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Game of Thrones creators to write & produce new series of Star Wars films

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I'm hoping Old Republic :fingerscrossed:

It doesn't really say if those are theatrical release or if they'll be films for disney's upcoming streaming service.

Well, we won't need to worry about not getting enough Star Wars content in the coming years. I am definitely running out of room for my toys. Not sure what I will do in the coming years.

Having 1 movie every year has already taxed my ability to study them & let them soak in the way I would prefer to. They will very soon just be another trip to the theatre, and that's really not the way it's supposed to be with Star Wars. I want to anticipate & theorize & wonder... then experience the payoff of a new movie I couldn't wait to see - not wonder whether or not I should just wait a few weeks until it comes out on bluray.  :speechless-smiley-004:


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