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While purchasing two 6" Black Series Sandtroopers today at my local TRU I received a 'Star Wars Fan Expo Loyalty Card' (the front of the card is '3D' and reflects between Anakin Skywalker & Darth Vader), which they had at the main cash register in their drawer.

I had inquired about another TRU Star Wars promo (Receive a $5 gift card when you spend at least $25 on SW product) that starts on Sept 15th I believe. In fact, it seems that TRU Canada will have 4 different Star Wars related promos for each week starting next week if I'm not mistaken (based on a sign I saw near the store's entrance). Despite the signage up in the store promoting it, the cashier (who was brand new) didn't know anything about the $5 Gift Card promo, but her colleague knew about the 'Star Wars Fan Expo Loyalty Card' and handed me one.

They are good for 10% off REPEAT purchases up until Oct. 31st on any Hasbro or Lego Star Wars products. (Meaning you keep the card, and they just scan it with each purchase - unlike a coupon where you can only use it once)

I'm attaching 2 pictures so you can see the front and the back of the card, so you know what to ask for at your local TRU Canada store if you'd like to get one.

I'm not sure how these cards (and upcoming Star Wars toy promos) are being promoted in general, so I figured I'd share what I found out today.

For those interested - starting tomorrow, Friday 4/19 through Thursday 4/25, Toys R Us Canada has the Big Millennium Falcon on sale for $149.99! $120 off, marked down from $269.99.

I picked one up during their 25% off sale at the beginning of the month, so I have a nice price adjustment coming my way tomorrow :)

Toys R Us Canada seems to have re-stocked Star Wars Vintage Collection Waves 3/3.5, 7, and 13. I picked up the following 7 figures from my local TRU Canada location:

VC21 - Gamorrean Guard - ROTJ
VC28 - Wedge Antilles - ROTJ

VC50 - Han Solo (Bespin Outfit) - ESB
VC54 - ARC Trooper Commander - EU

VC56 - Kithaba (Skiff Guard) - ROTJ
VC57 - Dr. Evazan (Cantina Patron) - SW
VC60 - Clone Trooper (501st Legion) - ROTS

I noticed them on the other day, but they were not available for purchase, just that they were listed in the system with the photos. It appears when that happens it may mean you will be able to find them soon at your local stores...seems to be the case this time at least.

Happy hunting!

P.S. - Also, until April 18th you can use the coupon/promotion of '$10 off $25 regularly priced Hasbro products'. Both times I've used it in the past 2 weeks I just asked at the cash register and they had the coupons in their drawer.

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