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While I know we have a section for Sideshow producets if this could be left here and then moved later it would be appreciated.  So I was just on Sideshows webpage and noticed that things were listed in CDN dollars. I thought that  it was a little strange. So, I went onto live chat with them and found out that not only is it true, but it is also going to be a permanent thing.  You will also be able to pay in CDN funds or have the option of switching to US funds

Nice! How did the prices compare to the US, looking at the current exchange rates? Did they seem to be at least fair?

1.27 so pretty close to actual

I don't like it. they actually ding you for a couple percent extra. Thankfully you can request it revert back to usd "soon".

There is a lot of chatter on statueforum if you guys are members there.

Any statue collector may also want to join our canadian facebook group. I can provide a link if anyone is interested.

I am interested in the link.


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