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September 22, 2018, 11:06:48 AM

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Just got back from my local walmart and they had the black x wing on clearance (NOT ROLLBACK) for $50.  They also had clearance pricing on a couple Micromachine playsets, Air Hogs remote control vehicles and FURBACCA.

01 May 2016 - Kinder Eggs

The lovely people at Kinder, who have taken my two loves- Chocolate and toys- and put them together have now made an attempt to make me gain more weight. Inside the new eggs are Star Wars ships and, well, other junk. What I do like about these ships are the heads on them. The Vader head is a perfect size and shine to be cut off and turned unto a custom head. Same for the Yoda.

Check them out. Its Kinder so not the highest quality of toy but still nice to find.

29 Apr 2016 - Sales Apr 29 to May 5

TRU - 25% of all Black Series and Micro Machines except clearance. The figures from the TRU exclusive OT 6-pack are pictured but labeled as Micro Machine Saga Battle Pack are also 25% off.

Superstore - 20% off select SW Lego. Rey's Speeder is pictured - 19.97. At least in Ontario, Saturday April 30 is a No Tax day for toys so the effective discount on that day is almost 30%.

Walmart - didn't see anything in the flyer.

25 Apr 2016 - Christmas Morning 1978

I was wondering if anyone else can remember what they got on this very special Star Wars Christmas.   Santa brought 11 of the original 12 - the only one missing was the Jawa.  There was also an X-WING and a TIE FIGHTER and Landspeeder and of the Holy Grail of all Star Wars toys that Christmas - the Death Star Playstation .    I was 9 years old and if I had a time machine I would love to watch me open everything up - but this time I would tell my younger self to keep the packaging and run out and buy every carded vinyl cape Jawa I can find !   I also got the Star Wars board game and a Star War puzzle.     :party0053: :party0007: :party0053:

25 Apr 2016 - The future of 3 3/4

Here's a quote from Lucasfilm's Pablo Hidalgo on Twitter last night:
"Expecting the 40-year old 3.75" toy format to resonate with kids nowadays is like kids of the 70/80s really digging wooden milk trucks."
He followed it up with this one:
"I just have a hard time imagining it continuing much further into the future."
I don't think that he has inside knowledge that the end is near for 3 3/4, he's just giving his opinion. But I do find it interesting and maybe even concerning for 3 3/4 fans that someone at Lucasfilm would say this, and odd that someone at Lucasfilm would say something pessimistic rather than trying to positively promote a product that one of their long time partners, Hasbro, is trying to sell. Do Hasbro's sales figures disagree with him? Is 3 3/4 not one of Hasbro's best selling Star Wars products anymore? Kids probably don't buy them as much as they did in the 70's and 80's, but
Gone are the days when I would log on and these forums were active as ever...what happened?! 10 years ago this place was rockin. I do log in once in a while but man I wish this place would become alive again now that Star Wars is back forever...
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