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January 21, 2018, 01:34:00 PM

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09 Dec 2015 - Going offline

Today is my last day visiting my regular blogs, forums and news sites. I'm unplugging as much as possible for the next week, to avoid any last-minute spoilers. I can imagine as more people start seeing TFA, more spoilers will leak.

See you on the other side :-)

09 Dec 2015 - BS BIG TIE FIGHTER

Just a FYI,  if you missed the $130 Black Friday sale at Chapter/Indigo for the Black series 6" TFA Tie Fighter well then you can order it right now from AMAZON.CA (prime) for their price of $161.00. About $40 cheaper then TRU or Walmart. :artoo:

UPDATE: 7 left
Black series 6 " wave 3  are here now.

08 Dec 2015 - Bootleg 6" Darth Maul

Not to deflect attention from the other controversial thread topic of "scalping", but apparently there is a fairly high-quality Chinese bootleg of the 6" Darth Maul figure popping up all over ebay right now, for a good price:

Like scalping, bootlegs can be a polarizing topic in the collecting world. But this could be an option for those who don't have much hope of Hasbro getting around to re-issuing an official 6" Maul (let's face it, with all the new movie stuff that will be released every year for the next who-knows-how-long, I'd say the likelihood is rather slim). I was lucky enough to find one during his initial release, but there are many collectors who never got the chance or came too late to the party. It's up to the individual to decide how they'd want to proceed - pay a scalper/gouger for an original? buy a bootleg? o
Hello Everyone,

as a new member here I have found this place to be riddled with scalpers, lurkers and more.  There have been numerous members using PMs to hide locations and links due to the fear of scalpers and lurkers. 

I think that we should work on using PMs to communicate to ensure we aren't ruining chances of the future Black Series waves that are incoming most importantly.

How do most people here feel about it?  I think members getting figures at MSRP should be the goal for this forum.  Personal businesses, scalpers and other issues seem to be a fine thing here, which creates competition for people just buying for personal collections.

Let's discuss the topic further here and see how we can make sure we aren't supporting scalpers if we are against their presence here.
I apologize in advance if I am wrong is this assertion but I believe a part-time dealer is also know among the collecting community as a scalper.  I know this user has a long standing membership on these forums and is well known to many members which only makes this type of post even more brash and unacceptable on a forum for collectors.

I do encourage discussion and reply to my comments here as it should be aired out and discussed.  I am not a brand new member to this forums, I have a previous account (user: Slave1Pilot registered 2006) which could not be reinstated recently and a new account had to be generated.  I have been collecting a long time and have learned that these people will always exist in the hobby.  What is disappointing is that this forum is being used as a venue to help a scalper recover lost product to continue the reselling or current-retail product and it is encouraged by an admin.

This without doubt puts the reputation an
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