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August 16, 2018, 08:14:58 PM

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I am trying to find the Gamorrean Guard 6 inch black series figure. Does anyone know where I can find one in Canada? Or if you have an extra that you could sell me?

I'm glad they found a way to keep Leia in the next Star Wars movie. Hopefully the unseen footage they found will fit into the story in an organic way and won't feel forced.

And note that Mark Hamill is officially confirmed for the movie too... so come on Hasbro, let's get that Force Ghost Luke figure ready in time for the movie release this time, and not a year later. :P

19 Jul 2018 - Clone Wars is back !

17 Jul 2018 - C'ai Threnali

If anyone is still looking for this hard to find figure I saw three of them this afternoon at my local Loblaw's.  Price was $13.49.  If you would like me to pick up one or more of these I don't mind making a trip back to the store. 
Ok, after a bit of trying I have figured out at least one way to create an avatar for myself here that did work. The gallery of pre-formatted images that existed at the old forum is not working, so you can follow these steps to come up with something unique for yourself.

1. Find a suitable image using your favourite search engine.

2. Save the image to your computer (choose to save it to the desktop so it's easy to find later if you like).

3. Right click on your image, choose edit, & crop yourself a nice square shaped chunk of it. Save that.

4. Right click on the new square image & resize it to somewhere in the neighborhood of 100x100 PIXELS - please note that the standard setting is percentage - make sure you choose pixels - any image deemed too big won't be accepted.

5. Post the image in the forums here - heck go ahead & use this thread if you like.

6. Right click on the image in your post &a
Well folks, it's here.  And you know Hasbro is going to shower us with wonderful, 3.75" super-articulated Star Wars figures that are brand new sculpts and long-requested characters. And the distribution will be far better this time around, to boot.

I thought we should have a thread to discuss forthcoming SDCC reveals.  Let's gather together what's trickling through Disney's iron gates at the con...

Yakface report on the Hasbro Friday presentation

Some great pics of the 3.75" scale figures and the new playsets (display sets) here:

The Kessel display set is $30US, Walmart exclusive (so we'll probably never see it here)
The Vandor display set is $40US, Target exclusive (so maybe EB
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