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Found the motherload this morning at one of my local Walmart stores!

5 of each of the new CW Animated 50th Anniversary figures:

- Barriss Offee
- Luminara Unduli
- Aayla Secura
- ARC Trooper (Red)
- ARC Trooper (Blue)

They were sitting on a shelve in the boys section, not even on the pegs in the SW section. 19.97$ each.

I took all of them to cover my needs and tose of my friends.

These were not even showing on, so I wasn't even expeting them to show up at retail. And had them on order from Walmart US to have them shipped to a friend. Now I can just cancel my US order.

So be on the look out, they're here. And most probably the other 3 figures (Luke Endor, DS and Tusken) will show up sooner than later as well.

This made my day.  :)

Scout Report / USA Address with forwarding capabilities to Canada
« on: April 22, 2020, 10:53:17 PM »
Hi guys,

I need very urgently to setup a US Address mailbox with forwarding capabilities to Quebec, Canada. The initial plan I had is not working anymore and I need to find an alternative to have some orders from US stores shipped to a US mailbox, with possibilities to forward the packages to my Quebec address (since our border is blocked for the time being... and maybe for a little while longer).

Do you guys know of any such service near the border (Ontario or Quebec)? What do you suggest using?

Thanks for your quick help on this...

Scout Report / TVC Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony)
« on: October 04, 2019, 09:39:41 PM »
Guys, just to let you know of a huge news.

TVC Luke Skywalker (Yavin) is coming to Canada!  :D

But not to Walmart. Not to Toys'R'US. Not to EBGames.

I was allowed to inform you that the this figure will be offered exclusively for the Canadian market by KAIA BOUTIQUE.

The Quebec hobby shop has managed to secure all these figures after Walmart Canada decided not to take the exclusive.

Pre-orders for this figure will start this coming Monday, October 7th at 3pm EST.

The figure will be released officially on November 1st.

Be ready, quantities will be limited. This will be the only way to get this figure in Canada.You don't want to miss it.

Scout Report / Triple Force Friday October 4th, 2019
« on: October 03, 2019, 04:37:05 PM »
Just wondering if you guys have seen anything anywhere at any store being prepared at this point, Thursday October 3rd, for the Triple Force Friday event of tomorrow?

So far, the only thing I saw is a middle display section at 1 Walmart store filled with 4 Lego sets for TROS (a speeder, the Mandalorian AT-ST, the A-Wing Fighter and the ANH Tractor Beam set).

Nothing for Hasbro. Nothing at TRU. Nothing at all.

Again, stores here are completely failing collectors and SW fans. Hasbro Canada is not promoting this event at all. It's maddening and frustrating. Even Smyths Toys in Germany (replacing TRU) does more advertisement than what we get in Canada. :(

So, have you guys seen anything at this point?

Customs / Custom U-Wing Fighter
« on: March 10, 2017, 05:58:55 PM »
Hey guys!

Just started a new project. A custom-made 3.75" scaled U-Wing Fighter.

I should really get no credits on this. The core work came from Rebelscum forum member Whills_Scholar who actually made his awesome work available through templates and build pictures. His work is simply astounding. The fact that he so willingly shared what he did gave me the push to actually try to do it myself. Here's the link to his work: U-Wing Fighter

So here's my work in progress. The result is very nice, but again, I'm merely an assembler in this project, as most of the art came from Whills_Scholar and his awesome templates.

Still some work to do to complete the basic shape. Also the reactors attachments (I simply glued these on the frame for display purposes) and the interior design (pilot and copilot seats, etc.) Then I'll be doing some fuselage detailing...

Then I'll need to find some room to put this piece of work. I was thinking of suspending it from the ceiling, as it's very light (foamcore and cardboard). Or I'll need to negotiate with my wife to see if I could use the bedroom ceiling for this.  :tongue0024:

Off Topic / Hatchimals - Not Star Wars related but quite pissed off
« on: October 28, 2016, 09:11:22 PM »
There's a new toy in town. And it'll be the most sought after toy for Xmas this year.

It's called Hatchimals. It's exclusive to Walmart stores.

The thing is basically an electronic medium size furry animal (penguin-like, dinosaur-like and butterfly-like) in a plastic egg. You need to "warm" it for some time before it hatches into one of the 3 possible animals. You don't really know what you get in the egg it seems, nor its color. After it hatches, the animal apparently"comes to life" and you can interact with it.

Maybe it does something more, but I dunno. Haven't read through everything about this. But I saw it earlier this week at my local Walmart store and thought it could be a nice Xmas gift for my daughters. Although it's priced rather high at 80$ + taxes (so 92$ each here in Quebec). My wife seemed a little annoyed, and I agreed to let go of this idea and thus have put the two ones I picked up on the shelves.

But then my two daughters saw some videos on Youtube. When I looked at it, there they were: the Hatchimals. My daughters found their existence by themselves and now it's on top of their XMas list.

So I went back to my two local Walmart stores tonight. Only to find out there were no more of the 30+ units I saw at each store. So I thought to myself: maybe Walmart pulled them back and put them in their backstore because they had a street date to release them for XMas time. But then, I remember what happened 3 years ago with the Frozen phenomenon: the toys were released 2 months before XMas and they were sold out in a few days, and the worried parents couldn't find anything Frozen-related for their kids at Xmas.

So I went and asked the two toy aisles associates. And what they told me simply enraged me.

They told me: "A guy came and bought them all two days ago. He said he was buying them for his nursery. He apparently bought the stock from at least the two nearby stores."

I told him: "A guy bought everything for his day-care center? And you believed that? At 92$ a piece? As gifts for the kids going at the day-care center? You've been tricked by a scumbag scalper!! You know how much these are sold on eBay right now? 150$ a piece."

Damn, I hate this. Walmart should know better. They let a scalper buy all these high-sought toys right before Xmas. There'll be a rarity and some parents will throw huge amounts just to make sure their kids get this toy. It's really disgusting. It's awful.

I am thinking of bringing this up to the each of the store managers, and to raise the point to Walmart Canada. Just for them to understand that they are implicitly allowing a scumbag to release their "exclusive" product (exclusive no more!) on the high-priced secondary (black) market. They should know better. A limit of 2-03 units per customer would make sense. And would allow everyone to get a unit for their kids. Now, they'll just be a bunch of very angry customers and parents.  >:(

A proof? I managed to grab one unit that was lying on a higher shelf. Two mothers saw me and approached me instantaneously. Asking me if I wanted it. Asking me if I really wanted it because their kids wanted it for XMas. I told them I was buying it for my kids, that I needed two and thus was missing one. One of the mother apparently didn't really believed me and I saw her following me discreetly through the aisles until I reached the cash registers.

Anyway, I really hate scalpers. If I ever cross paths with this scumbag (and I think I will very soon: there's a Toy Show in Montreal mid-November), I will tell him what I think of him. I will take pictures and put his mug on websites, Facebook and probably make some scene at his table just for people and customers around him to acknowledge what scam he's about to pull.  :mad0137: >:(

Scout Report / Walmart Exclusive Black Series 3-3/4" - Wave 1 Found!
« on: October 20, 2015, 11:21:09 AM »

Wave 1 of the Walmart Exclusive BS 3-3/4" figures has started to show up this morning at Walmart stores!!

- Darth Vader
- Luke Skywalker (lightsaber construction)
- Chewbacca (ROTJ)

Prices: 14.86$ each + taxes. Ouch. But, the hell, this means we'll finally get these!!

Wave 2: release date still unknown. But they will come. :-)

Scout Report / Chapters Indigo - Forest Mission pack
« on: September 17, 2015, 06:57:23 PM »
Don't know if anyone seen this yet, but this is what Chapters-Indigo has to offer on their website:

TFA Forest Mission 5-pack
- Kylo Ren
- Chewbacca
- Resistance Trooper
- Stormtrooper
- BB-8
+ 2 build-a-weapon gadgets

Might be a better alternative to get a 5POA TFA Chewbacca and BB-8 rather than buying that Armor-up figure.


This is what I was fearing. With the Superheroes line from Hasbro bringing 2.5" figures, like what we saw for the Gardians of the Galaxy toy line, Hasbro might just be tempted to do the same thing with the Star Wars line of figures.

Basically, what you'd be looking at is a 2.5" line for kids with smaller toys, ships, playsets. And a larger scale 6" fully articulated figures for kids and collectors used to this treatment from the Marvel superheroes line.

And with that, the end of the line of 4" figures.

With sales of the 6 inches line going apparently well because collectors failed to see the strategy behind Hasbro's move, The Force Awakens will most likely bring the end of an almost 40 years old tradition in the toy industry: a proportion of quality and size that was the 4" action figures.

Some will see an improvement, yet I fail to see where. There's no way I would have been building a collection of more than 1000 figures, some 100s ships, twenty or so playsets and countless of diorama scenes if these action figures were of 6" scale. I'd have not enough room, not enough money and plainly no interest.

If the 4" line is dead, so will be my interest in collecting anything from the Star Wars brand. Simply said: I'd stop collecting.

The end. Thanks to people of avidly bought those crappy 6inches figures, stupidly grabbing those 18" shampoo bottles and 30" statues from Jakks Pacific...


Wampa Cave / Instagram...
« on: September 02, 2014, 10:07:46 PM »
Does anyone here have an Instagram account displaying their SW toys?

I just started one under the name "jedipatrick":

Not much yet, I just starting to post a few pictures a few days ago. I intend to feed it with some nice shots of my collection, not everything, just pics I feel can render the feeling of the movie scenes.

Please feel free to comment! :)

By the way, I'm not very good using the camera though, so please don't be too harsh on your comments... I'm merely doing this for fun!  :tongue0024:

Wampa Cave / SDCC 2014 - I won't say I told you...
« on: July 24, 2014, 09:08:22 PM »
... because I still hope that we'll see something new and different (and secretly hope I'm still wrong), but so far from what we've seen at the Hasbro booth at SDCC, it sure does seems that Hasbro is dropping the ball on SW collectors on articulated 3-3/4'' figures. All we saw is old stuff, except Wedge in his snowspeeder outfit... and I can't begin to describe how I fell about him having a molded helmet/face head instead of a removable helmet... damn it.

So far, much incentive has been put on the Rebels line of figures and toys. Understandably, since this will be the main attraction in 2014-2015, before E7 is released.

Also, way too much attention is put on the 6" line. Way too much. Fans of this line should be thrilled, Hasbro has shown a huge interest in continuing this line. But it also spells the doom for the 4" figure line. Clearly. Articulations now goes in par with 6 inches. What we see at SDCC is a pretty clear indication of this.

Rumors of a big wave of 18 figures amuses me. When could Hasbro possibly have time to release such a huge numbers of figures before E7? It would be a dream come true, but honestly seems so off from what Habsro has given us so far. Anyway, I hope I'm wrong...

What troubles me more is the results of a Poll done by Rebelscum in the last few days. Collectors and fans clearly prefer better paint application than articulations? WTF? Really? Well, I now know why Hasbro is giving us those crappy 5POA figures. It seems clear to me now that Hasbro is responding to what the collector community is requesting: 6 inches fully articulated figures and 5POA non-articulated with very good quality (??) paint job.

Uh. Really? Really. :(

As I said, I hope I'll be proved wrong. That Hasbro will show us marvels of SA 4" figures either at their display booth or on their powerpoint slideshow. But something tells me it won't happen... that's me being pessimistic again...  :-[

Hey guys,

Just wondering if we can all follow some basic rules from now on and up until after the release of Episode VII.

Many people, like myself, will be completely avoiding looking at and reading material from either official sources or rumors, as any of this spoiler info could ruin the fun and surprise involved in seeing the new movie for the first time.

So, I was wondering if it would make sense to put "SPOILERS - EPISODE VII" in Subject headers of any topic that relates to Episode VII.

I would also be greatful if we could also not give away too much in the Subject headers. Stuff like: "Han's horrible death scene", "Chewie's bride", "Jaina's lightsaber" and "Luke's evil fall" are example of stuff that, just by glancing at the topic header in the forums, will completely give away major plots lines and will undoubtly ruin the fun for most people (by the way, these are not real topics, I just invented them).

Sorry if this is redundant and already discussed... I just wanted to make sure we try to refrain ourselves from giving away too much at this stage, as the enthusiasm for the next movie installment will certainly have most of us carried away in the coming months. :)


1. PLEASE DO NOT post spoilers in your topic headings.

2. PLEASE INCLUDE EP VII SPOILERS or similar in your topic headings IF your post is going to contain them.

3. SPECULATION DOES NOT EQUAL SPOILERS. Any topic you read here at is liable to contain some general speculation about the movie. There will be NO WAY to avoid this stuff, so read at your own risk.

4. PLEASE ADD SPOILER WARNINGS EVEN IN YOUR POSTS. Use something like **SPOILERS BELOW** and leave a few lines of blank space so it's not on the screen when someone first sees it & has to scroll down if they want to look. These are especially courteous in topics about figures or toys, where a photo of an action feature can SERIOUSLY lead to conclusions about the movie (EP II Anakin's arm falling off on Jay Leno anyone????).

Customs / Visionaries - Galadria
« on: March 07, 2014, 11:40:44 AM »
Hey everyone!

For quite some time I've been poundering on the idea to create a custom figure from a TV Show and toy line I really liked when I was young. Visionaries has been a very great TV show with very cool characters and a great concept (the Age of Science falls on Prysmos after its three suns aligned, thus bringing back the Age of Magic full of knights in armor).

All the heroes and villains from the show had their figure made in plastic by Hasbro. All but two: the two female characters, the evil and treacherous Virulina and the cute blonde Galadria. Yes, obviously being toys for boys, Hasbro didn't think it was a good idea to make action figures of the female characters. How stupid. I played with my SW Leias quite often being a kid, so I couldn't get how come they decided not to give them to us...

So I decided to take matters in my own hands... a few decades later.

I've done this using Sculpey III. The material is not that bad to work with, except it tends to stick after some time in your warm hands. But it cures in roughly 10-15 minutes in the oven, so quite fast. After, you can cut or sand the parts without them breaking too much.

So here's what I did. The result is not so bad for my first trial. I've spent more than 4 hres playing with this. Still have some parts left to do (the other arm and leg, as well as the head). I'm thinking of making molds to then cast them in resin. But still not sure what to do.

Visionaries - Custom Galadria

Next one will be Virulina, if I end up doing not so bad with Galadria. We'll see...

Wampa Cave / Star Wars Comic Books going back to Marvel
« on: January 04, 2014, 10:35:05 AM »

This is a sad day for fans of the SW Comic books.

Dark Horse has created a whole interesting and adult Expanded Universe around the SW saga. Now it's fair to assume that this storyline will be buried under the willingness for Marvel's writers and drafters (and probably more form their directors) to create their own myths and leave their own marks on the saga.

In my own personal opinion, SW under Marvel has been completely garbage and rubbish material. Jaxxon the green Rabbit. Musclemania Luke. Leia disguised like a female superheroe. I can't think of any major storyline brought by the Marvel Comic Book era that's worth telling and remembering.

Anyway. I know it's purely expanded universe material, but at least Dark Horse brought a sense of realism to this extra curriculum material, whereas Marvel just succeeded to bring laughable heroes in excentric and completely insane environments...

With this news, I really think Disney is bringing Star Wars yet to another level. I just hope I like what'll be offered. I must admit I begin to fear what the new movies will look like. More today than I was yesterday...  :-\

Scout Report / Black Series Collection of Doom
« on: December 19, 2013, 08:35:10 PM »
You won't see me complain a lot about Star Wars toys. Most of you who know me a bit know that I'm rather very resilient and that I usually accept my fate, at least regarding Star Wars toys for which I have almost no if any control at all.

But after more than 4 months, I'm pretty sure everyone who purchase Star Wars figures and toys have noticed what's happening in the Star Wars action figures section in most retail stores.

I mean, the Star Wars action figure line is actually facing a huge problem. And I'm not talking about distribution. No. I'm talking about stuff moving out of the pegs. And not one figure once in a while. No, I mean moving out of the pegs like other toy lines are selling.

The Black Series look is simply not attractive. It lacks the visual attractiveness, it fails to appeal the kids and looks very odd in the toys aisles of retail stores. It's really really sad to see all these Star Wars figures hanging on the pegs in vast numbers, outrageous numbers, while all other toy lines are flying off the pegs with kids thrilled to find something new. We're just 5 days away from XMas and most retial stores I've been to in the past week are litteraly filled with Black Series figures. Especially (or should I say obviously) with wave 1 figures.

For me, it's a clear indication that the dull cardback design has failed its mission to attract the customers.

I really hope that Hasbro will reconsider this cardback design and make huge modifications on the look of its packaging before damage is heavier at retail level. It's more than putting new products on the shelves, it's really a matter of getting the customers (and kids) to look at your product while its hanging on the pegs. Nowadays, I can assure you that I've never seen a kid even dare to glance at this dull look. Let's be honest, it's simply awful. Visually, it's a real failure.

That's my two cents. I promise I'll stop complaining about this line from now on. But I needed to say it out loud. I just hope Hasbro's staff will admit their mistake and move on...  :-[

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