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Scout Report / #41 Troopers could be easy to get.
« on: May 15, 2005, 11:44:37 PM »
Just watched 3 auctions on ebay. All from the same seller.  All for four of the same figures.  Cost to ship to Canada $9.50 US for four figures.

Auction A:  4 Exclusive Target Clone Troopers
Auction B:  4 #41 Clone Trooper
Auction C:  4 #38 Tank Gunner

Auction A:  from Ireland   $71.01 US plus shipping
Auction B:  from Canada  $27.00 US plus shipping
Auction C:  from Canada  $41.09 US plus shipping

Based on this auction with buyers who are obviously fans of Clone Troopers,
I am hoping the #41 Clone Trooper will not be that hard to get!

Scout Report / Re:Post ROTS finds here!
« on: May 13, 2005, 09:45:54 PM »
Re: Price matching at TRU.  

I go to the same TRU that Moogly does and they would not do a price match for me unless they called the store and confirmed that Walmart had the exact item in stock.  As a result I have not bought any of my figures at TRU except for the #38 Gunner.  In contrast Zellers, I have found, will match Walmart in a heart beat.  

Scout Report / Re:Post ROTS finds here!
« on: May 11, 2005, 03:54:11 PM »
Thanks to Amps I now have a Blue Guard and all the Deluxe Figures I wanted from this wave.

My favorite part about going to Mississauga TRU , besides meeting AMPS, was that they have a Star Wars ROTS Display which is a life size ROTS action figure case.  Both Amps and I got in and got our pictures taken with a FX light saber - for free!   This is the only TRU that I know of that has this - so if you do not know what I am talking about head over there it is worth the trip and take your camera.

After my visit with AMPS I managed to get in a visit to Burger King -they have 5 of 31 available.  Picked up a Hamburger and a Falcon.  Then I went to Woodbridge TRU and they were fully stocked of the Deluxe Figures and they have an FX saber out for everyone to try-there are still 2 Darth Vader FX sabers left.  I picked up 2 more #38 Gunners at this TRU.

Happy Hunting.

Wampa Cave / Re:Ontario Star Wars Fanatic Collector Wanted!
« on: May 10, 2005, 09:32:12 PM »
What channel was it on CH Global?  I watched CH and did not see it.

« on: May 10, 2005, 05:12:21 PM »
The seller said it was straight from the case and when I sent him a message through ebay he said that it was in perfect condition when sent.

« on: May 10, 2005, 02:58:57 PM »
I am going through the same thing with a guy in Florida who sent me a Lava Vader.  He said sorry - ship it back - I will credit you less $8 US.  The Lava Vader and card are OK but the Star case was wrecked.  I have asked him if he has any other solutions - I asked for him to send me a Star Case if he had one extra.  

Wampa Cave / Re:Ontario Star Wars Fanatic Collector Wanted!
« on: May 10, 2005, 02:51:30 PM »
I should have got you to sign something while I was at your house.  
It would be worth millions now.  Congratuations!!!

Wampa Cave / Re:New rules for buy,sell,trade. What do you think?
« on: May 09, 2005, 09:03:08 AM »
I read Barada rules last week and thought they were well thought out and fair.  I think he and other administrators are just trying to protect the site and make it a place were Star Wars Fans come to hang out and talk about Star Wars and help one another in collecting.  They don't want it to become Star Wars ebay.

I am new to collecting and have done some of the crazy stuff like buying from Brian Toys.  Ouch.  Mesa Wesa Paidsa Toosa Muchsa Money. So I appreciate the opportunity to get help from fellow Snowtroopers and to get advice.

I think you should pm one another during disputes like this. It is a more appropriate way of discussing concerns regarding trading issues.  I for one decided not to use the trade section of the site after getting shot at by administration.  I simply asked what a fair price would be for some figures that were never available here in Canada at regular retail.  I was quickly accused of trying to make money off these figures.  I really wasn't trying to screw my fellow Snowtroopers and was disappointed that the administrator said these thing in a public form with out discussing the issue with me privately.  I pm him and he did appologize and I did understand where he was coming from. I wish he would have appologized in a public form also!!

With great power comes great responsiblity.  

Big pat on the back to Barada for trying to keep some of this discussion private.  

Keep up the good work Barada.

By the way I have some #38 Gunners for $50 ea.  Just kidding.


Scout Report / Re:Post ROTS finds here!
« on: May 04, 2005, 06:25:54 PM »
Durham, Ontario find:

My Big find I was driving home....who passes me....but R2-D2 in a Pepsi Van!!!! I got the Pepsi guy to roll down his window and told me where his distination was: Price Choppers on brock.  So I drove ahead and talked with manager before it arrived.  I am not holding my breath on getting this but it was great to see one.  Pepsi guy said you can not buy them direct from Pepsi. It is the same height as a real R2-D2-probably bigger and you can put ice in it and Pepsi.  The Sobeys and Price Choppers in the area have been getting them - they also have been disappearing alot because they are on wheels.  Worth the drive to this Price Choppers they have a big display with Chips, Pop and Star Wars music playing and a fog machine and of course MY MY MY R2-D2 please let it be MINE.  Also has Star Wars toys hanging from ceiling.

If anyone can hook me up with one of these - I see beer and burgers in my back yard for all Snowtroopers who can make it to my house.

Happy Hunting.

Scout Report / Re:Post ROTS finds here!
« on: May 02, 2005, 09:59:39 PM »
Whitby TRU got in 12 Arc ships. I got the last one.  They did not get any Gunships.  I did find out that they have on order 1700 Star Wars E3 Large for all of the TRUs across Canada.  So sooner or later there will be more than enough to go around.  

Scout Report / Re:Post ROTS finds here!
« on: May 02, 2005, 09:32:41 AM »
Just another thought I had...if you want a Republic Gunship or Arcship from not ask for it by name.  Their computer will find nothing.  Ask for a Star Wars-E3 Large $39.99.

Scout Report / Re:Post ROTS finds here!
« on: May 01, 2005, 10:15:22 PM »
Went on a road trip from Whitby to Hamilton and got some great Star War toy finds.  

On the way to Hamilton I stop off at the TRU at Victoria Park and Lawrence and picked up a couple of Holo Yodas - plenty to go around for everyone - don't worry when your local TRU gets their shipment you will get one.  

Picked up a couple of CIII Vaders from shrmarboba. Thanks again for letting me see your CIII pictures and your great Star Wars collection.

Went over to the TRU by Limeridge Mall in Hamilton and got a Gunship.  THey just got their shipment in. They also have the Holo Yodas.  They may not be out on the store floor, but they are in the back of the store.  Great service at this TRU, very, very helpful staff.

Limeridge Mall Toys etc. had (2) # 42 and (2) #43 and they had (2) Clone Commander.  $14.99 ea.

Happy hunting.

Wampa Cave / Re:I feel the need to vent.
« on: April 30, 2005, 10:04:39 PM »
Posted by: jjreason  Posted on: Today at 06:33:07pm  

"We, the collectors, operate on a well-researched psychological principal named "random reward"; we will shop more frequently if we don't know exactly when we're going to hit the jackpot. Managers like this, because more visits = more "fringe" sales for the store (well, no new SW, but look! There's Marvel Legends series IX!!!!).

The unfortunate part of extensive employee buying is that it makes it very difficult for the collector to find what they came for. The random reward principal will keep us shopping frequently for awhile, but eventually we'll stop shopping there if we NEVER find anything. "

It all makes sence now:  I am the rat and star wars is the cheese. And the maze is a series of Walmarts, Zellers and TRUs.  

Wampa Cave / Re:Greg Morton Star Wars
« on: April 30, 2005, 09:52:27 PM »
He's great.

Scout Report / Re:Post ROTS finds here!
« on: April 30, 2005, 09:19:56 PM »
I am driving from Whitby to Hamilton tommorrow.  Does any know of a store along the way that has the Gunship?  

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