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some good deals on amazon today. These are 50% off:

bb8 playset:

Luke & Landspeeder:

Canadian Jedi:

Did you noticed the description of the bb8 set?

Star Wars Force Link BB-8 2-in-1 Mega Playset (without Force Link)

Are all Canadian sets without force link?

I didn't notice it. I can't imagine they made 2 versions at this scale/price point. Likely a typo. But, amazon has the best return policy in the business, so there is no harm in checking it out if interested.

Darth Woo:
They did this for the big At-At. Canadian ones only made sounds and had none of the spoken lines from the movie.

Darth Woo:
I remember why it says no Force Link.

Hasbro released two versions of this. One came with a force link bracelet and the other didn't. So they are identical except one was slightly cheaper cause it didn't come with the bracelet.


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