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Hasbro: Make Super-Articulated 3.75" STAR WARS Figures Mainstream

Please, sign this petition....


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star wars celebration 2017

I just wanted to see if anyone will be headed to Orlando for celebration? :fight:

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What did I just buy here?

I found these things for $8.99.  6" with what looks like 2 points of articulation (at the shoulders).  Like mini versions of 12" Figs.  Are there any others of these?  The painting is atrocious on Han (on like all 6 of the ones there).  Maul actually looks OK.

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Disneyland Exclusives?

Hi folks,

I wasn't sure if there was a spot for this, so I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong area.

One of my friends is going to Florida and will be visiting Disneyland... are there any Exclusives Star Wars figure-wise that would be available there?  I've tried finding listings online but haven't had much luck.

Thanks for your help!


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Cinefex Magazine Rogue One Issue Out Now

Cinefex Magazine #151 is the issue with the Rogue One coverage in it, it's in stores now.  I found my copy at a local Chapters store.  Good articles and photos especially on the digital Tarkin and Leia.

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Star Wars Toys Have Become the Largest Toy Property in History

Interesting article. Looks like Star Wars toy sales in Canada continue to be strong:

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