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March 17, 2018, 02:09:57 PM

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Author Topic: New Assorted aquisitions...  (Read 790 times)


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New Assorted aquisitions...
« on: August 27, 2009, 06:05:08 PM »

Ok...first off, we've got the WalMart Droid Factory.

1. Greivous & his 'mech.  A red repaint of the R2 with automoving sensorscope when you rotate the head.  To be honest, if it's a solid colour astromech, I've already customized it.  I'd much prefer a difficult to paint scheme on any new 'mechs that come out.  Greivous has a soft goods cape, but arms that don't articulate at the elbows.  I'm pretty disappointed at this set.

2.Anakin & Cotosis Battle droid.  Again, I've got a better version of this wet, angry Annie, so a 'meh'.  The Cortosis BD is nice, since I like droids.  It's the standard Super BD, with good articulation, with droideka like blasters instead of hands.  A bit wobbly, but it can balance without toppling.  The only minus is the posed blasters...Hasbro, with IG-88 you've proved you can do small scale revolving joints.  These blaster hands would be perfect if they could rotate.

3.Boba & BL-17.  You've got this animated colour version of Fett before, but not a Battle Legionaire droid!  Nothing *really* cool, since it's basically a protocol droid with plating, but for the droid lovers, it's a new fig to customize into your own Mandalorian battalion.

4. Maul & I-5YQ.  Again, you've got the topless Maul, so it's the split chest protocol droid that's the prize here.  The chest opens up for storage of a removable mini-holocron, and closes up cleanly to hide the blue box.  (Bollux & Blue Max, I want you next!)  Mind you, I've gotten another copy of the figure, and the chest doesn't close that nicely, so look closely if it's something that will bug you.

5. Corran Horn & Whister.  Again with the simple 'mech's an easy out, Hasbro. Corran is in the super-articulated pumpkin flightsuit, removeable helmet & saber.  Only thing I don't like is with the SA rebel pilots, I look at the 5-jointed pilots, realizing that one day I'll have to buy another Porkins.  It's the nature of collecting...but doesn't mean I *have* to like it!

Build-A-Droid: Dark Trooper Phase 3.  Now *this* is *the* DT3 that should have been!  Huge!  Great articulation!  Evil looking, coloured perfectly.   :D

Some other aquisitions...

Female Stormtrooper custom.  You may have seen them on eBay, and it's not a rip off.  The head, which might have come from a bunny-suit Padme, doesn't flop off with helmet removal.  Body is the same as Jes from Joker Squad, with no holster but with Thermal Detonator.  An excellent addition for Legacy dioramas.

Cad Bane.  Normally, I don't like Clone Wars figures.  I just don't dig on them, with their skinny legs & exaggerated features.  But this dude, who I guess may be an anorexic Duro, just looks right.  Removeable hat & blasters, as well as an old 'repeater bb-gun' type blaster, he fits in nicely with the cantina crowd.  Solid legs, though, and elbow articulation hindered by gauntlet cables.

Storm Commando.  Gone is the ankle holster for the scout trooper blaster, and new is a double waist holster that won't get in the way of riding poses.  Helmet doesn't reveal anything, but it's super-articulated and a great addition to your Imperial Forces.

Imperial Pilot from Evolutions II: Jango's head's under the removable helmet, but leave it on and it's a SA TIE pilot that will fill out your Imperial ranks nicely.  The 'ace tears' or whatever you call the helmet markings show that Hasbro has got paint apps down pretty good on rounded surfaces...and makes it all the worse when you get a poor paint job on another figure.

Imperial V-Wing pilot from Evolutions II: Same as your other E3 clone pilots, just in Imp colours & branding.  My sample's helmet visor doesn't exactly cover the eyes, so it looks a bit off.  I've thrown him into the cockpit of another acquisition.

Alpha-17 (IIRC) from commando evolutions: Same old tattered kama commando, but the clone's got a new haircut this time (it appears, on my sample anyways.)  You've got this fig already, but probably not the scanner/comm tool.  But I like my dioramas packed, so another commando to fill out the ranks never hurts.

John D. & Shira B. from Rebel Pilot ev. 3: Two more pilots for the rebel ranks.  John's red with tiger stripe helmet is the only thing that stands out from him being the generic 'another guy in a pumpkin suit' pilot.  Shira shares the same body as the other female pilots, but the holster's on the other side for cross draw action.  Her helmet is bland...two rebel symbols doesn't look great when you've got other helmets with a rebel symbol...and flames! :rockon: I'll go through my comics to find that it's the right helmet markings...but c'mon....flames!

Vong warrior: these guys are huge...and cool!  Can't wait to customize them with abandon.  (At least if I slip with the dremel, it's 'ritualized scarring' instead of 'oops'.)  Excellent sculpting & paint apps, great articulation, and just oozes vile hatred.  (But with the soft plastic spikes, I'm afraid one day it will ooze vileness...the plastic seems *that* soft.)  Only thing I can complain about is the doesn't seem to look right.

The other two acquisitions are items that were on my "Holy Grail" list.  (Well, one was, and the other was cheap, so I splurged.)

ATL Interceptor.  I was disappointed that I never did find this mini-rig when I was young, and it's incorporation into the DarkStryder Campaign made it all the more desirable.  Unfortunately, sometimes what looks really cool doesn't translate well when you finally get it into your paws.  Even though it's intact with all three guns, I feel....hollow.  It's sort of like looking at the new BMF mini fighter and saying, "That's it?"  Oh well...every Grail will not shine as brightly as you hoped.  (My previous grail, the last three micro machine novel sets, met my expectations.  That Scimitar is awesome.)

The companion to the ATL buy was the Imperial Side Gunner.  I figured it would be a good background item, but you know, it's got actual play value well beyond any other mini-rig I've seen.  You throw a pilot into the cockpit (the aforementioned Imp V-wing pilot), a gunner into the side car, and you've got rebel-blasting goodness that would have occupied me for hours back then.  The side car revolves & rotates with a level on the other side, meaning that you've got a sort of 'remote control' feel, instead of the majority of rigs where you've got to move the guns or whatever manually.  When you can get this level of play out of a sub $10 toy (back then), one wishes that Hasbro would revisit the concept and maybe make some diorama additions that are good for the collector, but better for the kids.

Yep...diorama additions.  I still can't believe I bought a figure just for the fripping *ladder* it comes with...

Oh I got to wait until Hasbro decides to grace the Great White North with the next waves...I really want HK-47 to menance my Jedi...
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