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McQuarrie Concept 12" Electronic Vader $20!

Most of us are probably aware of it, but I don't want anyone to miss out just in case. The Hasbro 12" Electronic Duel Darth Vader is based on the Rebels version of Vader which is itself a direct copy of the Ralph McQuarrie concept painting Vader (see here for more info ).

Anyways, has them on clearance for $20 technically that is a 12" McQuarrie concept Electronic Vader figure for $20!  Can't beat that deal if you're a McQuarrie fan!

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Walmart 3.75" Black Series figure finally at retail

It has finally happened. Walmart has put their Black Series 3.75" figures down to regular retail. I knew that if I held out long enough they would drop their prices to regular retail. Two years later and I finally buy the TFA Leia that so have been wanting.

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Rogue One Baze Malbus VS. Imperial Stormtrooper 3.75"

Hi all!

Did anybody saw the Baze Malbus/Stormtrooper 2-pack anywhere in Canada ? It has been available for months in the States, but I never saw it here.

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K-2SO variant !?

Hi guys, I received today the last 6 inch case with Royal Guard, Lando, Tusken Raider, Qui-Gon Jinn and repeat Krennic and K-2S0.

I compared the K-2SO from Rogue One wave 1. I saw that Hasbro added in the lastest a red dot in each eye of the figure. I don't know if this is a mistake or a regular paint in the lastest version.


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TRU - 40% off 4 SW Lego sets - May 26 to June 1

40% off the following sets:

75156 Rebel Combat Frigate - 89.97
75150 Battle on Takodana - 44.97
75119 Sergeant Jyn Erso - 17.97
75113 Rey - 14.97.

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Vintage Collecton: What Figures Would You Choose?

With the Vintage Collection returning, I thought I'd throw out the question of if you could choose six characters for the line - three new (includes kit bashes, different paint, and minimal new tooling) and three repacks (straight repacks only), who would they be?

And remember, this is just for fun.

The list doesn't have to be "definitive".  The six we pick today doesn't have to be the six we'd pick tomorrow.  This is a fan site after all.  Not Hasbro HQ.   Nothing is set in plastic here.

On to my picks...

For new, I'd like to see:

1. Bib Fortuna - The last one was okay, but I would like a "non-hissing" face, please.
2. Episode II Anakin (regular Jedi outfit) - Even if it was just a kit bash of the TVC EpII head with the TVC EpIII body, I'd be fine with that.  A new better head sculpt would be even better.  I'm just not a fan of

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