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April 19, 2018, 06:01:57 AM

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Author Topic: Black Series Dagobah Luke  (Read 742 times)


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Black Series Dagobah Luke
« on: November 15, 2014, 02:50:46 PM »

Since Superstore has their Star Wars figs on sale, I thought I would pick up the Dagobah Luke. Boy, am I very disappointed.

When I first saw the pics of this Luke, I thought OK, the head is not bad (Manga-ish with the eyes) but I really liked the possibility for posing and customizing. Here's my take on it:

1. The arms are terrible. They did these on GI Joes, but in most cases it's bulky like behind a jacket and there is not as much articulation as they could be. On bare armed Luke, it just looks too weird. To be honest, when the arms are folded up, he reminds me of a Transformer.

2. Hips - I thought the hips would be ball jointed with a turn line just below, like the 6 inchers. Instead, you have to turn the leg 90 degrees and then turn the knee back if you want to have the legs move forward and back. So instead of functional legs, Luke gets a wide stance, which means he won't fit into most ships.

3. Hips - WTF is up with using a flesh color for the joints. I mean, use something else. brown or black would be better. The knee joint is in beige, why not the hip? When you do the previously mentioned leg swivel, you end up with this strip of flesh coming out of his groin. If you angle it just right, Luke becomes Diphallic. Nice

4. Knees - They spent all that time on crappy elbow articulation and then they give Luke useless knees. They only bend at 30 degrees. even less if you have to turn the legs.

5. Holster - When they made the holster, I'm thinking this was the dialogue:
"Hey let's make a holster"
"OK, made it"
"Did you test it for the gun"
"Ummm. No. But we have done other holsters and they worked"
"Ok, then let's give they this flimsy blaster so that when you try to cram it in the holster it'll bend"
"Ya. let's add a hook to the belt for the liightsaber"
"Great. But don't most lightsabers come with a male peg to attach it to the belt"
"Ahhh, they can just balance they on the hook"
"Awesome. Send it to the factory"

Gahhhhhhh!. It's useless.

And before I get started on the POS Yoda (great head. How about a frickkin' waist so he can turn in the bag like the movie....Calm calm) I'll leave at that.

I think they've gone to the 5POA because it's less likely for them to screw up. Less, but not impossible.



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Re: Black Series Dagobah Luke
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2014, 05:09:25 PM »

Excellent review... this Luke and the Yoda are such disappointments, and yet like a sucker I did buy both of them :P   I haven't opened up either so far though, still trying to give myself the option to return them if I really waiver.

I think Yoda I bought just to get the stupid blue bag more than anything. It seems like THAT is where Hasbro spent most of the budget on, not the figure itself... and yet the bag itself isn't all that great in the end either. Sigh.
Bring back Star Wars and Marvel SA 3.75" at reasonable prices, Hasbro...
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