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Wampa Cave / Re: How should I see TROS?
« on: December 24, 2019, 09:09:30 AM »
At home on the coach & save the $15 bucks :rollfloorlaffsmiley:   But if you have to see it at the theatre  I would go with Imax non 3D if possible.

the only thing we still don't know about this Lucas cut of the film is that the leaks mentioned the addition of a new character in the third act, simply known as the "secret Skywalker" and that this was the reason why the audience at this test screening gave it a rating of 88/100, much higher than the Iger cut which got 66/100.   I still wonder if that was either a) Luke's secret son, kept in hiding and maybe the movie ends with Rey agreeing to raise him, or b) Mara Jade Skywalker finally making her damn appearance in this trillogy.

It also could have been Anakin as a Force Ghost or coming back in the flesh.   If old Palps can come back why not Anakin

So here comes what could be some major revelations that may change how you view TROS...  courtesy of an apparent insider who worked on the movie production.  If true, it would explain a LOT of the rumors that just swirled around this film for most of this year e.g. was Dr Who actor Matt Smith really playing a young Palpatine, possible a young clone, or was he one of the Knights of Ren.

The info was reported in this video, but for the convenience of my fellow Snowtroopers, I typed up the report so you can also just read the details below too.
Matt Smith’s Deleted Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Character Revealed & Other Leaks

- KK wanted Rian Johnson to direct eps9, but Iger wasn't impressed with TLJ and instead asked JJ to return for eps9
- JJ loathed TLJ and had a serious beef with RJ, and would only come back if he had total control and didn't have to compromise with KK and the Lucasfilm Story Group.

- JJ's first move was to consult with George Lucas for the story in eps9, they came up with a story that had strong connections to the Clone Wars cartoon which featured the Dagger of Mortis, and Matt Smith as the Son of Mortis (who would've been the film's antagonist).
- this story also used many elements from the unused Lucas sequel treatments

- but Disney really wanted the movie to be another Force Awakens in that it would unite all fans and be initially universally loved. After the TLJ backlash, the SOLO flop at the box office and the decline in SW merchandise, it was paramount that eps9 be a success with SW fans, they did not want another TLJ.

- the film's direction changed around midway of principal photography; JJ told Disney that this film would not satisfy and unite all the fans. This is where the studio meddling began, leading to the second abandonment of Lucas' ideas.

Nearly all the details were either abandoned or bastardized.

Palpatine was always to have a presence in this movie, but NOT alive or as the main villain (it was to be the Son of Mortis). Disney feared this would alienate the audience since they wouldn't know who the Son of Mortis was, making the movie harder to market, they were fearful of this JJ/Lucas cut that it would turn out to be another TLJ. This led to replacing the Son with Palpatine and thus removing Matt Smith completely from the movie.

Disney ordered extensive reshoots that went on right to October. JJ was not happy with many of the changes that were made to TROS. EVen JJ isn't at all pleased with the final product.

- from the reddit insider: JJ's original outline had Luke live until eps9 when he does die, but Rian, KK, and Kiri Hart wanted Luke dead in TLJ; the StoryGroup hates George Lucas, JJ Abrams, Colin Trevorrow, they only like Rian Johnson.

- the version in theatres now is the Iger cut, which is Disney changing the initial film into what they felt would be most profitable.

- Trevorow wanted both Luke AND Snoke alive for his version of eps9 (so he could explore Snoke's backstory). Could Colin's plan been for Snoke to have been the Son of Mortis?

It's mindblowing to me, because I would never have guessed that Lucas wanted The Son to be the villain (in hindsight, Snoke would've been perfect as a decrepit version of the Son AND it would verify what Andy Serkis said about Snoke being a creature that was thousands of years old... not merely a failed puppet clone of Palpy).

It also shows the incredible amount of FEAR that Disney had after TLJ's huge backlash... apparently fear doesn't lead to hate which leads to suffering, it leads to reshoots and more reshoots.  But Disney is going to make its money from general audiences not from hardcore SW fans, so in a way I can actually understand Iger not wanting some villain that only hardcore fans would even know about.

So we could've actually got a movie in this trilogy with story & a have decent script but instead went with Igor piece of crap cut which is possible just as bad & maybe even worse the TLJ.  Nice....can they fire the entire story group obviously they are not SW fans if the hate Lucas etc & are in love with Johnson.  Man I wish having SW with a good story,  even the prequels with there flaws & all had a good overall story.  Fire everyone & get Favreau & Filoni to run Lucasfilm & the story group cus that story group cannot write worth a crap & have billions of mistakes that follow canon. 

Well I watched it,  was not great or bad kinda in the middle will give it a 5/10.   If you consider it none canon than it is allot better, for me the SW saga is Lucas vision Ep 1-6.   Disney 7-9 are Legends,   I wish Favreau would've done Lucas treatments for 7-9 instead since Mando actually has the feel of SW something this trilogy has been lacking big time.

Well by all the youtube reviews the rumours are all true...So guess I will be skipping my first SW movie.   TFA was meh TLJ sucked & this movie sounds terrible as well.   Funny they can make a great tv series but have no idea how to write a movie.   Bring Favreau on for a new trilogy.

Star Wars Movies & TV shows / Re: The Rise of Skywalker
« on: December 17, 2019, 02:30:14 PM »
The movie has now made its Hollywood debut (to a select, chosen group of audience members) as of last night.  Reactions seem to be mixed, no big surprise. I'll offer two quotes that range from the very positive to the not-so-positive.

TROS is everything I wanted it to be - because there's never been a Star Wars movie like this before.It's dark and scary but hopeful and beautiful.

It ends the trilogy while also ending the saga as a whole.
I know I'm rambling but I worship this movie.

At worst, I expected The Rise of Skywalker to be a well-made movie that I didn't like or whose story choices I disagreed with. I was not expecting a genuinely bad movie with videogame plotting, thin characters, weak action, and endless exposition of no consequence. Heartbreaking...

I'm binge-watching the Mandalorian again... whose with me?

And it looks like all of the leaks have proven to be true, and not misinformation spread by Disney. Anyone else who has been reading those leaks now knows in advance what kind of ending they can expect and can decide for themselves if they want to give Diznee their hard-earned cash or not.

I'm with you, The Mandalorian is better than this entire ST.  Only way I will see TROS is if some die hard's really enjoy it and change my mind.

Star Wars Movies & TV shows / Re: The Mandalorian
« on: November 15, 2019, 02:51:23 PM »
I think it is by far the best SW Disney has done so far & confirms my thoughts that Favreau should have been the Director for the ST.  Than we probably would have had a good trilogy instead of the piece of crap that we got.

Star Wars Movies & TV shows / Re: The Mandalorian
« on: April 17, 2019, 02:22:44 PM »
It does look good & I'm way more excited about this show than I am for The Rise of Skywalker.

Wampa Cave / Re: EP IX Trailer & Title Reveal (Merged)
« on: April 12, 2019, 11:14:52 PM »
What I want is a good story,   Plot first before eye candy.   Probably wishing for to much but one can hope.

So who is The rise of Skywalker?   Does Ben get redeemed, is Rey a Skywalker or does Luke get resurrected.   Also could be do to Luke saving everyone in TLJ & having everyone band together for the final fight.

Wampa Cave / Re: Episode 9 Trailer
« on: April 12, 2019, 03:48:45 PM »
I did not like the Rey flip over the Tie,  Emperor kinda mixed on that is it bait n switch to get fans back or if he is back why now?  Also if back why last movie & even bother with Snoke.   Looked cool but not overly excited yet.  TLJ trailer looked good & it was terrible.   If Palps is back I guess no one ever dies in SW.   So if Palps is back bring back Luke for we can at least see 5 min of Old Luke in action.

Wampa Cave / Re: Clone Wars is back !
« on: July 19, 2018, 05:50:51 PM »
To bad it was not the full season 7 & 8 that was planned.  But 12 episodes is better than nothing, I will take it :).  Was a nice surprise reading that online today.

Star Wars Movies & TV shows / Re: Solo:A Star Wars Story SPOILERS
« on: June 13, 2018, 12:50:57 PM »
Just out of interest - has anyone gone to see it twice ?

I've seen it twice now & may see it a third time if timing permits.

Star Wars Movies & TV shows / Re: Solo:A Star Wars Story SPOILERS
« on: May 28, 2018, 01:30:15 PM »
I kinda hope it gets at least one sequel.  I would like to see Han & Chewie running some smuggling runs working for Jabba etc & Dropping the cargo.   Probably will not now do to people boycotting the film do to TLJ crap.   So now Disney will continue to make crap like that & stop the standalone's saying they are not profitable. 

So the boycott will backfire really,  going to boycott should be ep.9.  I just did not buy TLJ on video & never will.  I think the low box office is do to TLJ backlash & being so close to Infinity War & Deadpool 2.  that is 3 big movies in less than 4 wks.  Tickets are not cheap & that is allot of movies to see in under a month.  Who knows with the fans good reviews it may help it's 2nd weekend.  Time will tell but regardless if it makes 200 mill or less it is one of the better Disney movies imho.  I prefer the standalone's do to them not ignoring lore or the rules of SW.

Star Wars Movies & TV shows / Re: Young Han Solo: the movie
« on: May 26, 2018, 01:51:19 PM »
I liked Solo & I hope it makes enough money to get the sequal they are setting up for.  In my opinion it is either the best or a very close second out of the Disney wars so far.  Solo takes the bad taste out of my mouth TLJ left,  only SW movie I still do not own & likely never will.

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