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January 18, 2019, 06:50:59 PM

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Author Topic: And the topic of the day is: Episode VII SPOILERS **NOW WITH EXTRA SPOILERS**  (Read 14812 times)


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What if this trilogy ends up being the end of the problem of the Skywalkers? So maybe Rey is not a Skywalker and the overall plot is that the Skywalkers sacrifice their "line" in order to eliminate both the light and dark force users in this galaxy leaving Rey (who may be some sort of "incorruptible Force user" to carry on a less-intense tradition? Or she is a Skywalker, she too will be sacrificed in some way and from here on Disney can do other things in that universe with the Force either playing a lesser role or none at all.

I doubt this will happen because unless they are seeing something I'm not I'm pretty sure they need both the Force and "conflict" to keep it interesting going forward. But still, maybe the Skywalker line ends, becomes myth or something, other Force users arise who aren't as strong but still cause trouble.

After Ep 9 what will be the plot going forward I wonder, I mean the main continuation films (not necessarily spin-off films). How is the dark side going to keep coming up without it become completely cliche I wonder?

excellent point here. I will also let out a huge groan in the theatre if the next "super weapon" is a "deathstar".

I hope the story takes a much more personal level in the next film. I need character development rather than more planets being at risk of destruction.

It would also be cool to see Rey be a Solo rather than Skywalker.

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I would be quite happy if the Saga movies end at ep IX.  As mentioned it will be tiresome if they keep rehashing the same themes.  There is so much to explore with spinoff movies, that with these alone you could make movies virtually for ever.   Old republic trilogy,  different time periods,  life on various planets, etc etc.. The list is never ending.    I think ending the Skywalker saga after Ep IX make sense and will help keep things fresh moving forward.   



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I am hoping that using the familiar plot line and links in EPVII we can consider it the tie in movie to the original trilogy. Disney should now be able to move forward in some different directions to freshen things up. I am sure there will always be fans/critics that will hate and have negative comments if a new direction is a taken but I like to think they will be in the small minority. Unfortunately, as with most things in life, the media will pick up on the negativity and try to exploit it for their own ratings.
Time will tell.


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Interesting thoughts about Kylo Ren's motivations.  I wouldn't mind seeing that come true.  It actually plays out similar to the way Jacen Solo did in the books (who was also Han Solo's son) - he tried to learn about the Dark Side and become a Sith essentially to end the old way of the Sith, although in the process he lost himself.

I don't think I like Rey going to the Dark Side, but I'm open to whatever they throw at us, as long as it's good :)
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