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Zellers is "back" as a pop-up shop at Burlington Mall Bay


General Brashin:
Saw an article that mentioned the Burlington (ON) Mall was opening a Zellers pop-up shop with emphasis on clothing, toys and housewares:

I was interested by the toys part but was skeptical because one of the photos showed what looked like the old toy section just with Zellers signage. Plus toywise there has been little new in-store or online especially Star Wars.

I decided to take a look. It was as expected the old toy section rebranded as Zellers. Across from the toys is the clothing and housewares section. There is red paint on the floor to delineate the Zellers section.

There were a lot of toys on clearance and I saw little new. There was no new Lego or Mega Construx. As for Star Wars the only new items I saw were Mattel The Child plush figures and 2 Lightsaber Squad lightsabers.

On clearance were some old SW Lego sets: Moloch's Landspeeder, 2018 Advent Calendar, Resistance Transport Pod and Death Star Cannon. There were Spark & Go BB-8/D-0 and GOA figures: R2, BB-8 & D-0 multipack and tube Leias and Hans.

This is not the Zellers we are looking for except maybe the clearance part but that assumes they have something you want. I suppose once they clear out some items the situation could get better but I'm not holding my breath.

Interesting idea, anyhow. I wonder if we'll actually see the brand "back in action" as a clearance centre for The Bay some day down the road.


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