vintage Landspeeder)

I have 2 left and I'm keeping both - the elongated versions. Both are fantastic. There is something about the (flimsy, fragile, insert your own word here) vintage version, but I think these are a significant improvement in terms of movie-accurate looks & function.


The Toys - Snowtrooper Reviews! / 5POA Rogue One Stormtrooper
« on: December 22, 2016, 05:03:38 PM »
Well folks, like I posted elsewhere I finally caved & purchased a number of the 5POA offerings from Hasbro. This figure, as well as the Imperial Ground Crew were the 2 that caused it.

Simply put, this is the nicest modernization of a vintage figure I think I've seen. Now let me put some constraints on that....

When you put the vintage Stormtrooper by this guy, there are so many similarities. The neutral pose, proportions (slimness?).... usefulness of the figure. It's like someone took it upon themselves to make the best vintage stormtrooper they could make, using today's methods & materials.

Sure there are a few things in the package to distract you (a removable pauldron for one, as well as a battle damaged snap on armor piece), but really have a good look at the helmet especially, and then the figure... I'd be surprised to hear anyone gripe about anything OTHER THAN the lack of articulation.

Grab one on sale just to open & check out - very satisfying figure. 

Wampa Cave / Facebook Group - Trying Store Reports
« on: December 12, 2016, 07:26:40 AM »
Just a thought - if you're part of the group on Facebook, would you like to see store reports come through on your phone? I was thinking they might help for those occasions where you just happen to be near someplace & wondering if it's worth it to drive the extra 15min.... when your phone dings & advises a new shipment was just found at that location. Decision made, right? A couple of the members have advised turning notifications for the group messages on would allow for such functionality.

If you're NOT part of the group but would like to be (and we'd like you to be!), do a search on FB for & click join. I see all the applications as soon as they come in - any mention of who you are from this site will speed things along (but I don't decline anyone who appears to be Canadian).

Questions, suggestions, comments please.... let me know what you think might make this work.  :party0007:

Rogue One (2016-2017) / Rogue One area now open!
« on: December 02, 2016, 08:43:58 AM »
Not sure how long this line will be with us - my guess is not much longer than the 2 waves of figures we've seen already & the upcoming SA Black Series wave - but we might as well partition off a place to discuss.  :u:

Sports / NHL 2016/2017 Season
« on: October 12, 2016, 11:16:55 PM »
Not a Leafs fan by any stretch, but I'm feeling bad for them & new star Austin Matthews after his record setting 4 goal performance. I will eagerly anticipate their first game against the Oilers this year (not an Oilers fan either, but there will be magic when McDavid & Matthews hit the ice together).

All are in the slimmer, later release packaging - NOT the coloured larger boxes from the earlier releases - with varying degrees of wear from storage (c8-c9, no major defects). Specifics can be provided about any figure you might be interested in. Based on ebay searches there might be chance to flip these & make some money if you're so inclined.

$10 each or $100 for all 12.


Galadriel Entranced
Weathertop Strider
Aragorn Council of Elrond
Prince Isildur


Gandalf Stormcrow
Dungeons of Isengard Orc Captain


Eye of Sauron (tab still intact)
Super Poseable Mina Tirith guard
Gondorian Swordsman


Hobbit Peter Jackson
Council Legolas (blue card, no movie named)

Anything not updated in over a year has been removed. Since I haven't posted a warning specific to this section, I will give users until the end of June to update their vintage BST topics. After that, they're in my crosshairs!  :explosion:

Anyone else watching? I'm going through Daredevil season 2 now and it carries on the very high quality of season 1. Jessica Jones seemed to bog down a little bit for me, but I will certainly go back and finish it eventually. These series are slightly more violent & contain language that would be well above network TV, but doesn't quite reach the level of HBO. I would recommend Daredevil without reservation, and I'll likely recommend Jessica Jones as well once I've seen how it plays out. Kinda weird to see Doctor Who (David Tennant) playing the bad guy this time!

Anyone else going through these like socks? What a joke! I need to know if anyone has found a GOOD, STURDY version of this product that will last longer than 2 weeks. Please advise!  :speechless-smiley-004: :speechless-smiley-004: :speechless-smiley-004: :speechless-smiley-004: :speechless-smiley-004:

Be advised - there are TWO separate & different versions of the Bluray combo pack at Walmart.

1 = "Only at Walmart" BB8 package with collectidisk (or whatever it's called)

2 = plain black slipcover version with bonus disc which includes deleted scenes. This was the easy choice for me.

Just wanted folks to be careful & not to assume they're getting the only version at the store by choosing either package - make sure you have a read & get what you want.

Not a lot of good things to say about this figure. I was so excited to find one that I just grabbed it without too much though. Before I opened it, I could see some minor paint issues, which I guess you're always going to find when black meets white in such a small scale. Not a big enough deal to get me to consider returning it.

Upon opening the figure my opinion went down. The materials feel soft & almost rubbery, not at all solid like the Kylo Ren from this line. I was afraid to experiment with bending the elbows & knees for fear of having a pin sheer off - luckily nothing like that happened.

This figure also suffers a bit from that odd condition afflicting some SA figures (notably Chewie for some reason) where the lower legs below the knees are very difficult to align in any manner that would allow them to look as though they're NOT suffering some sort of dislocation injury, let alone be able to stand.

All in all, I was hoping for more.

German Toy Fair showed a slide featuring the various lines of Lego - the image for the Rogue One: A Star Wars story line was that of.....

******** POSSIBLE SPOILERS*******

.... Boba Fett's Slave I. Thoughts?

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