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February 25, 2018, 04:31:28 PM

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Author Topic: Buying & Reselling Discussion - Part One (locked)  (Read 2276 times)


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Re: Buying & Reselling Discussion - Part One (locked)
« Reply #45 on: December 07, 2015, 03:55:05 PM »

Wow. To me, most of the comments made towards Sanjai are easy, unfounded and totally unjustified. And I'm not here to defend anyone, I'm just completely blasted by how impolite this thread has gone.

I mean, these are more than just arguments, these can be viewed as accusations. Without proven facts, calling someone a scalper on a message board dedicated to SW fans and collectors is not only provocative, it's insulting. I mean, everyone is entitled to voice their opinions, but there are certainly ways to do this in a civilized manner. I would be extremely pissed of being called a scalper on a forum by someone who doesn't know me, who has never met me in person or with which I've never conducted business with. Voicing your opinions is certainly ok. But calling people names gratuitously is a total lack of respect. Thumbs down.

That being said, being a part-time vendor at shows and booth is expensive and the costs need to be recovered somehow. So it's understandable that some items, more scarce, are sold to higher than retail prices. it's the law of offer and demand. It pisses people off? Well, they should do like I do and don't buy these. They should wait for their turn. And be patient. Nobody's forcing anyone to buy. And in the long run, if prices are outrageous to everyone, they will go down.

Or they should do like most people end up doing, chasing these through every retail stores in your area. People can't blame anyone for grabbing all the rare figures out of the pegs, especially if these people stay in their home not willing to go and hunt for the items they want. I'm doing the chase for me and my friends and I would honestly be very pissed off if someone complained that I have Walmart Exclusives 5 FO Stormtroopers. If people knew the mileage and time I spent trying to get these, they'd understand I'd want to keep them. And if someone asked me to buy it from me, to be quite frank I would never give them at retail price, I would ask for a little more just to cover my own expenses (gas, mileage and time). Of course, unless these individuals were my close friends or by mutual respect through past dealings and conversations through forums or community websites. But a total stranger asking me to get these figures at retail prices when he didn't do crap to get these and lazily sit his ass and expect me to be gentle enough to give it for free (meaning: without covering my won expenses)? I'm a good guy, naïve sometimes, but not that much. Would that make me a scalper? I dare anyone saying that.

So a hobby shop owner or a "part-time" vendor basically does the same thing: trying to locate sources, buying these at decent prices, paying shipping fees and all these charges upfront without even be sure they'd be able to sell them, paying their tables and booth at toy shows, spending whole days trying to sell their stuff to customers that view them as greedy scalpers, and in the end hoping to be able to resell these items at a sufficiently high enough price to cover all these expenses while doing some margins. Basically, people would want these guys to resell the figures at retail prices even though they had to pay for all theses expenses to get the stock to the table you're looking at at Toy Shows?

To me, it seems people who'd ask for this don't understand how such businesses work. They should try doing the same and come back talking about their "scalper" experience. Maybe they'll see how slim these margins could be... especially if they'd want to please everyone by selling the items at the price the customers would want to pay, which is usually somewhere between retail price at 50% discount and a freebie.
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Re: Buying & Reselling Discussion - Part One (locked)
« Reply #46 on: December 07, 2015, 04:15:08 PM »

I couldn't agree more with both Hellboy and Jedi Patrick.  Well said.


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Re: Buying & Reselling Discussion - Part One (locked)
« Reply #47 on: December 07, 2015, 04:37:05 PM »

I'm honestly getting the suspicion that someone is purposefully trying to whip up negative sentiment as opposed to having a discussion, based on how far this has gone.

I'm going to split the topics & post the one pieced off from this near the scalping one, locked for further comment.

Ambasah, your request for help will remain here in case anyone can actually provide you with any.
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