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NEW STAR WARS STORE: Galactic Gift Shop

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Canadian Jedi:
Two weeks ago a new Star Wars store opened up in Oshawa, Ontario at the Oshawa Centre Mall just behind the food court. The all Star Wars store is called the Galactic Gift Shop.  It is the first of its kind in Canada.  As you enter the store a 6' Stormtrooper Stands on Guard protecting the galaxy's most prized possessions .  Yes they have 6" figures and 3.75" but they have a lot of other stuff that is all Disney - all product has to be Disney because that is how their license is structured.  What kind of stuff ? : Purses, wallets, water bottles, back packs, Star Wars hats, PJ's, T-shirts, costumes, Star War toys and a lot and a lot and a lot of Baby Yoda Stuff.  Baby Yoda smacks you in the face when you enter the store and kicks you in butt when you are leaving. They are considering opening one in Scarborough - but for now it is just the one store.  They are going to see how things go until Christmas .  My guess is they will close up after Christmas, but will do OK for the Christmas season because of all the Baby Yoda stuff they will sell. If you are in the area, it is worth checking out, especially if you love Baby Yoda !  :u:  :rockon: :party0007:

Interesting! I hope they're successful & that we see more of them in different parts of the country.

That's cool, hopefully they do well.  If it was in Winnipeg I'd definitely be checking them out!

With their strict star wars focus, I wonder if it's a pop up store that will be around through to the end of December to take advantage of the Christmas rush or if they have intentions of staying around longer than that.

Canadian Jedi:
The store is very well laid out and it has an upper end feel.  They certainly look like they are trying for the long term.  I hope they do make it.   The only reason I said they will probably close up shop after Christmas is becuase of Covid and they said they have the option to leave after Christmas and it is such a focused niche store.   He told me they have already sold in the 2 weeks over 80 of the Baby Yoda plush packbacks.   And they were down to the item on some stuff like the Boba Fett focused merchandise . So people are buying.

For those interested, I found an article on MSN.

Here's a link to the article (with pictures) for those interested -

Canadian Jedi, if you don't mind me asking, what kind of action figure selection do they have?  Is it all current Disney stuff (a.k.a. stuff shipping now) or is there a wider selection that includes older items, too? 


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