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Paper Millenium Falcon Cockpit

My brother makes models that are constructed from patterns printed onto paper, cut with scissors and x-acto knives and then glued together. He found this one and shared it with me.  It's crazy detailed and considering the material it's made out of, absolutely amazing...

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New Forum areas - go nuts

The Solo section has been added & I brought the TVC section back from the dead. Enjoy. :)

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Toy Fair 2018 - Hasbro announces "Haslab" where fans can support elite projects

Look at the size of that thing:

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Gentle Giant will start producing mass market toys

I found this interesting, just got an email announcing Gentle Giant Ltd. expands into the mass toy market.
My first thought was that the genesis of this idea came out of the fact over the last year or so it appeared that Hasbro gave Gentle Giant a hard time over using the Kenner name on it's packaging.   And now what was once a defensive move by Hasbro has put Gentle Giant on the offence and could possibly do more damage to Hasbro market share than had they just let Gentle Giant use the Kenner logo on it's packaging.  But when you see the range of products the story could be that Hasbro got wind of the fact Gentle Giant was going into the mass consumer market and then decided they did not want a new competitor using their logo on a GG product.   Either way we get more junk to collect !!!


  Gentle Giant Ltd. Expands to Include Gentle Giant Toys

New Branding
Gentle Gia

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Game of Thrones creators to write & produce new series of Star Wars films

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The Last Jedi Blu-Ray Store Exclusives

For all us old folks that still buy movies on blu-ray or has The Last Jedi Steelbook Exclusive (English edition) available for pre-order for $44.99. There  is a French edition as well that is no longer available for pre-order.

I ordered the French one originally but cancelled it when the English one became available today.

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