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The Toys - Snowtrooper Reviews! / Thoughts on the OTC so far....
« on: October 26, 2004, 12:13:39 AM »
Yes this mimics the thread below about the VOTC figures, sorry - all the good ideas were used up a long time ago.  :D

What do you all think of your OTC figures? From my perspective (that of a loose collector who feels packages are merely hurdles), my feelings are mixed.

The new figures are very good for the most part. 2004 will go down as a year very closely akin to the POTJ era, of that I'm sure. My display of this year's Jabba's Palace stuff alone makes me very happy. The 7 "new" figures (and no, I'm not including Bespin Luke and Hoth Darth on that list) fit in very well with the Saga figures from the first half of the year. The quality is high. An entire line of 50 figures (when you figure in the VOTC) can't be deemed wonderful based on only 15% however, so let's look at the others I've purchased:

X-Wing Luke. Changes included a supposedly differently coloured X-Wing flight suit (I can't tell the difference) and unpainted buck teeth. I do like the OTC version better because of the unpainted teeth, but would have to say this repaint wasn't worth the money.

Greedo. Nice figure, even though he's my third one. The wash on the arms and redeccoed boots are again nice, but again I was happy enough with the original. Not worth the money.

Jawas. Nicely repainted, no problems with spending the money on these fellas.

Tusken Raider. As above.

Snowtrooper. Not my favourite Saga figure, even though the concept of a new Snowy was a good one. Why in God's name they wouldn't give this guy articulation at the bicep (just a cut to allow the arms to swivel for 2 handed blaster grip) is beyond me. I would have preferred a repainted POTF2 Snowy to this poor guy. Not worth the money.

Bespin Luke. Nice fatigues; a nice figure to have on display beside your grubbier and more beaten looking Saga Bespin Luke. I'm calling him worth the money, though not by a landslide.

Clean R2D2. Not a bad R2, but I'm a sucker for R2. Worth the money, but again only for completists or real R2 fans (the only thing separating him from his original POTJ version is the lack of carbon scoring on his hull; the wheeled feet aren't a bad idea and work just fine).

IG88. Like X-Wing Luke, the difference between this IG88 and the version from the Saga Bounty Hunter 4 pack is very slight. Not really worth the money, if you have the rusted one from the 4 pack already. Sigh.

I'm passing on the straight repacks (of which there are 18 by my count). There are a few repaints that I haven't tracked down yet (Wicket, Hoth Darth Vader, Bib, Gammorean and Scanning Crew Trooper). Not sure how those will fair when compared with their first editions, but with any luck the touch ups will be significant improvements.

How do you guys feel about spending money on figures you already have?

Feedback O-T / Powerpig. All good.
« on: August 09, 2004, 10:59:47 PM »
As posted in his thread, I did a deal with Powerpig and got a lot more than I paid for. Highly recommended. Polite and professional.

Thanks again!

Scout Report / OTC Basics Found at WalMarts in US.
« on: July 04, 2004, 12:15:10 PM »
So it begins! A forumite at another site has scored a nice boat-load of OTC basic figures, including the Bespin wave, yesterday afternoon. No Canadian sightings yet, that I've heard about. The Dagobah wave was not found at that store.

Wampa Cave / Anybody Pre-Ordering the New Vintage Figures Online?
« on: June 21, 2004, 12:11:42 PM »
Hey, just checking to see if anyone has had any luck preordering these from a Canadian retailer. I've been considering going and securing them all from Kebco (down in Georgia) whom I've had good luck with in the past. The trouble is: I always get dinged for GST/Customs fees when I get stuff from down there. The prices are good though (they're asking 10.99 US for each of these - only a dollar more than expected retail price). I'm mainly concerned about getting at least one full set of these, but I'd like to get extras of most of them to keep carded as well. I'll likely wind up buying what I can at retail for that purpose.

Are any of the sponsor places offering preorders? I've emailed a couple of them, but haven't heard anything back yet. Let me know what the prices were if you managed to get a set of these things put on hold.

Scout Report / TRU Exclusive: OTC Darth's TIE found in BC
« on: June 19, 2004, 03:01:29 PM »
Today at Nanaimo TRU I found 4 of the exclusive Darth Vader's TIE fighter with figure. No price marked and I didn't scan it, but I think they're 29.99 - please post correct info here if I'm mistaken.

Both the ship and the figure look totally POTF2. The ship is the exact same, with no new paint detailing. The figure appears to be the gunner station Darth - too big and clunky to fit in nicely with the beautiful, more accurate Vaders we've been getting since the Commtech version.

This was an easy pass for me.

Scout Report / Exclusive Red Leader's X-Wing at TRU!
« on: April 03, 2004, 01:20:31 AM »
Found today in Nanaimo, 39.99 plus tax. 4 on hand. Mine's already been ordered from, so they're all still there. The figure is not great, the head with helmet (not removable) looks way too small for the body. The ship looks fine, and appears to have a working socket that will fit the astro droid of your choice. Nice idea. Plus, you get 60 Jedi Master Points!  :o :D

Scout Report / Jan Dodonna Found at Ontario Wal Mart?
« on: March 17, 2004, 07:35:34 PM »
I cut this from another thread in this section; I figured it was big enough news to warrant a thread all it's own. Anyone else seeing the Yavin Wave?

Good find!  Congrats!  I spotted two new General Jan Dodonna figs at the Walmart in Square One (Mississauga, Ontario).  

Video Games / Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb
« on: March 02, 2004, 01:21:10 AM »
Anyone else? I'm playing on PS2; got it for Christmas and just getting to it now. Not too bad so far, but I'm not that far into it yet. I like the gameplay, but there haven't been any really good hi def "movies" yet. I guess that's Lucasarts for you, Bounty Hunter didn't have them either.

Sports / NBA 3" 2 Packs Found at TRU
« on: February 14, 2004, 10:31:50 AM »
Nanaimo TRU had these out last night at 8.99 per pack. The figures look fairly nice. All 2 packs appeared to be represented in equal numbers. I didn't buy any.

Sports / Cheap Lebron Variant for you openers...
« on: February 08, 2004, 03:01:27 AM »
Check it out:

I've dealt with "memax" before, no problems. You're welcome.

Non-Star Wars Toys / Lord of the Rings Figures - Trilogy Packaging
« on: January 21, 2004, 11:56:10 PM »
Found my first batch of these today, at Ages 3 and Up in Vancouver. Got myself a cool Harad Archer, and the repackaged (and much cheaper) Galadriel.

Im very happy ToyBiz has decided to re release a bunch of their previous figures on the new cheaper cards, for an opener like me this is the perfect chance to pick up a few figures I've missed and wanted. Bravo, ToyBiz (mind you, I'm sure the packaging variation collectors aren't so thrilled). Great price, great line of figures.

Feedback A-G / BountyHunter69
« on: January 21, 2004, 11:35:40 PM »
Starting a thread here for BH69, dealt with him through Ages 3 and Up for one of my figures. Thanks to him, and to the store for facilitating our deal. Top notch troopers, each and every one.

The Toys - Snowtrooper Reviews! / Clone Troopers from Bonus Packs
« on: December 17, 2003, 02:12:04 AM »
Well I got mine today, and Im not too impressed. These figures are based on the Sneak Preview clonetrooper, and come with the same brown and black gun. The white one is fine, but the blue and yellow ones are painted very brightly. VERY brightly, in my opinion not matching the more subdued hues used to highlight the NCO and officer clones in the movie. More clones are usually good, but these look suspiciously like my 4 year old daughter had something to say about the colours of paint used.

Feedback A-G / Darron (from Winterpeg)
« on: December 04, 2003, 04:59:51 PM »
Had a nicely done deal with Darron. Very quick with the communications and also with the payment.

A+ all the way.

Snowtrooper Recruitment / jj version 2.0
« on: November 08, 2003, 07:14:59 PM »
Hey all, just my post in here to say hi. I live in Vancouver Island in Nanaimo, and was a member at the old forums. Im always happy to help with trades, and will be posting in here when I get my next shipment from the US, which will contain a few extra newer figures that I won't need for my collection. The new forums work great.

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