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Author Topic: TFU multi-pack 2-2  (Read 708 times)


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TFU multi-pack 2-2
« on: June 28, 2010, 08:49:01 PM »

finally caved and picked up this set, i'm quite pleased with it. decent figures, and the price wasn't too steep like it usually is (40$ for 5 figures. basically buy 4, get 1 free?) they all have decent sculpts and good articulation. so, let's break the set down here:

1)imperial jumptrooper: a repack of the one from early last year, i never had ones, so... the armor is all totally different from a regular stormtrooper, and pretty good looking. it's a lot thicker and heavier than a stormtrooper, without too much. full standard articulation. the couple issues i have with it is the random gap in his crotch, it looks like something's suppose to hook in there, and i really don't wanna know what that something is...mine also has a small gap where the torso meets the legs.
overall, i'd give him a 7/10

2) proxy: PROXY! i love this guy in the game, he was awesome! and his figure lives up to that as well! entirely new sculpt, i was expecting him to fall over like one of the spindly IG assassin droids, or just collapse like most of my other battle droids. but he's actually pretty sturdy! he can stand up under his own weight even. articulation is okay, swivel jointed shoulders, waist and hips, ball jointed elbows, knees, and feet. the head is also a peg head, as oppose to the usual ball-jointed kind. unfortunately, he doesn't come with any accessories, and the little lightsabers in his back don't come out. 9/10

3) galen marek: another new, exclusive starkiller! when are we ever gonna see him released on a single card, hmm? anyway, good sculpt, although pretty much uses the upper body of the evolution jango fett, with new sculpted arms, legs and heads. his cloak is removable, although it looks weird when you take it off, because there's no belt underneath. his head is more comic-book-ish looking than the headsculpts from the other set, but otherwise, it's okay. he's got full articulation, except for his wrist, which seem to be fixed in place for some reason... 8/10

4) felucian warrior: this guy is...this is the guy you see at night after doing some reallllly bad acid, man! he's got a ton of crazy details. the only way i can think to describe it is "it looks like something out of an H.P lovecraft story". good articulation, frightening as well. 9/10

5) shadow stormtrooper: pretty much the saga legends stormtrooper/sandtrooper, just cast in clear plastic. mine is very loose around the torso and head which kind of sucks, but otherwise, it's a decent figure. also, you can kind of see the pegs from the joints when you hold him up to the light, which is either cool, or stupid, depends on who you ask. 7/10 for being a repaint, or rather, lack of paint.

as for the set overall, i'd give it a total score of 9/10. certainly worth picking up if you enjoyed the game. i may be returning mine for a raincheck, as i've heard TRU may be having a sale soon. can't confirm that though :star-wars-smiley-008:
(i'll do a review of the other set once i get it, haha)


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Re: TFU multi-pack 2-2
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2010, 06:51:20 PM »

well, brought back the other set, got the first one instead. so, quick review of them too now

1)evo trooper: another repaint, but still okay. the tube/chest box doesn't come off, which is kind of annoying. the sculpt is overall pretty decent. he includes a couple clone commander pistols, but has no working holsters, which is kind of a pain the the butt  :mad0218: 6/10

2) Juno Eclipse: uses the same head and legs as the first Juno, with the new open jacket torso. the head is also repainted from the original, if not a new sculpt entirely. still has the removable hat. very nice figure, even if the retooling is only slight  9/10

3) starkiller (heavy training gear): first off, i think this is the best starkiller likeness yet, as far as the head goes. figure uses the body/upper legs and arms of the evolution starkiller, while everything else is new. great details on the belt(s) and the arm/leg wraps. even the little side stiching is sculpted! great figure! 10/10

4) Rahm Kota's rebel: removable helmet, backpack, and shoulder pads. decent amount of details, although it's unbalanced. (more pieces on the right side than the left). entirely new body, with a head that looks like it may be a clone trooper head painted to be white. the hair is missing a little bit at the back of his head, which is kind of weird looking. good articulation, although the ankles are static. 6/10

5) shadow stormtrooper: same as before, only this one doesn't seem to be loose around the middle section.
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