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New Year's Toy Show - Kitchener City Hall - FREE Vendor Tables!

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Well I guess it was interesting. A lot of people came through, but I think many were surprised there were actually toys for sale, as opposed to just an exhibition of older vintage toys.

The arcade appeared very popular on the main level. I would suggest there were close to 100 vendors there - everyone close to me was super friendly & helpful, they had mostly been through it many times before.

I would call my sales a bit disappointing in terms of how much "stuff" I had lug home, but some things that sold did surprise me for sure. Old metallic cards based on the Dark Empire comic series? One of the first items gone! POTF2 Jabba? Gone quickly as well!  :rollfloorlaffsmiley:

I would consider trying something like it again, provided the same FREE cost was in place. I can't imagine I could ever sell enough to cover the cost of  $40-50 table and any gas I'd need to purchase to get to a show any further away from home than this one.


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