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Free PC Games from Epic Game Store

Epic Game Store gives away a free PC game every week and currently for Xmas they're giving away one a day.

I forgot to post about this when they were giving away Star Wars: Squadrons for free.

There is a Mac version of the Epic Games Store but I don't know if they're giving away free Mac games.

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It's not COVID, it's not supply chain, it's not inflation, it's greed.

Why does Walmart Canada need to charge these prices in Canada?  COVID is in the states, supply problems are in the states and inflation is in the states.  These prices are Walmart Canada vs. Walmart USA in Florida.

Terry’s Orange Chocolates $6.38 CDN in Canada or $3.28 US in Florida

Queen Anne’s Chocolate Covered Cherries  $3.99 CDN in Canada or $1.99 US in Florida

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Black Friday

Did anyone find any good Black Friday sales?
I looked at a few places online but nothing stuck out to me. Sideshow seemed to be the best place but I didn't pull the trigger on anything.

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Star Wars The Black Series Mandalorian Warrior (Holiday Edition)

Toysrus has this for $54.99 CDN in stock.  Target has these in stock for shipping or pickup $26.49, right now if you are a Target Circle Member (FREE) they have an offer of 25% off one Toy. So that would make it $19.87 US.   

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Toronto Star Wars Show - MAY THE NORTH BE WITH YOU - Saturday October 22


The Ontario Star Wars Collectors Alliance: The 43rd Legion (OSWCA) would like to invite you to a first-of-its-kind event celebrating the history of Kenner Canada & Canadian vintage Star Wars collecting with special guests from both Irwin Toy & Kenner!

Join us in Toronto on Saturday, October 22nd for panel discussions with key Irwin Toy personnel (George Irwin, Brenda Yonge), Kenner USA Toy Designers (Jim Swearingen, Stephen Geddes) and the hobby’s premier Kenner Canada experts (Scott Bradley, Jim McCallum).

There will also be exhibits featuring some of the most illusive Canadian vintage Star Wars collectibles and we will cap the night off with an opportunity to buy, sell and trade with your fellow collectors! We hope to see you there!
Tickets are limited so order yours today!

MAY THE NORTH BE WITH YOU is a non-profit event organized by the OSWCA. All profits from ticket, merchandise and raffle sales (aft

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1 000 000$ Question. Open everything or keep sealed?

I have a big dilemma, when I started this hobby in 1995, I opened everything, then came the adult age, wife, kids. I continued to buy everything, but starting with the Revenge of the Sith stuff, I said to myself that I would open later, now 17 years later, my garage is full and I dont many place left. I was trying to fit everything in boxes, but with 4 ships per box I will need a lot of boxes.

So should I buy rubbermaid storage bins and open everything or keep everything sealed to give to the kids when I die? I don't plan to die soon by the way. In my mind, I would open everything, but the amount of money I'll lose...... the dilemma...

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