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Hasbro Pulse

Hasbro Pulse currently has a ''warehouse sale'' at 30% off (35% for premium members) when you buy for 75+$, until March 19th

TVC Darktroopers and most troop builder sets are included in the deal

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MOVED: It's not COVID, it's not supply chain, it's not inflation, it's greed.

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Damaged Boba Fett Card

Having an interesting situation with a Hasbro Order. Wondering what your thoughts are. Ordered and received a 6" Boba Fett figure on Vintage Kenner Card.  I don't collect 6" normally but decided I wanted this particular one.   When I received the figure it had significant shipping damage - card was wrecked .  So I called Hasbro and they shipped out another one.   I got the second really quick but the second was damaged so much in shipping that the card was ripped, bent, crushed.   Neither carded figure would be purchased by any collector or parent giving a gift to a child due to the damage .   And the whole reason I made the purchase was to have Boba Fett on the Vintage figure, so the figure itself has little to no value to me.   The second call to Hasbro caught me off guard.  I was told the carded figure is not the product and only if the toy itself was damage could there be a claim.  I have been dealing with Hasbro for a lon

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Hasbro Pulse Feb 1st Fanstream Reveal Show

Anyone pay attention? I'm excited for the 40th Ann Vintage Collection ROTJ wave & the 6" Endor Rebel Commando.

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Free PC Games from Epic Game Store

Epic Game Store gives away a free PC game every week and currently for Xmas they're giving away one a day.

I forgot to post about this when they were giving away Star Wars: Squadrons for free.

There is a Mac version of the Epic Games Store but I don't know if they're giving away free Mac games.

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It's not COVID, it's not supply chain, it's not inflation, it's greed.

Why does Walmart Canada need to charge these prices in Canada?  COVID is in the states, supply problems are in the states and inflation is in the states.  These prices are Walmart Canada vs. Walmart USA in Florida.

Terry’s Orange Chocolates $6.38 CDN in Canada or $3.28 US in Florida

Queen Anne’s Chocolate Covered Cherries  $3.99 CDN in Canada or $1.99 US in Florida

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