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March 23, 2017, 04:20:03 AM

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Hey Everyone, I have been a member for a while now, but have currently re-ignited my collecting habits and am a little upset by the lack of activity on this page. The site is AMAZING to say the least, but let's all take a little effort and get our extra product up for trade/sale......let's swap stuff......let's report what we know. We all know the prices on this stuff is going SKYROCKET over the next few months with the release of the new movie (which cannot even come close to the upsetting event Episode1-3 were---only my opinion--sorry). Let's help each other out with our collections. Let's take pride in our Nerdity. Let's be the true Star Wars fans we are...........May the Force be With You All!!!!

05 Mar 2015 - Hasbro Canada

Alright so I would really like to know what is truely up with HasCan. Ever since I have started collecting (Phantom Menace Line), we have always been screwed on not getting certain waves of figures, be it the last to waves in a line or just skipping a wave and going onto to the next. Now I know the old bs lines of Canada is a smaller market compared to the US, the whole trilingual thingy ( sorry but its only french and english in Canada), but seriously that doesnt excuse it. I also know that it isnt just Star Wars or Hasbro that does this. I can also see the excuse that gets made that the average parent doesn't care about certain waves being missed becuase the average parent isnt a collector but really. Come on this is 2015 not 1999. Technology...  If parents are not going on line and looking things up and going hey maybe that would be a cool thing for my child, but wait I cant find it here in Canada. Or kids going on line and saying hey there's an Ezra figure that I wan

26 Sep 2012 - changes has been around since about  1999 and has gone through some changes over the years. We recently have moved the site to another server, updated the forums and are working on a new type of main news / entry page. Although the site is not as busy as it once was, we will keep it going as long as there is still interest in Star Wars and

It may take a while to get things back to the way we would like it, but everything should be functioning properly now. If you have any issues or problems, send an email to or make a post in the forums.

Thank you for your support

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