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Has anyone heard whether or not Toys R Us will be getting the Target US Exclusive Antoc Merrick X-Wing?  I see it's already hitting brick and mortar Targets so I  thought we might have heard something by now.  I haven't seen the retro prototype Stormtrooper up for order at either.  Hopefully the new ownership doesn't have an aversion to bringing in Target exclusives.

Darth Woo:
Generally, I find that Toys R Us just gets in Target exclusives.  They don't necessarily announce them.  They even get exclusives from other stores sometimes too.  This is especially true for Marvel Legends.

Darth Woo:
Actually, this one was announced to be be TRU Exclusive in Canada already.  They stated that during the livestream.

Nice! Thanks for the info!

Picked up an Antoc Merrick X-Wing at TRU in Winnipeg today.


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