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November 29, 2021, 06:24:43 AM

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05 Aug 2021 - Sprayground Backpacks

Two Star Wars Backpacks have dropped at sprayground:

Not cheap at $65 usd each plus shipping but the artwork is pretty cool, especially on the Mando.
Just wondering if anyone has figured out how many different versions of the Retro Boba Fett Prototype made it to Canada ?  I have seen in Canada the Red, Blue, Green and Yellow head versions.   I watched a video and there appears to be an Orange and Purple head also, could be more, but not sure if these made it to Canada.   Those who were lucky enough to get one, maybe take a look at what you got and report back so we can figure out what versions made it to Canada.   
Iím a Toysrus Kid.  I donít want to grow up.  But itís time for Toysrus to put their big kid pants on and fix their retail management software.   At this point I am struggling to understand why Toysrus's management has not cut their losses with their current retail management software.   It does not get the job done, period.   But customer service definitely are aware of it and they are trying to let the customer know they appreciate their business.   Top marks for helping the customer whenever they can and for giving them the best customer service they can under the current system. 

My most recent interaction played out like this.   I like many of you had a pre-order for the rainbow Boba Fett.  It got cancelled.   I went on-line saw it was available to order, so I used one of my many 10% off codes that I have got from all the cancelled orders Toysrus has done and I reordered it and got 10% off the order.   Then sh
Today I made a return of several of the same Star Wars figure.   Nothing newsworthy in that of itself.  What was nice to see is how much attention was spent on trying to see if I had swapped figures, ie tampered with the packaging and replaced the figures with a less desirable version. What was interesting for me, it was at a store that in the past I had pointed out this type problem happening   They were carefully inspecting each figure case and the bubble and then got another co-worker to look at them.   Not sure if all stores are now doing this, but this was at a Walmart and I am guessing this is part of the store's returns procedures.   
On the front page of Rebelscum, Philip Wise has let the membership know he is passing the baton over to a company that buys Star Wars collections and sells Star Wars toys, the company is called Order 66 toys.   Beside looking at the front page of Rebelscum, I do not utilize the Rebelscum web site.   So I don't really know the culture or what it feels like to be an active member of . My immediate reaction was, it looks like they just let the fox into the chicken coop.   It also made me think that Rebelscum is probably less about a love for Star Wars and more about buying and selling Star Wars toys.  And if it is not that now, it will most likely move to that with Order 66 at the helm because that is their business model.   No judgement either way on this next statement but it also looks like Philip cashed in and actually sold the web site to someone who would actually pay for it. In my opinion , this is totally OK to do, Philip would have had
At this point, I have to ask myself, am I this stupid ?  I have been at this for a lot of years, for the most part Star Wars figure on sale were $5 each, SA included.  Now they are $20 each.  I am willing to pay that price, all I want to do is point, click and have them arrive in good condition at my house without traveling all over the place trying to beat all the scalpers who are trying to sell stuff on eBay.  But between Toysrus cancelling ever bloody order, Walmart taking perfectly good product and crushing it to fit in whatever box they have lying around and Amazon trying to convince me they are trying to save the environment and that is why they don't use any protective packaging . Buy, get damaged product, return and then to try and go the store and find the product in good condition.  Am I really this stupid?   Are we really this stupid ? Why are you still collecting ?
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