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Oh, and not sure if this is common knowledge yet:

The new figs on trilogo cards have a sticker with the figures name in English/French/Spanish stuck onto the card just over the top of the Vader head artwork, makes it easier in someways to scan pegs let me tell you!

I've seen stuff hitting as of tonight...I posted about it in the McQuarrie Snowtrooper thread because I kind of got it off topic by asking if it had hit as a Canadian carded figure yet. See that thread for details...but I'm seeing some signs of wave 6...7.5, 8 and lots of 2008 wave 1!!!

Yeah, I do buy my stuff from Legends, but sometimes I like to snag things in retail especially if I want duplicates and Legends runs there is the thrill of the hunt!

So I went to a TRU tonight and found not only US packaged and some Canadian packaged Waves 5, 6 and 8 (with Jango and Padme I believe)...this is in Quebec remember...but also Canadian carded 2008 wave 1!!!

Because I already have them on preorder from Legends I had to hold back except on one of each of:
Kashyyk Trooper
Panning Droid
Tri Droid

At one point I had 3X Kashyyk troopers, 2X panning droids, 2X tri droids, the Gree, a 2-1B, 2X Hawkbat Clones (with stand) and a 2008 Wave 1 (Anakin) Vader and Obi-wan piled up in my hands...and that was leaving Precyborg Grievouses, Darth Malaks, and lots of other Hawbats, Kasyyyk troopers, jangos, clone in training gear, han with torture rack etc on the shelves. I didn't find any McQuarrie Rebels however, sadly...but like I said I've got most of these and have 2008 on preorder so I forced myself to put most back for the kiddies and scalpers.  Then i hit a Walmart...less stock but same signs of these waves hitting. I found a Canadian carded Dark Trooper there too!

I think a recent Hasbro Q&A answered this but I just received an email direct from Hasbro confirming that Canadians send it to Montana like it says on the redemption certificate.

Wampa Cave / Re: ANSWERS FROM HASBRO CANADA (older) - merged topic
« on: March 21, 2008, 09:21:54 AM »
Another wacky detail to all this: Toys R won't even sell certain items ONLINE to Quebec!!! Not sure why because as someone living in Quebec I can order on ebay or from any other online retailer and get it shipped here without passing through any "Language Guard" inspection team!!! Go pun intended.

Yeah, why don't they just make one card, trilogo, with any artwork on it that would be available anywhere and sell it to all markets? Would the US really be that confused if they had some tiny Spanish and French writing on their cards? I can't see how it would add that much more cost given that the translations are done anyway for the trilogo cards, but maybe there's something I don't know about the process.

Oh, and at the risk of having the language police find this forum and hit Zeller's for this: Zeller's in Quebec gets the comic book packs, all packaing in English, so again, go figure.

Damn, almost makes me sad I asked as I kind of expected this was the case. This means you probably also get the Evolutions packs directly and even some exclusives we don't. Oh well, now that I know this I'll get friends and relatives on the case when there's something I need. thanks for the info.

Hey, we're not OBLIGATED to track down stuff on CND cards :)

Question: I'm in Montreal and we don't see much US carded stuff come to the big box stores, does it hit in the rest of Canada? I have seen the odd US carded figure at a toys r us but maybe that's from a case that got shipped accidentally.

If not, then I'd say for the kids and the less ambitious collectors they should release the rest of the TAC line on trilogo cards. That way Canadians would have a chance at these figures without having to necessarily resort to ebay etc. And for me it would help when I get the occasional army building whim while out shopping, like getting another Hawkbat clone or clone in training, or even an extra set of ewoks...and the McQuarries for set completition. Yeah I want the newest stuff too and don't want it to hit all at once but I get my new stuff from Legends in Montreal anyway so I don't usually have to wait long. Plus, a nice complete set of the McQuarries could make for good trade fodder with our US neighbours!

Yeah, I actually have them all on US card but was hoping to have a complete CND carded collection too. I'm an opener but the McQuarrie ones seem like they merit a MOC version in my collection as well. I guess we'll see what Hasbro does with the final waves.

Any sitings yet of the snowtrooper on a Canadian card...any of the waves past wave 5 yet? I just did a store run last night and nothing yet in the Montreal area. Some of the stores are starting to have pegs warmed by figures I didn't think would...RA-7, the black astromech (forget it's name), Imperial Officers, Sandtroopers, Starkiller Hero and Darth Malak. The Darth Revan's go fast however.

And do we send this cheque to the US address? I received a figure from the US and it has the coupon with a US address. Or are there Canadian versions coming (or already here) as there was with the George Trooper offer?

Snowtrooper Recruitment / hello everyone
« on: October 15, 2007, 09:59:19 PM »

I can't quite remember how I found out about this site...I think I was on Sandtrooper's forums and someone mentioned something about it.  Anyway, glad to be on board. Anybody else a Montreal area collector out there?

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