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Annual Canadian Tire pre-Christmas Sale

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Darth Woo:
Went to a different store after work and that store had it on sale.

lucked out the other Canadian tire in my area had them on sale too. also had the ranthar and probe droid set on for 14.99. picked the 2 of them and the three pack.

Darth Woo:
Yeah, the Rathar and Probe Droid were on sale too.  Just not interested enough in them to get them at any price though.

Dammit I need those at that price. Hopefully my store has both.

Darth Woo:
If not, go to another store.  When I got my 3-pack, I thought they were sold out, but nope, someone put the Force Link set in front of it and I didn't notice...haha.  Had to go through all the packs and finally pick between two that had decent paint apps for Luke as the main reason I wanted that set (surprisingly) was for Luke.  I guess if it drops to under $10, I would get another just to get a second Royal Guard. 

I do regret selling off my two Walmart Royal Guards, but then I remember I paid $20 each for them and don't mind as much as I got my money back by selling them here at cost.


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