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Wampa Cave / Re: What are kids collecting today?
« on: April 22, 2017, 10:07:45 PM »
This topic has been noted and discussed in several articles, interviews and blog posts over the past few years, from newspaper business sections to toy-collecting sites to manufacturer comments. The general thinking is that "kids these days" are spending more and more "play time" with things like cell phones / tablets, video games, and other electronic-type entertainment. And when they do buy toys, many parents are trending towards buying something with a higher perceived play value, such as Lego. Another factor may be that there's a lot more latch-key kids these days, as opposed to say 20-30 years ago. If you don't hang out and play with your friends at home that often, there's less chance to explore the fun of actually playing with toys like action figures - setting up giant battles with GI Joe's, etc. That leaves sitting in your room in front of a screen to fill the hole.

As for something specific that kids collect - I know there's still lots that collect Pokemon cards. I'd say half my daughter's grade 1 class is into them (including her). Other go-to suggestions that we get for classmate's birthdays are anything Lego, Shopkins, and superhero toys. DC Superhero Girls seems to have really found an audience with young girls - thus why Hasbro is doing a similar line for Star Wars.

Old man rant over!

Speaking of breathing... I thought it was kinda funny how Ep8 teaser starts with a gasp from Rey, similar to how the Ep7 one started with Finn. Kinda like they're trolling themselves a bit.

Wampa Cave / Re: Rogue One Blu Ray Release
« on: April 04, 2017, 10:41:22 PM »
From Target's website, the exclusive bonus content is just these 2 things:

Inside the Creature Shop - Discover what it takes to bring Rogue One’s innovative aliens to life, with Neal Scanlan, Creative Supervisor of Creature & Droid FX.

Digital Storytelling - Get an up-close look at how cutting-edge technology from ILM helped Director Gareth Edwards realize his creative vision in Rogue One.

Not sure it's worth the extra effort, though the packaging idea is kinda neat, with the interchangeable covers.

Scout Report / Re: Post Retail Finds of NEW PRODUCT Here!
« on: April 01, 2017, 01:29:37 PM »
The two Walmarts in my area put out their 40th Anniversary figures today (wave one).  I happened into the store about an hour after opening and, surprise surprise, every single R2-D2 and Han had been bought already.  When I spoke with the sales rep at the second one they said that a guy came in and bought only - and all - of those two figures.  They're retailing at 29.94 or something.


Seen people talking about Han and R2 in other places too, why are they in such high demand (as opposed to Luke, Leia, Kenobi)?
Is it because they have not been available since the first couple waves of 6"?

Updated sold Star Wars items

Wampa Cave / Re: ToyFair 2017
« on: February 20, 2017, 10:02:00 PM »
plus its 6 inch so who cares ;)

Sorry, couldn't resist!

Wampa Cave / Re: ToyFair 2017
« on: February 19, 2017, 12:36:46 AM »
To be fair to Hasbro, I thought they actually did quite well with the 6" Marvel Legends reveals, as they usually do. Lots of new figures announced, a good number shown on the floor. They're getting lots of decent waves out, with a good mix of classic comic characters, modern comic characters, and movie / TV universe figures. The sculpts are pretty good, and they're throwing in lots of alternate heads, etc now. All with Build-a-Figure pack-in parts. And there's always a good selection of store exclusive sets every year. Not everything is perfect, but it does feel like they are really actually trying to do their very best, and try to put out what fans are interested in seeing. Which is often more than can be said about the Star Wars lineup these days.

Wampa Cave / Re: ToyFair 2017
« on: February 18, 2017, 09:36:27 PM »
I guess cuz I don't care for the 5POA figures, I kind of don't count them when I say 3.75". I should have said SA 3.75".
The 5POA figures are fine for those who like and collect them, they are just not for me. I've spent such a long time in love with the old meat-and-potatoes of the Star Wars line that it's hard to accept that Hasbro seems to have moved on from SA 3.75" now. I do like the 6" scale as I've got quite a large 6" Marvel collection as well, but SA 3.75" will always be my first priority for Star Wars.

If nothing else, it's saved me a lot of money the past few years!

Wampa Cave / ToyFair 2017
« on: February 18, 2017, 09:02:39 PM »
In case you didn't know, it's ToyFair weekend once again.

As usual, not a boatload of Star Wars revealed, but they did give a taste of their 40th anniversary special for the 6" line:

Not sure how I feel about these. I collect 6", but for $30 each you're darn right I open them. I'm not really excited about vintage carded 6" figures, especially since they're pretty much all just repacks. I'm not gonna drop the cash to display these in package. The only figures I would (and did) do that for was TVC. I'll probably just pick up the Death Squad Commander, Jawa, maybe Vader, and possibly Leia again for the corrected head sculpt.

Of course, no 3.75" at all.

The Black Series (2013-2018) / Rumors: Upcoming 3.75" Walmart exclusives
« on: January 18, 2017, 11:59:45 AM »
Another fan site that I rarely visit anymore has hinted at some upcoming figures for the 3.75" SA line:
- Old Man Luke
- Snoke
- Zal Dinnes (female pilot from Rogue One)
- ERG repack again

Other Star Wars Toys & Collectibles / Re: Twelfth parsec playsets
« on: January 14, 2017, 10:35:08 PM »
I remember seeing them when they first started their indiegogo campaign. I believe they started with the Ewok trees sets. Some members here expressed some interest, JediPatrick in particular if memory serves. Don't know if he ever ordered anything though. Cool to see they were able to stick it out and have expanded their offerings. The sets look pretty cool!

Expanded Universe - Legacy & the New EU / Re: Rogue One - Novelization
« on: January 10, 2017, 11:40:46 AM »
I don't recall them getting much into his head for that part. It was all about manipulating Galen in my mind.

That's how I took it as well. It was punishment for Galen.

Wampa Cave / Re: Rogue One - What did you think? (Possible spoilers)
« on: January 09, 2017, 10:37:04 AM »
It's funny, I think I'm getting old or something.  I remember thinking old black and white movies were slow and boring. Now people seem to think the original star wars is slow and boring. Personally I find most modern action films so frenetic I don't have time to breathe. I can hear in my brain a curmudgeony voice "Back in my day star wars was fast paced... movies today are just chaos!!!" ☺

I totally agree with you there! I always use my Transformers 3 story as an example - we watched it at the drive-in as the 2nd feature. My wife fell asleep 5 minutes in, and I felt like gouging my eyes out. It was non-stop explosions. Which I understand is Michael Bay's signature, but still - with an hour left in the movie I started to think about just going home; we had gone there to see the 1st feature and were just suffering through Transformers because it was included.

I love fast-paced action, but it needs to have slower moments and quiet plot & character development for it to mean anything. I think part of it could be how people today have become overstimulated and have short attention spans. If something is not constantly keeping their attention, they automatically say "boring" and want to move on to the next thing.

Wampa Cave / Re: Rogue One - What did you think? (Possible spoilers)
« on: January 08, 2017, 11:15:50 PM »
Went to see the film for the 2nd time this weekend, in regular non-3D this time.

It was "date with Dad" day with my nearly-7-yr-old daughter. Completely on her own, she chose to wear a Star Wars t-shirt and asked if she could wear her Sabine Wren helmet/mask to the show as well. It put a nice cap on the end of a pretty great Star Wars-y Christmas break this year. Both my girls had been watching the first season of Rebels on disc from the library off-and-on for the past couple months, and had been really into the characters, especially Sabine and Hera of course. So I bought them Seasons 1 and 2 on bluray for Christmas, as well as that Sabine mask, and some of the Rebels 5POA figures, all of which they were thrilled to get. I heard some Clone Wars characters start to pop up soon in Rebels, so I told the girls that now they have to watch that show first before they can go on to the rest of Rebels. Now they're eating that up, and particularly loving Ahsoka, as well as Padme when she pops up. We still have some empty wrapping paper tubes laying around, so it's been lightsaber battles every day for them. But girls don't like Star Wars, right? Stupid Hasbro.

Anyways, back to the movie. I wasn't sure how my daughter would react to it, but she seemed fine and paid pretty close attention to the whole thing. I explained certain things to her as it progressed, and I think it helped that we watched A New Hope the night before.

For myself, I loved it just as much as the first time, and it was great to be able to "look around" a bit more and try and notice some of the smaller Easter eggs, etc. I actually liked the job they did on Tarkin even better, but Leia was still just weird. I paid particular attention to the scenes involving the mission to Kenobi, and revolving around the transmission of the plans to the Rebel fleet. If you listen to dialogue particularly about the transmissions, you can tell that the writers did make an effort to make the continuity tie in to A New Hope (I had also paid attention to those lines during our Ep4 watch). I won't try and quote the lines as I can't recall their exact wording, but to me they do make for a feasible line of continuity.

Also, one observation about the main complaint I see from people - that the first half of the film is a bit slow and boring. (I've also seen comments that it either spends too much time setting up the characters, or not enough! I'm not sure how it can be both, but I guess different people have different desires for a film.) While watching Episode 4 the night before (for the hundredth time), I began thinking, man there's a lot of slow parts to the first half of this movie too. And you don't exactly learn boatloads about the characters either - we just now have the benefit of 40 years of unpacking that's been done on the plot. I'm betting if that film was released today, it'd get a lot of the same negative comments - slow first half, wooden acting, no character development, etc. Funny how that didn't matter to us so much when we were kids!

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