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Hasbro Celebrate the Saga Figure Multipacks

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A head's up for 3.75" collectors. With all the other Vintage 3.75" items being released it could be easy to overlook the Celebrate the Saga Multipacks that are now on shelves and online. There are 8 different packs.

If you get a chance, check them out in person before you write them off, the paint apps are the same level of quality as any current photoreal vintage figure, so even if you don't like the packaging, the figures themselves look great. See them in person if you can because all photos I've seen online don't do the actual figures themselves justice.

Canadian Jedi:
These figure don't have super articulation right ?  They are just 5 point ?

Yes they are 5 POA. Retro articulation but state of the art paint apps.

I have still never seen any of these in person, but would like to get a few of the figures like Rey and Leia. I already have most of the figures from these sets, so I donít need them all. Wish there were an easy way to get singles from these.

The only set I bought was the Bounty Hunters set which includes Hondo's Droid R5-P8, ....which is basically a Build a Droid sculpt with 8 points of articulation. This Droid is equivalent to a Vintage Collection figure.   I kept the Droid and tossed the 5POAs bounty hunters. 


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