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September 16, 2019, 08:13:56 PM

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Like they did with the WM exclusive TVC Rey several months ago, Kaia Boutique has secured the WM exclusive TVC Lando
(Skiff Guard) after Walmart Canada passed on it yet again:

Google Translate from their Facebook post:
"Here is our arrival of the week we've been waiting for it for a while and it has finally arrived the lando skiff guard tvc once again Kaia is very proud to have managed for Canada to have the exclusive so far available only at Walt Mart usa only $ 19.99 each
Available in store or via Facebook order
Looking forward to seeing you at the shop"

Get in touch with them if you NEED this figure in your collection.
TROS TVC figures found in Canada.
Reports have been coming in that someone found new TVC figures at a Walmart in Ontario Walmart.
There is a completed listing on ebay for a Knight of Ren and Luke X-Wing pilot.
The seller is from **EDITED FOR SCALPER PROTECTION** Ontario
If you're on this forum please let us all know what the item number is, or if it they are using the old number, because if they scan at the register then we can all be ahead of the game!
And if anyone else has any info on this subject, share the news!

Thank you for your time if you're part of our group.

Say, I read somewhere (reddit, maybe? can't find it now) that there will only be the new 5" Galaxy of Adventures, 6" Black Series and a small handful (3-4) Vintage Collection figures made for Rise of Skywalker... no basic 3 3/4 5POA line.

Has anyone else heard this? Any real news sources reporting this? Would that mean no vehicles either?
I find this hard to believe, but, if true, I guess that's the end of an era. No dedicated 3 3/4" line for a new movie would just be devastating to me as a collector.
I am just down in Florida and went to a local Walmart which is a Superstore and they do not have a Star Wars section.  They only Star Wars Hasbro figures are in the clearance section - about 6.  I have never seen this before - no pegs for Star Wars.   Has Walmart decided to not carry them anymore?
It's about damn time... no one was really asking for SOLO (although I mostly enjoyed it) but tons of folk have been hoping to see a follow-up on eps3 Obi-Wan and we're now a step closer...

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