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Scout Report / Re: Force Friday finds (or in my case force Thursday
« on: September 29, 2016, 05:23:59 PM »
Today, I went hunting before tomorrow's force Friday. Went to four walmarts, three superstores , one toys r us. Purchased 2 of each of the 3.75" two packs from SuperStore at $16 each, cheaper then any where else I think. I picked up some rogue one 3.75 5po from superstore aswell for $8.17 each and found a older black series c-3po, mossep, and Han Solo with carbon freeze for $11 each.
At walmart I picked up two of the newer rogue one tie fighter ships (its funny I found these by the bicycle isle...LOL) $59 each. 
All walmarts and TRU have made their Star Wars shelves empty by moving most of the Black Series 6" Jango / FlameTroopers to the clearance isle.
One walmart I found their Star Wars box with all rogue one items in it (some items had dont sell sticky notes taped to them) . I picked out all 6" ( of which there was only one of each but there was three K-2So's) and one each of the 3.75 5po but two deathstar gunner looking guys... I think they look great!  I price scanned them and the price came up , but like shark trooper/ seal commander etc. So I tried to check out because I already bought some items from other walmarts successfully today, but no luck. So I smiled to the cashiers who looked puzzled and said I under stand , don't worry and let me just put these back for my stash is hidden until TOMMOROW morning.

$$$$$$ I DID NOT SEE ANY SIGNS OF THE NEW 3.75 BLACK SERIES (Lando/Emperor Gaurd/Ashoka/Ackbar)$$$$$$

Happy hunting tommorow and check out SuperStores as they are selling 3.75 for $8 and 2packs for $16

Ps . Only saw wave one of 3.75 and 6"

Scout Report / Re: Post Retail Finds of NEW PRODUCT Here!
« on: September 28, 2016, 07:14:59 PM »
Thanx Mandalore1988 for the TRU info..... I thought there would be more stores open... Oh well :P

Scout Report / Re: Post Retail Finds of NEW PRODUCT Here!
« on: September 28, 2016, 03:23:19 PM »
Hi everyone, this is probably in the wrong section but could anyone tell me if they know if TRU is doing a midnight madness event Thursday night for Sept.30th RogueOne?
The Whitby or Pickering stores inpiticular in Durham area Ontario.
Any info is Much appreciated. :confused0024:

Scout Report / Re: Post Retail Finds of NEW PRODUCT Here!
« on: September 26, 2016, 11:42:39 AM »
This morning I too saw rogue one figures ( sort of) at a Ontario Walmart. It was the remnants of the 3.75 wave, 4x kylos 1x Kanen/stormtrooper . I tried to buy one Kylo because his stance looked a little different then previous (not sure yet) and for the rogue one packaging first purchase, but I was stopped at the register, so I didn't fight it. But I am wondering if it's going to be a waste of time on sept 30th to hunt or not.
However I was successful ordering a 6 " Jyn and maskless  Kylo from from , thanx for the heads up guys! :luke:

Wampa Cave / Re: Two Drink Minimum
« on: September 21, 2016, 08:02:38 AM »
Hi NorthernSolo,
Help us find your YouTube page. Is it called "Two drink minimum?"

Star Wars Movies & TV shows / Re: Elstree 1976
« on: September 10, 2016, 02:12:56 PM »
I just watched ELSTREE1976 , it's not bad. It is a documentary about some of the second / third tier actors/stand-ins and their rolls in "The Star Wars" movie, as this was the original title as one mentioned.  Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Greedo, Sandtrooper, bump head Stormtrooper, x-Wing piolets, cantina alien, rebel Gaurd , ect. All discuss their acting careers and their time on the movie set and later the conventions signing autographs for dollars.

Its on Netflix Canada ! :Sabers-02:

Scout Report / Re: Walmart Clearance on TFA product
« on: August 31, 2016, 09:03:57 AM »
Bought 10 for kicks. Thanx again Ian for the heads up. :o

Scout Report / Re: Walmart Clearance on TFA product
« on: August 24, 2016, 08:18:39 AM »
Chewie and Luke 3.75 BS are now down to $8.00 as of this morning...... How low will they go ? :artoo:

Scout Report / Re: Walmart Clearance on TFA product
« on: August 19, 2016, 09:00:12 AM »
Many thanx IanToronto for the heads up this morning  :party0007:
I love purchasing 9x Black Series 6" for $90 bucks!

I quess Lady Luck was on my side that day.  :P

Star Wars Movies & TV shows / Re: Rogue One trailer #2
« on: August 12, 2016, 07:54:19 AM »
I love seeing the deathstars position as it rotates and moves above that red planet in the middle of the trailer. Thanx for the post wedge..... I just crawled from under my rock this :P

Today I also went to my local "Whitby" TRU , armed with my droid set that I bought a few weeks ago to see if I could get a credit. After reading everyone's different experiences I was a little prepared. I first just went in to the store to see what the signs said around the Star Wars isle. The sign said "ALL" Star Wars up to 30% off excluding (what ever it said), but it did not say figures or Black series were excluded. And my store didn't have any droid sets available or even a price tag.  I went back to my car for the droids and receipt and saw the returns girl. I pleasantly presented my receipt and said I was looking to recieve a sale credit as I purchase these a few weeks ago. She scanned the droids and as everyone has been saying , the tru system is not discounting them, they come up as $89.00. She says this to me and I reply this is what I have heard from friends ( SNOWTROOPERS) and that you will probably need a manager to rectify the problem. She smiles and asks a manager , as I mention the flyer says all Star Wars, and doesent exclude the bs line. Now there was no guarantee I would get 30, 25 or even 20 % off as the add says upto 30%. With a smile from me they feel awfully sorry that tru corporate has made an error and now feel the need to make it up to me. I recieved $30 back. 
Now that I see the manager is sympathetic, I offered a solution to a damaged box Rancor set and offered $50 for the $99 set, and said that this toy is geared towards collector adults such as myself, and that most collectors would never buy this due to the box damage. She paused , and was hasienten so I immediately mentioned that last week online this was offered BOGO 1/2 off as tru is sitting idle on these sets and that I wanted to come in the store and take advantage of the offer but there was only one.... This one.   She then looked at me and smiled and said ok, as if I was doing her a favour.  Double score!
Ps -also went to Wally to get my rollback price credit on the two BS 6" hux and atsy x2 , she hesitated and said its been more then 30 days, I then said let's return it and buy it back. She said I have to ask a manager, I then agreed with a smile as I pull out my visa with confendence that the credit will happen. The manager comes , and told the situation and agrees with me. It looked like the return clerk was a little erked , so I said you did the right thing, let the manager deal with the loophole decisions you guys are told 30 days only, this must make your work day hard to deal with. She smiled as she sees that I understand her situation and all was good from there. :artoo:

 Very good experience two years ago. Shipping is high so order a lot to make it worth while. Currency was close to par at the time though, I haven't ordered anything from the USA in a while because of our dollar. :P

Scout Report / Re: Post Retail Finds of NEW PRODUCT Here!
« on: August 04, 2016, 06:38:51 AM »
I have been keeping an eye out for the Vader/Stormie set myself Ookk. I haven't seen any indication of them hitting yet either.   :kar:

JMAC, if your willing to give me up to a week if needed, to get the figure and box it and ship to you at cost of figure + box + any taxes! I will be happy to help.
Plus any other figures you need. Let me know :r2d2line:
Regards Derek

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