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Jeremy Bulloch has passed away

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Sigh.  Just when you thought 2020 was done...  RIP to the original Boba Fett

Canadian Jedi:
Got to meet him at Celebration 5 with my kids.  It was the year they released the Jumbo figure for him at the convention and every day I went, they ran out because they were letting the convention people purchase them before we got there.  So I paid the mark up rate and bought it so I could get him to sign the card.  He was a nice guy. 


Let's not forget, he also played the imperial who used Leia as a meat shield when Luke first gets to Bespin - 2 roles in 1 scene. Not sure if any other actor can claim the same for the entire OT. RIP.

I met him at Niagara Falls Comic Convention a few years ago. I was getting some autographs for friends - wish I'd gotten one for myself now too! He was such a warm and friendly guy, with a great wit and sense of humour. He took the time to chat for a couple minutes, making loving jokes about his wife. It was great to meet both of them.

RIP Mr. Bulloch - the Original Mandalorian!

It would be neat if Disney was able to edit a note in to tonight's episode in his honour.


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