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Annual Canadian Tire pre-Christmas Sale

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Just bought the 3,75'' Force Link Emperor/Luke/ERG at Canadian Tire for 17,49$ instead of 34,99$. I also saw a lot of Baze Malbus/Stormtrooper pack for 9,99$ instead of 19,99$. They also have the 6-inch 5POA figures and Forces of Destiny dolls for sales.

did they have sign up saying onsale or just ring up? checked website and said same 34.99. may have to pop in if they are on sale

Maybe that kind of rebate depends on each CT store. The one in Ste-Dorothée, Laval, Qc, has them on sale.

Darth Woo:
Went to a store in BC and the 3-pack is still $34.99. :(

Maybe the sale is only at those stores which have excess stock of the 3-pack... whereas stores where it's been selling well can just keep to the $35 pricetag. 

I'm sure though that even those stores will eventually put them on markdown (certainly after XMas is over).  I do like this set myself, despite some minor issues with each figure, but I would never buy it unless it was $20 or less. Even then, I'd use up some of my Canadian Tire money to get a bigger discount, since no way is that Luke worth $7... (that's assuming 3 figures * $7 = $21 pricetag).


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