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Online Shopping - Who's Got the Hot Items??? / Re: Updates
« on: March 11, 2022, 08:59:59 AM »
Could it be that some of the orders are being cancelled because the credit card needed to be updated.  ie. you placed your order in June 2021 and your credit got renewed December 2021, so when they go to charge your card on March 2022 it does not go through so they cancel your order?   

Off Topic / Re: Outbreak! (Coronavirus discussion)
« on: March 07, 2022, 09:02:32 AM »
napseeker, I watched the 60 minute episode also.  Earlier in the day there is a CBS show called Sunday Morning which runs from 9:00 to 10:30 am, if you have never seen it , I highly suggest it, if you like 60 minutes.  On that show they had a stone mason, monument maker.   Business is booming for him due to CoVID.   The show featured that he had made a monument to the Spanish flu.  50 million people died because of the spanish flu, in a time when there was 1.8 billion people on the planet and of course we were not as globally connected by planes.   Even though 50 million people died there is no monument in the world for this event.  The story went on to talk about how no one wants a monument for 1 million people who will die in the USA from the virus.  Spanish flu took 75,000 Americans.  The story also went on to talk about how quickly we will probably forget about the event and move on.  There will be another pandemic the story went on and how we meet it will depend on whether we not only learn from the mistakes of this one, but more importantly will we remember. 

My concern about planet Earth and people kind , is our belief that science will over come problems like pandemics and global warming and people will point to this Covid experience as evidence to support that claim.   So damn it, we can do what ever we want and we will fix it later.  Not sure what the outcome will be but it sure feels like mother nature is trying to tell us something. And even if we can fix it,  I am not so sure living 2 km below the Earth surface or at the bottom of the ocean floor or another planet, is a life we all want to live because that is where the science takes us. 

Thanks Ian.  I am away right now in BC and then I head to Florida .  I was not worried about this shipment because it sounded like it would be a month away.  I have 4 people looking at and taking care of my house so I am just trying to manage this new development from a distance.   I contacted Hasbro today and they said that we would absolutely be getting a shipment notice before they went out and a tracking number.  So seems like the right hand of hasbropulse does not know what the left hand of hasbroquebec is doing. 

Does anyone know the phone number for Hasbro Quebec ?

Looks like Kevin is making sure they shipped in order of last order in first order out to Canada.  So if say someone ordered it #280, totally random number, and there were 28,000 backers, that would mean 27,720 people would receive their order before number #280 would received their's. Wow I would hate to be number #280.    :u:

All Canadian Razor Crest orders are shipping from Longueuil Quebec.....and that is where mine came from.

I placed 2 orders and the order that I received so far was my 2nd order. I placed my 2nd order within the last 10mins of the campaign before midnight deadline.

Ian, if you go to your hasbropulse account and look at the order, does it show that any of them have shipped?   

Razor Crest #1 delivered this morning. I didn't receive a shipping notification. This happened with the Marvel shipping notification came 3 days later. They are coming now!!!

I just got an email from Hasbro saying they are shipping them out to everyone in Canada and then they will send it to JediPatrick after we have all received ours.  Further more the email gave me Patrick's email address and encouraged me to send him an unboxing video.  The email was signed, Thanks Kevin.    :P  Seemed a bit odd to me. 

I contacted Hasbro today.  I was told the all of the Canadian orders will be sent to Quebec and then sent out from there via FEDEX.   You should get tracking information once they ship from Quebec.   

Star Wars Movies & TV shows / Re: Book of Boba Fett TV Show (SPOILERS!!!!)
« on: February 09, 2022, 03:52:46 PM »
Loved this episode.  Had no idea how much I wanted to see a Rancor run through the city streets smashing things.  Highlights where when he was holding the landspeeder and then threw it, his King Kong moment climbing the tower and the best was Baby Yoda falling asleep with him and curling up to him.  LOVED IT.   Also loved the weeeee lets go moment and let's do it the end of the episode with Baby Yoda in the ship. LOVED IT.  I do not think CAD Bane is dead, there was a ticking noise that they made sure the audience heard, so I am assuming he is alive because of that.  I loved the fact that Cad Bane used the information about the Tuskens to draw Boba Fett into a fight and then have CAD BANE trash talk Boba and what he has become only to be one upped by Boba with the new skills Boba had gained because of his time with the Tusken Raiders.  LOVED IT.   Great episode.

Star Wars Movies & TV shows / Re: Book of Boba Fett TV Show (SPOILERS!!!!)
« on: February 03, 2022, 02:05:19 PM »
jjreason wins the prize for his guess of chainmail armour !!!
I think Grogu will pick the lightsaber, but the Mandalorian will get in trouble and Grogu will put on the Armour and Luke will take Grogu and go help Grogu's friend, because that is exactly what Luke did in Empire Strikes Back.   I think Luke gave him the choice because Grogu heart does not seem like it is in learning to be a Jedi.  And if he does not want to be there, there is no reason to continue his training.  With that said we have not seen the whole back story of Baby Yoda, what happened after all the Jedi were killed in front of him and the Troopers came for Baby Yoda.   He maybe more powerful than we currently know, and maybe he killed a lot of stormtroopers.  Luke said his training was more of awaking his skills and not teaching him.  This would make sense because why was the Empire so focused on getting Baby Yoda if they did not have some kind of experience with him that made them want to possess Baby Yoda.

Not sure if anyone else noticed this, but my son pointed out that the little Robot that shines the light for the Mandalorian and almost gets eaten by the critter is a Robot from the video game Jedi Fallen Order.  He said he follows you around during the game.   

Just finished watching it.  The Armorer did say that the spear should be turned into armour and it was a chain she was making so chainmail armour works for me.  But if you believe they foreshadowed the gift, then based on the fact that the scarf the gift was wrapped in looked liked Grogu head - maybe a helmet.  He would look cool in that little dome with a Beskar helmet, ready for battle.   But I am hoping the armour comes with another special gift - a little Beskar Ball like the one he had on the Razor. 

A Ring Space Station with a City/Earth incorporated into it was done in the movie Elysium with Matt Damon.

Wampa Cave / Re: ToysRUs and price increases
« on: January 27, 2022, 02:05:16 PM »
My thoughts were that the new ownership at TRU is increasing prices.  New management is going to mean a different type of TRU store.  Hopefully they be able to find a product mix that gives them the margins they need to be financially successful.  But Bricks and Mortar stores are probably going to end.  The next Generation of Parents are going to be more against plastic toys and the affects the production of them have on the planet.  Lego is working on a new formula for the bricks that will be environmentally friendly, so if they figure it out they will be King of the Hill in terms of toys.  Hasbro best policy would be to forget retail and start focusing on selling direct with multiple warehouses like Amazon has and just keep all the margins themselves.   The manufactures are , excuse the pun, toying around with direct sales through Haslab and Pulse, but they need to fully commit and focus on getting supply consistently to the market.  What I would like to see is Hasbro buy out Mattel and create one large Toy company and one large direct supply chain.  Lego has proven that a manufacturer can have a very strong direct supply chain and a retail chain and be very successful. Lego has a strong online store, direct mall stores and retail chain and they do very well.

Cad Bane and Boba Fett had a Duel during the Clone Wars. This duel occurred on the cancelled season of Clone Wars.  Since they are both noted as being really fast with their guns - they both hit each other.  Cad hit Boba in the Helmet and Boba hit Cad in the head.  There is a metal plate on Cad's forehead that is shown in The Bad Batch episodes with Cad that was not there during the Clone War episodes.   This Duel scene was shown during 2017 Star Celebration.  The scene has never aired so it is not considered canon.  I take it from what we know that Cad's bullets are either made of Beskar or something stronger.

So Boba Fett is now done with the Bacta Tank according to the last show?  But this is when he has all his flash backs, so does he still need to go in for internal organs?  Because we still have to find out how he got his Armour Back.   I like the scene where they are all eating dinner over the area where the trap doors are to drop you into the Rancor Pit.   

The Rancor Keeper gotta be bad.  That Actor is always the bad guy.  He's been sent by the Twin's to get the Rancor to eat Boba.  Maybe not though, maybe the Twins just did not want Boba to be their enemy after they decided to give up the territory.

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