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General Brashin:
Darth Woo is correct. According to the Aug 30 Hasbro press release, BB-8 playsets in Canada, France and Spain come without the Force-Link bracelet.

It is also interesting to notice that the Force Link set that you can buy in Canada has two versions, in English or in French. Maybe this explains why it was impossible to join a Force Link with the BB-8 playset.

so we get the short stick once again : (

still a good deal I think?

Darth Chadus:
I am pretty sure it is force link compatible, it just doesn't come with the force link device.

General Brashin:
In case it wasn't clear from the Hasbro press release, yes the Canadian version of the BB-8 playset is Force-Link compatible as Darth Chadus says. My nephew has the Canadian version and it works with the bracelet from the starter sets.


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