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Wampa Cave / Re: ToysRUs and price increases
« on: October 06, 2022, 07:51:05 AM »
Yakface today was revealing a Target exclusive 6Ē Black Series Mandalorian with Grogu and a white spider for $38.99.  Thatís a lot extra for that one plastic spider!  In Canadian dollars thatís pushing $60.  The way the Canadian dollar is dropping right now it could even be more.

Same as Goldenrod, saw that pack long ago (Check here for the online link) and going at 54.99$+ taxes, it'll still be sitting on the shelves at TRU for a while longer...

TRU Canada is going down. They're increasing their prices as a strategy to show their shareholders that they'll be able to maintain or even improve profit margins despite lower product sales. This is just smoke and mirrors, an outrageous lie they're trying to sell to their shareholders. They're probably pretending consumers will accept buying their toys with a 25-50% price increase, but that won't happen.

If us avid collectors are fedup and deciced to skip products or buy them elsewhere, can you imagine a mom or a dad in the store aisles picking up a brand new Morak Boba Fett action figure and hearing the cashier ask them 42.99$ + taxes (50$) for a tiny single carded 4'' toy? Even the cashier will look at that thing and check in her computer to make sure the price is good. No reasonable adult will accept buying that crap for that huge price. It's clearly unjustified and unreasonable.

I sadly predict Toys'R'Us Canada will vanish in the next 1-2 years. I hope I'm wrong, but it sure doesn't look like their odds are good. Their shelves are always full of often way too old products, but their aisles are more than ever void of customers. Compared to Walmart, it's a real desert. And their website is a very bad display of what they really have on their stores shelves...

For years, TRU Canada has been struggling to keep their head above the water. Despite their efforts (and price gouging strategies), sadly they're not able to maintain course. They're no match against a huge retailer like Walmart, but it's even worse with Amazon in the game. It's David against two huge Goliath giants. And this time, Goliath wins this easy fight, poor David crushed under the huge feet, while the other Goliath is laughing out loud, ready to pick up the loot...

Scout Report / Re: SKU Code Repository (NEW!)
« on: September 26, 2022, 06:19:05 PM »
The Vintage Collection:

- TVC Dark Trooper Deluxe figure UPC: 501099418793

- TVC Ahsoka with Grogu Deluxe 2-pack figure Walmart Exclusive UPC:501099396497

- TVC Incinerator Trooper with Grogu Deluxe 2-pack Walmart Exclusive UPC: 501099397000

The Black Series:

- Black Series "The Credit Collection" Boba Fett Walmart Exclusive UPC: 501099418793

Scout Report / Re: Post Retail Finds of NEW PRODUCT Here!
« on: September 26, 2022, 06:13:23 PM »
Found today at Walmart in the Montreal area:

- The Vintage Collection Dark Trooper (in a Deluxe box package): 42.97$ (UPC: 501099418793)
- Black Series "The Credit Collection" Boba Fett Walmart Exclusive: 49.97$ (UPC: 501099418793)

The later can be found at

The VC Dark Trooper apparently can not be bought online: check here

Wasn't expecting to see the Dark Trooper figure so soon...

And yesterday, again at Walmart in the Montreal area, found the TVC Deluxe Ahsoka figure (31.97$) (UPC:501099396497, link to the website here)

The Incinerator Trooper is also listed on the website here, but it's not in stock. So it'll probably show up in stores very shortly. (UPC: 501099397000)

Other Movies - Music - TV Entertainment / Re: Toxic (Star Wars) fans
« on: September 13, 2022, 08:37:11 AM »
When will people finally realize these are just movies?  :shakehead:

On a side note, I get the frustration of fans over changes as "drastic" as what is seen with, for example, The Little Mermaid. I find it very cool to see little girls positively reacting to this surprise at the end of the teaser trailer, with singer Halle Bailey cast as the main character (check this video here and tell me it doesn't melt your heart). But I can equally understand the shock and bitterness of long time fans of Ariel after seeing the change.

I've seen many arguments on both sides in the past few days (the skin color or ethnicity doesn't bring anything to the plot; mermaid legends originated in the Medditerranean Sea, which is coasted by Africa, Asia and Europe, so skin could litteraly be of any color, right?; etc. etc.) But to say a person is racist because he/she has preferences (due to childhood nostalgia, for example) is assuming preferences are bad and always a form of racism. It's ridiculously shallow and almost asking for censorship of emotions and any kind of preferences.

The way I see it, I'm not a racist because I like to think Luke is a white blond male. I grew up with the character as is, I formed an attachment to it that spreaded over decades. I would love to see a new movie with a black character (I was thrilled when I saw Finn had a major role in The Force Awakens, I abolutely loved this character... a little less seeing how they left him aside later on, but that's a story for another time).

Same goes for the fans of The Little Mermaid anime movie: little girls (and boys) back then loved the movie, loved the character, contributed to her success and to Disney's success. If this character had not been loved so deeply by fans and kids who got attached to her up to a point that, in their minds, Ariel is a white, red-hair mermaid with a green tail, the movie wouldn't have been such a success (and understand that I'm not saying here that it wouldn't have been a success if the character had been an asian girl -- who knows?) Let's be realistic: most people nowadays don't even know the story originated from Danish author Hans Christian Andersen back in the 19th century and that she didn't have red hair. In fact, the only physical description we have of her is as follows: "Her skin was as soft and tender as a rose petal, and her eyes were as blue as the deep sea." It could basically mean anything...

But the thing is, Disney would'nt have decided to do this live-action remake if not for 2-3 generations of kids who formed an attachment to this version of the Ariel character and contributed to keep her alive for so long. It's hypocrism to ask the young (now adult) audience that grew up with the cartoon version of Ariel not to feel sad or shocked about this major change. Disney played with this red-haired version of Ariel, made her something unique and special just by her distinct white pale skin and red hairdo. So it's certainly unfair and uncalled for to treat fans of this Ariel as mere racists. Which they are probably not. At least I hope, for the most part of them.

What is not acceptable on the other hand is turning your sadness into frustration up to a point that it affects your life in unreasonable ways. And for certain people to oversimplify human emotions and preferences to the mere concept of racism and to use this as your lead argument to win any debates. And to feed the fire by spreading such claims and fondless accusations. Debates are always welcomed, but not violence, whether verbal or physical. And threats of being called racist, in a society where any form of intolerance is crucified in public space, is also a form of violence, maybe the more vile and cruel form nowadays, a threat people can not easily be redeemed from.

These are movies. You don't like what you're being served, just do not watch it and put it aside. The old story or movie you grew up with always exists, it's not being destroyed or replaced. It's there in your mind pretty much forever... or until your brain has the ability to remember.

There's a generic Ariel from the original 19th century tale.There's an Ariel that pleased red-haired little girls (and most kids a well). So now there's an Ariel that will please young black girls and that's awesome. It is awesome for everyone? Probably less for people who grew up with and loved (and now prefer) the pale-white-red-haired Ariel. But this is just a movie, so everyone, I hope, will get past this futile debate probably generating exactly the kind of controversy and thus attention that big corporations like Disney were hoping for to maximize their profit margins...

Scout Report / Re: GameStop Canada
« on: July 27, 2022, 10:12:17 PM »

Online Shopping - Who's Got the Hot Items??? / Re: Updates
« on: July 25, 2022, 11:44:25 AM »
A 300$ Slave 1 with 1 figure. What happened with the painting prices?
First Slave 1 came with 5 figures and another ship back then for 3 Times less than that! I know everything is more expensive today, but that Much, really.

I want this, but $300?!?!?  Do you have a link? I can't find it.

Wampa Cave / Re: These prices... they be going up
« on: July 22, 2022, 12:00:32 AM »

No cardboard only packaging for TVC now.

Yes, seen this. Well, still be downgrading a lot on my expenses. 2 of each top. Unless it's an army building (other than tese f***ing CLone repaints that I really don't care about (Clone Wars is over and done).

Wampa Cave / Re: These prices... they be going up
« on: July 21, 2022, 03:03:29 PM »
Well, it's now or never to quit smoking...

This is it. Tis is one of the signals I've been waiting for.

Decided today to cut down my expenses. Even though I get most of my stuff thru other channels, that price increase will probably hit all channels and I will pay again an extra 2-3$ for each damn figure tat was sold at 18$ last year or so.

Since 2017, I used to buy 3-4 of each. 1or 2 to open, 1 or 2 to keep MOC.

Well, now it's gonna be 2: 1 to open, 1 to keep MOC. Back to the pre-2017 era numbers.

And when they switch to boxes, that'll be 1 of each to open and that's it. And it depends what they'll offer. They can sove tese Clone Trooper multiple repaints and variants wherever they want before offering them to Clone Lover Millennials...

If they think they can screw us Canadian customers by rising prices while they offer clearance sales to their US customers, even on new products 2 weeks after these being put on the pegs, Hasbro can screw themselves. TRU even more. :crazy:

The end is near.

Scout Report / Re: Post Retail Finds of NEW PRODUCT Here!
« on: May 18, 2022, 12:27:18 PM »
The local TRU put out a case of TVC Miggs Mayfield - 22.99 - SKU 539503.

SKU doesn't seem to work on Stocktrack yet. Were there only Miggs Mayfield or were Kosha Reeves and Axes Woves there as well?

Just a case of Miggs Mayfield.

Thanks! Found remnants of the case at my local TRU. Damaged cardback. Then I went to another one and managed to get 3 more. :) These will be flying off the shelves... I doubt they'll get a lot... but time will tell...

Scout Report / Re: Post Retail Finds of NEW PRODUCT Here!
« on: May 18, 2022, 07:32:35 AM »
The local TRU put out a case of TVC Miggs Mayfield - 22.99 - SKU 539503.

Have also seen part of the repaint TVC prequel wave w/Ahsoka at both Walmart and TRU although I haven't seen Ahsoka.

SKU doesn't seem to work on Stocktrack yet. Were there only Miggs Mayfield or were Kosha Reeves and Axes Woves there as well?

The Vintage Collection (TVC) / Re: VC Droids Boba Fett
« on: April 10, 2022, 12:46:51 PM »
The figure is aid to be in stock for pick up in 3 TRU stores around my area, but when I placed an order at two stores, my orders were cancelled a few minutes later by email, apologizing for their technical isue.

Yeah right. It's either they don't have any in stock or that some employees decided it would be bet to keep them for themselves to resell on eBay.

Anyway, was rather lucky with this one, managed to grab the last one hanging on the pegs 3 week ago at some Montreal store (the cardback was quite damaged, no wonder why the scalper who took them all left it behind) and got a cute girl to put one aside for me at another location when they unloaded their truck.

Seeing at the price it sells now on eBay and such (60-65$), I would advise those who seek one just to wait a few months for their value to decline when the sellers begin to see there's no real interet for this...

The Vintage Collection (TVC) / Re: VC Droids Boba Fett
« on: March 28, 2022, 07:10:41 AM »
I found Boba two weeks ago in Pointe-Claire Montreal Toys'R'Us. A single one, probably left behind on the pegs by a collector who took 5 out of 6 (there's 6 in a solid pack box) because the cardback was a little damaged.

Then, I head to the TRU in Vaudreuil (40km further West) and managed to grab the 2 R2-D2 I ordered for pick-up from the TRU website theday before (yes, R2 was briefly avilable on, but only for pick-up). There, the order wasn't ready yet, was only to be available the next day because it was still on the unloading truck. But I then asked the employee at the desk if she could see if they had Boba Fett in the truck as well, gave her the SKU and she said yes, 6 units were in the truck. So I asked if I could have 2-3 from the box. She told me they don't put stuff aside for people. But I must have made a good impression because she took my number (no, she wasn't flirting, and yes, he was pretty but way too young for the 50yo I am now ;-) ) and said she would try to put at least 1 aside for me. The next day, I received a call saying that my order for the 2 R2 was ready, along with my Boba Fett figure.  :D

So yes, they were there, but my guess is that as soon as they hit the pegs, a collector picks them all up. You won't be seeing Fett on the pegs for long. He currently sells for 60-70 USD on eBay, so no wonder why it'll be near to impossible to find at retail.

If I were you, I'd check the local toy shows, Facebook Marketplace and eBay. Locate the few sellers that offer Fett in your area and you'll then know who are the scalpers that surround you (and I honestly hope they are none here among our troopers).

Online Shopping - Who's Got the Hot Items??? / Re: Updates
« on: March 25, 2022, 10:44:20 AM »
People can't be that stupid.

You have way too much faith in people, Patrick.

Yeah, usually not, but I try to be as open-minded as my late wife was, giving people the "benefit of the doubt" and not assuming they are stupid as they seem to be. But I know they are. Some are at least... :P

Online Shopping - Who's Got the Hot Items??? / Re: Updates
« on: March 25, 2022, 07:31:49 AM »
I think the employees are looking for ways to entertain each other & have fun putting small items in huge boxes for laughs. Apparently it doesn't alter their cost, they have some flat rate deal with the shipping & delivery companies so size does not matter (insert joke here).

I'm sure tis is it. I mean... why else? People can't be that stupid.

Or maybe they have two automatic conveyor belts running in parallel alongside each other: one for the products to be packed, one for the boxes. They take the product from one conveyor belt, put it in whatever box that passes by on the second conveyor belt, no matter the relative sizes of product/box. They try to fit it in, folding, pushing, forcing and crushing all valid and approved options to make things work. Productivity is paramount, so who cares about customer service? Certainly not Amazon, Walmart, Target.

That must be it. Case solved... :P

Online Shopping - Who's Got the Hot Items??? / Re: Updates
« on: March 24, 2022, 07:03:02 AM »
The Bad Batch 4-pack now shows as in stock. I ordered one yesterday and it arrived in good condition this morning.

I was one of those whose original pre-order was cancelled so I re-ordered again when it came back up for pre-order. When I cancelled this pre-order it still showed delivery in April-May.

So why didn't Amazon fill that pre-order from the stuff in stock?'re expecting logic from the same company which puts a TVC single-carded figure into a too-small box while sending my wife three different (single) nail polishes in three separate boxes, each the size of microwaves. I'm not kidding - I'll show you the picture next time I see you!

I'm just glad that you got the 4-pack!

I've received package for goods other than Star Wars that were very well-packaged, with lots of packing. It showed they took care.

I' at a point where I'd say we need to stop pretending it's a random thing or even a global thing affecting all orders: it's clear some people (not all) at Amazon shipping (and even at Walmart while we're at it) are targeting orders for collectible items and are making sure they are packaged the worse way possible and even damaged before they are delivered. Some of what we see getting to our doorsteps is clearly something done on purpose. Or by people that think these are mere stupid toys bought from parents for their little kids. But even then: why wreacking the product by trying to fit it in a tiny box? Or by sending it in a mere bubble envelope?

That or some employees are clearly dumb. But I can't believe that. People are not that dumb.

Maybe getting a Prime membership would solve the problem?

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